My daughter bought her first pistol

My daughter bought her first pistol

This is a discussion on My daughter bought her first pistol within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After searching all around the Richmond area for A Bersa Thunder, I heard from a guy on another gun forum that Roanoke Firearms had at ...

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Thread: My daughter bought her first pistol

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    My daughter bought her first pistol

    After searching all around the Richmond area for A Bersa Thunder, I heard from a guy on another gun forum that Roanoke Firearms had at least two in stock I valled my daughter, who lives in Roanoke, and told her about them. I discovered that Roanoke firearms is just a few blocks from her home. After some discussion to dispel some misconceptions about buying handguns in Virginia, I convinced her to go out and buy it. She called me back less than half an hour later to say she had made the purchase, and was amazed at how easy it was, She said filling out the paperwork took longer than the instant background check(I guess the VSP records division wasn't busy). Next, I sent her to Walmart to buy a hundred rounds of Winchester white box. She will be here in Amelia on Christmas eve, and when I get back from deer hunting, I'll help her clean and lubricate her new friend, so that we can go out back to burn most of the ammo. I know that .380 isn't considered the best defensive gun around, but she likes the Thunder and could shoot it fairly well when she tried her mother's Bersa. Better something which she will shoot and be able to hit her target that something she is afraid to shoot. The main thing was that the Bersa fit her budget as did a Keltec, but I don't think she could have shot the Keltec as well because of the long trigger pull. Anyhow, the next step is to get her signed up for a concealed carry class, even though she could not even carry in her car at work. She is a councilor at an elementary school.

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    Aside from the cleaning/maintenance, please make sure she's familiar with basic handgun safety. Be safe and happy holidays.
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    Great news! The Bersa .380 was my wife's first gun as well. Roanoke Firearms also teaches classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celticredneck View Post
    I know that .380 isn't considered the best defensive gun around, but she likes the Thunder and could shoot it fairly well when she tried her mother's Bersa.
    .380 is considered by many as the smallest caliber useful for defensive carry. It was in use in Europe for a long time. I have found that my Bersa Thunder 380CC is very accurate. That, with a good defensive round, should take care of a bad guy.

    I also own a Glock 23 (40 S&W) and a Bersa Thunder 9mm.

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    Congrats on the new firearm for your daughter...I'm sure that her being able to defend herself has to give you some good feelings.
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    Congrats to her!! And get her signed up for DC so she can learn more about it on her own... and ask any questions she doesn't want to ask you!!! A woman's perspective helps me a lot when I have doubts.... and just by browsing the forums I have learned lots..

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    She made a wise choice.

    The Bersa .380 is an excellent pistol, my father has mine on premaent loan.
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    My daughter has a 380CC from the same shop - nice folks.

    My daughter took her CCW class at PSS Range, tucked back against the railroad tracks about a mile north of Orange street in Roanoke. We've also hired a couple of hour-long tutorial sessions from the staff there. Leo was particularly helpful, as was a Roanoke SWAT team member who works there - can't remember his name, but he looked like a recruiting poster (and knew his stuff and was the perfect gentleman around my dear daughter, too).
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    When she's familar with the weapon and has practiced with it, you might want to recommend that she carry it with one in the chamber and the safety OFF. The double action pull of the trigger on the first round becomes your safety much like a DAO, like a Kahr or even a J frame 642. After the first round it's single action. The reason I recommend this is that the safety on these is a tough to flip and it's something someone could easily end up struggling with in a real situation unless they're practiced with it ALOT. I love my Bersa and don't EDC it anymore but when I did I learne to carry it this way so it was truly ready. Of course, this requires good leather and always following that rule about keeping the finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. She should practice drawing and engaging with the first shot fired DA, AFTER she's thoroughly familarized herself with the weapon and with a lot of empty handling.

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    I sold a ton of those things in the day.
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    It's always good to hear of a woman arming herself, good that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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    Congrats hasve her go to :: Bersa Talk :: for info and ideas about bresas
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    Good deal. Roanoke rifle really stand behind what they sale and Customer service their is A+++. Been trading with them a long time and have no complaints.

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    Good for her.

    Gotta love a woman who is willing to protect herself.
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    Great place to start and that has to make ol Daddy proud. Not to mention the fact you know she is a little safer with a Bersa than pepper spray. Pass on my congrats
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