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Taurus - Good or Bad.

This is a discussion on Taurus - Good or Bad. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had an early PT 145...didn't like it...traded it off. I believe their quality has improved during the last 6-7 years....

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  • I have owned 1 or more Taurus handguns and have not had trouble.

    300 61.73%
  • I have owned 1 or more Taurus handguns and have had trouble.

    63 12.96%
  • I have not owned, but shot Taurus handguns and have not had trouble.

    30 6.17%
  • I have not owned, but shot Taurus handguns and have had trouble.

    9 1.85%
  • I have no experience with Taurus handguns but like them from other sources.

    46 9.47%
  • I have no experience with Taurus handguns but dislike them from other sourses.

    38 7.82%
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Thread: Taurus - Good or Bad.

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    I had an early PT 145...didn't like it...traded it off. I believe their quality has improved during the last 6-7 years.
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    Seems like the Good out weighs the Bad in this thread,I have a PT111,a 24/7 Both 9mm and 3rd gens never had any problems with either one. I wouldn't give either one away,They are both keepers.

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    I have a PT-145 and a 445 (.44 spl revolver.) No problems with either, both shoot well have stood up to regular concealed carry, great value IMO.

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    Picked up a used .38 Ultralite at a gun show a few weeks back, and have put about 400 rounds through it. I was a little sceptical based on the buzz we have all heard, but that thing has been a trooper. Very accurate, can't beat it for $300.
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    PT 1911, have owned for 1 year, fired about 1200 to 1400 rounds thru it with NO malfunctions.
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    I had a Taurus Pt111 - the trogger became gritty after a few hundred rounds.

    Also had a Taurus 357 small frame that developed hammer pushoff.
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    So depending on how you crunch the numbers. 83-85% of the people who have actually owned or shot Taurus products have not had any trouble out of them, and 15-17% have had some type of trouble out of them.

    The numbers for the people who have made an opinion of them without having any experience with them are not so good. Less than 70% of the people like them and 30% dislike them without even shooting one.

    I guess the folks who have had bad experience with them over the years have talked louder than the ones who have had good experiences with them.

    I wonder how these numbers stack up to other manufacturers, since based on my experience, most manufactures have put out products that didn't meet the expectations or standards of their owners or users. I will continue to use my Taurus products since I have had nothing but good experience with them.

    Thanks to all those who participated.
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    I have a PT99/AF that was purchased new somewhere around 1989/90 and has thousands of rounds through it with ZERO failures. This gun has NEVER misfired. It has fired all kinds of ammo. It would have to be the most reliable auto pistol that I have ever owned. I trust my life on this gun 1000%.

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    I have a PT1911 and it has worked flawlessly for me.

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    Taurus Model 85 .38 special. No problems but accuracy. The Crimson Trace grip fixed that!! Wow.

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    Said it before and will say it again......

    Currently have 4 Tauri in the family, 2 revolvers and 2 autos..........

    Taurus Tracker .357
    unknown total rd count (bought used)----Zero Problems

    Taurus 651 Protector .357
    unknown total rd count (bought used)----Zero Problems

    Put around 500rds thru each (give or take) since owning them

    Taurus PT145
    aprox 400rds thru it (various brands)----Zero Problems but I hate the straight eight sights
    (going to change them to Williams Fire Sights)

    Taurus PT111 1st Gen
    aprox 600rds thru it----Zero Problems though I find my finger scrapes the inside bottom of the trigger guard, Not really an issue though as it's MrsFlyr's gun.

    Would buy Taurus with out hesitation if they have something I want and the price is right.
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    I did not read this entire thread but thought I would give my 2 cents. I was given a Taurus Pt145. It has issues with the magazine falling out and then jamming. This is a COMPETE PITA. I am sending the gun back to them today. Here is the letter I am sending with it:


    I am the owner of a Taurus PT145. I have had issues with the magazine falling out of the gun when firing it. This causes the firearm to jam, after it has jammed I have to manually pull the slide back to chamber the next round. I have researched this on the internet and have tried various options to resolve this issue but was unable to.

    The first step I took was to clean the gun again; I clean it each time after I shoot it. I cleaned the gun and inspected all parts and saw no issues. I have tried different ammunition in the firearm: Remington, Winchester White Box, and Winchester White Box hollow points with no success. These are very common and affordable ammunition options that do not work with this gun.

    After trying different ammunition and cleaning thoroughly this was still an issue. I have two OEM Taurus magazines for this gun. I have tried both of them with the ammunition previously mentioned with no resolve. I spoke with individuals at my local gun range and shop. They advised Taurus firearms have been known to malfunction in this way in the past. After speaking with them I bought another brand new Taurus magazine and tried this with the Winchester ammunition with no success.

    I have made contact with Taurus twice already, the first time I left a voicemail and never got a call back (1/2/2009). The second time I spoke with Rob, he advised I need to ship the firearm back to be repaired under the lifetime warranty (1/6/2009). I am shipping this back, hoping that it will be fixed and returned to me ASAP. I have included the unloaded firearm and the newest OEM Taurus magazine.

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    I love them. Great value for your money. They are reliable and accurate, but the finish, while nice, is not up to the standard of your high-dollar guns. Who would have thunk it.
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    Never owned one. Years ago the first handgun I ever shot was a Taurus .22LR 8 shot revolver, I liked alot how it shot. However--There was one cylinder that never fired, and it had issues when you tryed to expell the spent rounds with the ejector rod. But I could only imagine how many rounds have been through it.

    That being said, I'd definitely consider/purchase a modern taurus handgun, I've heard nothing but good things about the modern one. I have a relative who is a LEO that carrys one as his duty BUG.

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    Well, 93civicsedan, you did the right thing by sending it back. You got if used it sounds like and may have been "WELL" used to boot. Your description sound to me like it is a worn magazine ejector. When those things get worn, it does not take a whole lot for it to simply let go and keep the magazine where it should be. Any drop or loosening of the magazine will cause the ammo malfunction (jam) it is common on any semi-automatic pistol that partly looses it's grip on the magazine. It has happened to even some of the best names in the industry, like Walther and Beretta. Once you tried a new magazine, I pretty much could figure the magazine ejector piece. This is not a high dollar item, but can cause grief, as you saw, when it becomes worn out.
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