For Those Who Esteem the Hi-Power

For Those Who Esteem the Hi-Power

This is a discussion on For Those Who Esteem the Hi-Power within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Before polymer and DAO triggers there was the Hi-Power. Once almost considered a novelty because of its large cartridge capacity, it still holds a reasonable ...

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Thread: For Those Who Esteem the Hi-Power

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    For Those Who Esteem the Hi-Power

    Before polymer and DAO triggers there was the Hi-Power. Once almost considered a novelty because of its large cartridge capacity, it still holds a reasonable number of rounds for a fighting handgun.

    It's far and away my favorite 9mm pistol. It's been a dependable design in my experience and handles very well. It is very comfortable to grip, like a favorite old pair of blue jeans. I much prefer the weight and heft of it's all steel construction. I like its single action trigger.

    I really like revolvers but can cosy up to this one easily. Would love to have an additional 9mm or two and also a .40 S&W Hi-Power.

    Who takes the Hi-Power "seriously" as their choice for self defense or for duty use?"

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    I like the Hi-Power quite a bit, but IMHO it has simply been eclipsed as a "top-tier" duty gun. If I were stuck with one, mind you, I wouldn't feel deperately under-gunned, but it's not the top of the heap any longer.

    It's funny that you bring up the HP, however. The other day I was at the Iraqi Special Forces compound watching a demonstration, and one of the senior Iraqi muckity-mucks had a gold plated HP. The horrible thing was that he just had it stuffed into his belt, between the belt and the pants. No holster, trigger partially exposed, entire gun exposed to the elements....Sigh. I wish I were one of the US advisors over there; I'd have 'advised' him to get a freaking clue...
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    I've toted one around a time or two, it's nice, shoots great, but I've found that the trigger mechanics leave a little to be desired.

    Overall I think it's a fine option that should not be discounted, but overall I would say that there are several options that I would go to before the HP if I were to start over again.

    For me the HP was a "transitional" gun, the idea of having a nice HP was enough to get me away from the 1911, but wasn't great enough to keep me totally hooked. I think that if Sig ever makes a more marketable version of a 226 that's SAO, all of us Hi Power fans will flock to it.

    The above pic leaves a lot to be desired IMHO, mainly the sights, while I'm sure it wouldn't matter for point shooters, I still like to have good sights on my pistols.

    There aren't too many current makers of the HP, many of what I've seen are used models, Charles Daly was making them, but I believe that they have discontinued their HP line, and I can't remember the last time I've seen a NIB FEG or FN...that pretty much leaves Browning and while the Mk III HP doesn't seem like a bad gun, I wish they still had the Practical Models in current production.

    I lucked into a nice custom job from On Target Custom that was almost identically equipped as my Les Baer around the time I was looking at other 9mm guns, so I had to jump on it as my re-entry into higher capacity pistols an the HP in general.

    I will add that I removed the extended slide and replaced it with an original as my shooting grip was not allowing the extended stop to engage on an empty mag.

    Regarding the capacity of the gun, original design was for 13 round mags IMHO that's more than "reasonable", but I've got some 15 rd flush fitting Mecgar mags that work fine, as well as one extended 17round mag the does the trick to be carried as a reload.

    One thing that was an added bonus for me is that the HP will fit relatively well in a 5" 1911 holster, while I did buy a holster made for the HP, it was still nice to have something to get me by during my wait, that and used 1911 holsters are more plentiful then HP holsters.

    Anyone interested in learning more about the HP has to take a look at Stephen Camp's website: Hi Powers and Handguns, as it is a wealth of info on many subjects.

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    I've got a transitional gun with features of both the MkIII and previous guns. It's rare enough to be unusual, but not unusual enough to be particularly valuable. It's got the extended ambidextrous safety of the newer guns, but the old crappy sights of the older ones. I paint the rear of the front sight orange over a base coat of white, both enamel.

    I carry it in the same Don Hume IWB that I use to carry my Norinco M1911. It's completely reliable and with the magazine safety removed, has a more than adequate combat trigger.

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    No, I prefer a 75's trigger over the linkage like P35 trigger.
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    I regularly carry a FM Hi Power Dectective. I really like the feel of a Hi Power and shoot it more accurately than any of the newer, supposedly better guns.

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    It was a really great pistol in its time, a classic, just like a 1964 Corvette.
    I would certainly not feel under-gunned with one, heck, I carry my Luger P-08 every now and then; it gets bored in the safe.
    I wouldn't mind having one in my collection
    However it is heavy and technically outdated.
    I carry my 19 oz. Glock 26 (13 rds with a mag extension and one in the pipe).
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    The Hi-Power was, and maybe still is, my favorite 9mm of all time. Nothing I've tried since fits my hand like the BHP. I accept that it is now outdated (weight, rails, etc.) but, to me, it's still a revered battle pistol.

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    I love mine. Couple it with an HBE pancake holster and it is easy to carry. Outdated? Is a revolver? How about a pump action shotgun? Are there better alternatives today? Probably.
    I haven't found one I like any better.
    We will be much better off when we learn to deal with things as they really are, instead of how we wish them to be!

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    The Hi Power is JMB's most beautful design IMO. Yes we all know the design was finished by Dieudonné Saive after JMB's death but its a true Browning classic and my favorate 9mm by far. The best ergonomic grip of any pistol IMO. Every true gun lover/collector should own one or more. Its a true classic and king of the 9's. If you know how to handle a single action semi auto pistol you should not feel underarmed in any way with this handgun.

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    The first 9mm handgun I every shot was a HP. I loved it, except I got a WICKED case of hammerbite. I had so much shooting it, though, I didn't notice how badly I was bleeding until I was done shooting for the day.

    THEN the pain set in.

    Nowadays, if I had expendable income, I'd get one for nostalgia, but I'd prefer a more modern gun in 9mm for carry.


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    Get a cylinder and slide no bit BHP hammer ;)

    I got one on Saturday, shot it Sunday. Worked great, except for 2 feed failures. Very good condition FEG copy.

    I still carry the 1911 - it's reliable as the dickens. I'm going to get more mags and fresh springs for the Hi Power, and will happily carry it once I've got it working fine.
    ~Mike F.
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    I couldn't resist...... here's my 40

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    Hello. Count me in as one of the Hi Power faithful. It has been and continues to be my favorite 9mm pistol. I used one for self-protection and fun before becoming a police officer and eventually used one in police service for a number of years; I trusted them then and do now as well.

    This '71 vintage Hi Power is the first one that I ever bought new. It started "life" as an adjustable sight commercial blued one but was customized about a year later by Lou Williamson. It has remained a faithful performer ever since.

    This Mk III was lightly customized by Lou Williamson decades after the first one and was my old "Duty Gun".

    This very lightly altered Mk III 9mm is a frequently-carried protection piece.

    Some have referred to these older single-action auto designs as "outdated". To me, they are just "seasoned performers" and ones that have just plain proven themselves to me (and many others) over the years.


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    Beautiful pictures! I do not have one but one day I do want one, maybe two. While shooting USPSA there was a guy who had a Hi-Power and he could really shoot some quick times. Slick setup and he didn't have to mod it that much! Please do post more pics!
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