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I like mouse guns.

This is a discussion on I like mouse guns. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry my favorite mousegun, a Kel-Tec PF9, every day. I think the bite of this mouse is pretty fierce (7+1 rounds of 9mm Golden ...

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Thread: I like mouse guns.

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    My favorite mousegun

    I carry my favorite mousegun, a Kel-Tec PF9, every day. I think the bite of this mouse is pretty fierce (7+1 rounds of 9mm Golden Saber). It's light, and fits in my front pants pocket...

    Review: Mousegunner's Review of the Kel-Tec PF-9 Pistol
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    When I get lazy, which is all too often, I will just throw my Mika holster with my snub nose S&W 642 with Speer Gold Dot 135gr.+P in it in my right side pocket and off I go.
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    p3at with hornady critical defense rounds. Amazingly accurate to be such a tiny gun.
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    I consider any gun that is small with a caliber of 380 or less to be a mouse gun.
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    I love the little Berettas in .25acp. Mouseguns and J frame S&W's are always interesting to me.

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    I like the mouse guns too! I have a NAA 22 mag mini revolver that I carry occasionally. It goes to the range with me too so I can keep current on it and the other guns.

    But my friend here prefers 1911s:

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    In the real world, there are many times when you are forced to choose between carrying a so-called mouse gun, dressing in a manner that calls attention to you, or doing without. I go with the mouse gun, but you must make your own choice..
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    My little Kel-Tec 380s fire Double Tap loads that give 200 pounds at the muzzle. Compare that to the 75 pounds commonly listed for 25 and the "roughly" 325 to 425 that 9MM, .40 and .45 give and you have about a medium.
    I'm well aware that "medium" isn't what you want if it hits the fan but you don't know when that will be...never would be good. You still have to lead a normal life by dressing to fit the weather and circumstances. Unless you're a cop there are great limits what really is allowed.
    Concealed carry had better stay concealed or you may end up in jail with no gun, no pistol permit and likely a conviction for something. If it prints out or falls out and some shopper starts screaming you're in deep doo doo! Many people will be fired if they have a GUN!! Touchy-feely aunties are liable to freak out if they encounter a big lump while hugging their favorite nephew. The problems go on and on.
    Personally, I'm glad my mouse gun doesn't have to be a 25.

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    Here's my three pack of mouse guns. The only one I actually carry is the Seecamp. The TPH is a blast to shoot. The PX22 is cute but bites.

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    I get a kick out of taking the mouse guns out for an afternoon's fun but am not too keen on employing them as serious self defense.

    I previously toted a Colt Model 1908 .25 behind my wallet in my hip pocket when I thought that anything larger wouldn't fit in. I was grateful to be able to retire the Colt .25 to "fun" gun status upon acquiring a Kel Tec P3AT.

    The Colt was elderly (1921) but low mileage (in scarcely ever fired condition) when I got it. In its favor it always fed and functioned properly and dependably went "bang," something that couldn't initially be said for the P3AT. After a long break in period the P3AT now functions dependably too. While the .380 ACP is no powerhouse, it's worlds away from the anemic .25.

    More opinion on the .25 and .22 when used in the mighty mites.

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    I carry a 340 snubbie on my hip and occasionally I will put in the pocket of a coat. Generally, though, I find it too big for consistent pocket carry (perhaps I'm alone in this). I found that I was leaving it home often.

    There is definately a place for guns like the LCP in .380 caliber. I find that I now carry more often than before and that's a good thing. I also carry the LCP along with the 340 for a BUG or "New York reload".

    With the size of the .380's available now, I can't see any use for anything less in power (like .25 or even a .32) if you were buying a mouse gun for pocket purposes.

    If I were to go with anything less than the .380, I'd go with some mace instead. (Seriously -IMO!)

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    who doesnt love them

    big or small I like them all

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    Quote Originally Posted by dang.45 View Post
    Man, if I ever find out that I've been shot by a mouse gun, I'm gonna be pissed!!!

    You nearly caused me to spew my drink! good one

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    The Mouseguns forum defines a mousegun as any gun weighing under a pound. I carry my Colt Mustang loaded with Buffalo Bore ammo more than my .45.

    Mouseguns.Com New Index
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