Resistance Weakening - Must....Buy.....New......Gun...

Resistance Weakening - Must....Buy.....New......Gun...

This is a discussion on Resistance Weakening - Must....Buy.....New......Gun... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I haven't bought a new firearm in a long time and I've finally started to develop enough justification - at least to me - to ...

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Thread: Resistance Weakening - Must....Buy.....New......Gun...

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    Resistance Weakening - Must....Buy.....New......Gun...

    I haven't bought a new firearm in a long time and I've finally started to develop enough justification - at least to me - to buy one. SWMBO isn't going to believe I truly need it, but she has to admit that it's been awhile since I've gotten a new one.

    Background: I have a Ruger P85 MKII as my carry gun. It's full size.

    The choices (as of right now):

    1. An HK USP Compact in .40 SW.

    2. A Walther PPS in 9mm.

    Points for the USPc: HK quality, HK lifetime warranty, I can get a great deal on one (pay less than for the PPS)

    Points against the USPc: I'd rather have it 9mm but for the great deal it must be a 40, it isn't as small as the PPS.

    Points for the PPS: It's 9mm which is the caliber I'd rather have, it's significantly smaller (mainly in thickness), if I had to leave it in my car to go to a non-carry place (Post Office, for example) I could pull the backstrap to safe the weapon.

    Points against the PPS: More expensive than the HK (because of the HK deal), one year warranty versus lifetime, fewer rounds.

    General factors: I'm looking for a much smaller pistol than the P85 for summer carry, 9mm because I'm already set up for that for reloading which means cheaper practice which means more proficiency, I'm hoping to eventually convince the wife to carry and the smaller and more manageable the pistol the greater the likelihood.

    Biggest factor: I haven't bought a new gun in a while and I really, really want one.

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    Each time I look at a H&K my resistance starts to weaken as well. I've got several items on the list ahead of it though, and they are a bit less costly. I keep imagining someday though.....someday. Just blips on the radar for now.

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    Get the HK, you won't regret it
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    Does HK not extend their offer in a 9mm? I'd rather have the HK myself, but the PPS is a nice size for CCW.
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    If managing the size and weight of the HK is comfortable for carry, I'd be inclined to go with the HK. It is a tough choice though, 'cause I have handled the PPS ( but not the HK ) and it really is a fantastic carry!

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    my vote goes to the HK. Shot one once, and really liked the trigger.
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    Every time I go into the gun show or the range, I see another gun that I want...and to think that just a year ago I was anti-guns. It is addicting isn't it? Whatever your choice, I'm sure you'll be happy with it.

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    Resistance is futile....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harleygirl View Post
    ...and to think that just a year ago I was anti-guns. It is addicting isn't it? ...
    A year ago I was a sheep. As far as addicting. I'm not sure one should classify a disease as addicting. However, there is treatment for the disease. There are numerous companies providing treatment. S&W, Ruger, HK, Sig, et al. Some are better than others, but all provide some relief. It is manageable, although a little pricey at times.

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    Ed Brown Kobra Carry...If you are going to give in to an "urge" man, then give in baby...all the way. Won't be sorry. Plus, divorce is cheaper than the gun..;-)
    I know, I know, you are smarter than me..just ask you..

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    Can't comment on size because I'm a small guy but if how they feel in YOUR hand is about equal, I believe I'd lean towards the HK because of, welll, it's an HK! and I'd go 9mm for no other reason than cost of ammo translating opportunity to shoot it more and I believe a good 9mm is up to the job if you are.

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    Forget the price difference. It won't matter in 6 months what you paid for it, but you will still have the gun.
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    USP 40c

    I have the USP 40c and it is an excellent gun. I don't know much about the Walther PPS, as I have not seen or shot one. I can say that the USP 40c does not have an objectionable recoil, at least in my opinion, and is very reliable and accurate. It is also easily concealed, especially compared to your Ruger. So I'd recommend it for your purposes.

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    Let me start off by staying that I have an HK USPc, and I love the pistol.

    It was the first gun I ever purchased, and I'm never getting rid of mine!

    That being said, the USPc is actually about the same size as most "full size" guns. It's not truly a compact firearm. I conceal it just fine, but certainly not as easy as I would be able to hide a Walther PPS or a Kahr PM9.

    You can hide the USPc under a t-shirt in the summer (trust me, I've done it, around my parents, who don't know that I have my CCW or that I carry...) but the PPS may be a little more comfortable.

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    It seems we have a bit of a dilemna here. I don't own either one, but have shot both a great deal. Good luck on your decision. Sounds like your treating yourself to a nice and probably well deserved gift.

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