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Thread: Thoughts on the Judge

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    Thoughts on the Judge

    Just read that article in american rifleman, and my dad is looking into it as a carry. I just think its a really neat gun that we could have a lot of fun with. It says .410 in a slug or 000 buckshot would work well for defense, or you could just use the .45 colt when going out and use the .410 shells for days of fun shooting...

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    In an article in "American Rifleman" magazine, there is a sidepiece about using the correct ammo.

    American Rifleman - The Taurus Judge

    Long story short- it is very discriminating about the ammo. .45 Colt ONLY (ACP will NOT work) and .410 must be carefully chosen.
    Other than that, it looks pretty cool.

    Anyone have one that will share stories?

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    My father just bought one. He has never been much of a pistol shooter,but first time he shot it he had a group of about 5 inchs at 14 yards. He does not intend to carry it around town. More for trips to the river, etc. The gun is not hard to shoot, recoil not a problem. Single action the trigger is really crisp. Loaded properly will make a good home defence gun. A little of this a little of that. Black hawk makes the Serpa holster for it and it works great for him..
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    I read it is good to 15 yds with shot shells and maybe 25 yds with 45 colt.
    This was a blog on Gunsandammo.

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    Review here:
    The Box O' Truth #41 - The Taurus Judge Vs. The Box O' Truth - Page 1

    Now, I'm normally ok with loads that don't meet the FBI criteria for deep penetration. I am not impressed with the terminal performance of the buckshot, The birdshot was way too light (and I keep #6 in my 12ga HD gun) the slug was pretty light, and it's a bit bulky for a .45LC. Although it's cheaper than a S&W 25, I don't see it as a SD pistol. A fine field, backpack, fun gun sure. Serious defense, I'll pass.

    We can't keep them in stock at the gunshop, FWIW.

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    The Judge appears to be a fun gun, but not something I would depend upon for SD/HD...I'll stick with my 12ga and Kimbers.

    Great article in this month's Rifleman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    The Judge appears to be a fun gun, but not something I would depend upon for SD/HD...I'll stick with my 12ga and Kimbers.

    Great article in this month's Rifleman.

    Very true. If he had to use it in a SD situtation,imangine trying to justify his actions to a anti gun DA and jury with the words "The Judge" stamped on the side of it. And I've heard its picky about what .410 ammo is run through it.

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    The Taurus advertisement clearly shows birdshot as a self defense load. I'd love to see penetration data proving ANY sort of lethality. If you want a .45LC revo, one. Otherwise it seems like a gimmick to me.
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    got a friend that had to have one. we took it out for a run. all in all it is a fun gun to shoot. but to me it is not a carry gun. there are better guns out there for carry. but for a fun gun it is great.
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    A rehash of the "Thunder 5"
    We all know how totally awesome and popular those were don't we?
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    I've got one and it is a novelty at best.

    A) .45lc. Great round, widely used. A little expensive to buy. but ok if you reload. Not impressed with the accuracy of the .45lc in the Judge, especially compared to my blackhawks. In wondering why it was so bad, I realized that the bullet has just over an inch of caroming down the chamber before smashing into the forcing cone and getting wrenched into the rifling. Not terrible, but I wouldn't expect it to be any good past 15 yards.

    b) .410. If I were going to carry this as a snake gun, and actually lived in a area that had a lot of snakes that were hazardous to my health, it might be worth it. But otherwise, ehh. With .410 slugs, the accuracy takes a huge dive over the .45lc loads and there is no way to develop the same stopping power. You can get .45lc bullets in excess of 300gr, but your average .410 slug is less than 100gr. So less power and less accuracy? No thanks. Shotshells: Bird shot (snake shot) is essentially useless beyond 10 FEET. When the shot gets spinning in the rifling, the centripetal force opens the pattern up so fast, you would be hard pressed to hit at 7 yards. A heavy buck load is a little better, the pellets with more mass are less susceptible to the rifling spin, but you get so few pellets in the load, whats the point?

    I'll stick to my .357 and 44mag any day. And if I do get the urge to shoot at some snakes, Speer/CCI makes these:

    They even sell the capsules separately if you want to load your own.

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    I have had a ton of people asking for holsters for them. I just got a 2 1/2" chamber Judge 3" barrel form so I can meet there needs.

    I almost bought one just for the heck of it about a week ago.

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    Here is my opinion on the Judge:

    Its a good conversation piece.

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    I *heart* my Thunder Five...

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    I just picked up one for my husband ;) (Actually for both of us.) It can take the 3" shells. SS, three inch barrel- $477.00 out the door. It will bridge me to shooting rifles.

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