Amateur gun reviews for new guys looking for EDC

Amateur gun reviews for new guys looking for EDC

This is a discussion on Amateur gun reviews for new guys looking for EDC within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Like several posters on here, I'm new to CCW and looking for an EDC gun. The info I've mined from the more experienced on here ...

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Thread: Amateur gun reviews for new guys looking for EDC

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    Amateur gun reviews for new guys looking for EDC

    Like several posters on here, I'm new to CCW and looking for an EDC gun. The info I've mined from the more experienced on here has been awesome, and the opinions offered have been very valuable. It seems some of the most highly recommended for CCW are the Sig P239, the XD SCs, Kahrs, S&W MPc, various Glocks, and the HK UPSc. I was lucky enough to shoot a few of those today.

    First, I'm new to this forum. I've shot several types handguns in the past, but I'm not a technical expert. I can't tell you exactly why barrel length matters, the ins and outs of various types of sights, or what the pros and cons are of various grain ammo. I'm learning fast, though! I'm a decent shot, and I shoot expert with the Baretta M9 in the Air Force every time I qualify. However, many of you experienced shooters will realize that feat ain't all that tough. I'm not going to get into shot groupings or exact measurements of the guns...everyone interested in the particular guns will have already examined the specs. I'll just tell how I felt about them, and maybe it can help someone else make a decision. All rental guns.

    Sig P239:

    9mm, Blazer 124 gr FMJ. About 60 rounds downrange. It's about the same length as my Astra A-100 (Sig 226 knockoff, I think), but MUCH thinner and about a inch shorter. Again, that's how it looked and felt in my hand. It didn't feel heavy, and it just felt good to hold. This gun was a nail driver all day. Again, my marksmanship isn't awesome, but I felt it put the bullets where I was aiming. Not much kick, but that could've been due to the 9mm. It had one FTF (which, I think, means failure to feed). I shot, it ejected, but the next round didn't enter the chamber. Overall, I LOVED this gun. It was fun to shoot and felt fairly small to conceal, but not too small to shoot.

    Glock 27

    Independence 180gr FMJ. Standard mag. Felt a little short in my hand, and I don't have big hands. Also felt a little blocky, but I think that's expected. It was wider in my hand than the 239, about the same as my Astra. This was my first time shooting a Glock, so the trigger felt a little odd putting my finger on it with the safety-thingy there. I also have not shot a pistol without a visible hammer. Little odd, but not a big deal. The first shot was snappy! I'm used to DA/SA, and the first shot caught me a little off guard. The G27 had a pretty good kick to it, but I got used to it. Shot really well, but had SEVERAL FTFs. From what people say, that's unusual for Glocks. I'm going to chalk it up to a rental gun and just this particular gun. It wouldn't stop me from buying this gun. I liked it, but I don't think the Glock is for me. Sig P239 felt much better to shoot.

    S&W MP 40C

    Felt about the same in my hand as the Glock. About as wide as the Glock and my Astra, but about an inch shorter than the Astra. Snappy like the Glock, but no FTF or any other problem. I liked it, but it just didn't seem very compact. Shot nice. Hell, all the guns shot well.

    Kahr MK40

    The guy at the range told me I'd like this gun, and he was right! Same ammo as before, mag had the grip extension. I wanted to try out the PM 40, but as far as I can tell the only difference between the MK and PM 40 are the weight (different materials). The ONLY bad thing about this gun as far as I'm concerned is the 6+1, but that's only one less than the Sig. This gun didn't seem to have as bad a kick as the Glock or S&W (which were very manageable and not a drawback). It just shot well. First shot surprised me like the previous two, but after the first one it felt right. This gun also felt very small...meaning very concealable. It was the stainless gun and looked good, too. The Kahr was low on my list, but it really impressed me.

    I didn't get to shoot the HK USP40c, the XD SC, or the HK P2000SK. I've counted out the smaller 1911s for now, but I may change my mind after carrying for a couple years.

    I was leaning away from the XDs anyway, but I would like to try the HKs before I make a decision. I don't think anyone can go wrong with any of them, though. After today, it's between the P239 and the Kahr. I really want the P239, but I think the Kahr would be more concealable on my frame (5'7, 175, planning on carrying 3:30-4:00).

    Anyway, hope this helps someone. However, consider the source first!

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    Get a Glock 23 (40 S&W) and call it a day.

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    Good reviews and good info. I am surprised about the FTFs with the G27, but then again, it is a mechanical object and there is always a chance for malfunctions.

    Thank you for the info. I plan to add a P239 in .40 cal to my collection and this review helps.
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    Guns are like girls, get the one that fits.

    Too fancy, too many accessories, too borderline...?
    Quite arousing for a short period of time. I stick with the keepers.

    I´m oldfashioned, I keep carrying the same gun everyday since years, same for my wife ;-)

    Thanks for your input, we tend to loose perspective sometimes...

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    The Glock 27 was my first EDC (and it still is... well, see my other thread for an update on that in a few minutes). It is a great gun once you larn to use it. It is very light for a .40 which makes it not an easy gun. But it conceals very well and is otherwise easy to maintain. Did you try it with the pinky extension?

    Regarding failure to fire: I have this issue with "Winclean" ammo in my 27.

    That said: Today I went out and got a used Sig 229. I got it because it is heavier and "feels better". To me, when it comes to EDC, weight is not such a huge issue. And the extra with (and size) makes for an easier to shoot gun.

    Basic gun physics tells you:
    Light gun = heavy recoil
    Longer barrel = easier aim

    still somewhat a beginner myself: get the largest gun you can conceal (better a small gun in your holster then a large gun in the safe). Don't get caught up on getting a .40 ... I think 9mm is perfectly fine if you handle it better.
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    Sig is a nice gun, no doubt. I have owned at least 30 of them, carry the 229 daily.
    I don't bash Glock, though I don't like them personally..and it is just a personal thing with me, as they perform as they should always. Luck.
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    As much as I like my Glock, enough to get one for my wife, I say it's most important how a gun feels to you and how YOU shoot with it.

    Sounds like a Sig is in your future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Holger View Post
    I didn't get to shoot the HK USP40c, the XD SC, or the HK P2000SK....but I would like to try the HKs before I make a decision.
    I think you are going to be very pleased with the USP40c. I would also suggest trying a Sig P250, a HK P30 and a CZ 75 PCR.
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    I would get the Sig or the Glock. Give yourself a little time and you will probably own them all. Guns are very addictive.

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    Go to youtube and type in the search box 'Nutnfancy'. This guy gives great unbiased reviews on numerous firearms, and he knows his stuff thoroughly.

    Or check this site out ....there is a gun review section you should check out.

    This should help you out a bit
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