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I like mouse guns.

This is a discussion on I like mouse guns. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Awesome thread. Life is about choices and compromise. I singularly carry my P3AT as my primary with sometime a little help from my P11. Would ...

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Thread: I like mouse guns.

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    Awesome thread. Life is about choices and compromise. I singularly carry my P3AT as my primary with sometime a little help from my P11. Would love to carry my HK 45 exclusively but clothing is a limiting factor. Anything is better than nothing..............
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    One ofmy NAA Guardians is always with me, I usually carry the 380 and my wife carries the 32 with gutter sniping, mine is usually BU to my G23, but I have no problem when it's asked to play primary!!

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    I don't know if a J Frame 38 SPL +P would count as a mouse gun, but if I can't carry anything else it will be there and I sure wouldn't feel bad about it, either.

    I've considered something like the Kel-Tec P3AT for an even smaller inexpensive gun for CC but I have yet to encounter a situation where the J Frame won't conceal easily.
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    I have no problems carrying my P3AT by itself in the summer sometimes. It, or my Beretta 21 in .25acp, are always in my front pocket as my backup gun to my Glock 26 the rest of the time.

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    I had a P3AT and I just couldn't bring myself to trust it. That thing was dead on accurate for such a small weapon, but it just felt like a toy. I miss it though, because nothing disappeared like it did. I think I'm going to pick up a Walther .380, a little thicker but more substantial (Nothing against polymer, I have a Glock, XD SC and a Kahr) My Taurus Ultralite is good for pocket carry with some clothes, but not consistently.
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    Bought a 2nd gen Ruger LCP yesterday.

    Went into local shop looking for a mouse and the only thing he had was a used Bersa380 but he said he a couple lcp's coming in so I left him my number.

    He called an hour later said they had just come in so I went back as I was still out shopping. I bought one the guy nest to me bought the other. He had them in the store for less than an hour, said he can't keep them in stock.
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    I did have a P3AT for carry, but kept releasing the magazine while it was in my pocket, even tried a couple of different type pocket holsters. Now carry a North American Arms mini in 22 mag. For some reason I have developed a strong attachment to this thing. Go figure.


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    The mag release button on a P-3AT is made of polymer so if you're bumping it enough to make it open accidentally...file it down a bit. Easy do...works fine. That's what everybody else does along with
    "dehorning" the sharp edges with files and sandpaper.

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