Just out of curiosity...

Just out of curiosity...

This is a discussion on Just out of curiosity... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Was kicking around the Sig site, thinking about the 226... when I clicked on the GSR link. I haven't heard much about these, anybody own/ ...

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Thread: Just out of curiosity...

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    Just out of curiosity...

    Was kicking around the Sig site, thinking about the 226... when I clicked on the GSR link.

    I haven't heard much about these, anybody own/ shot/ seen one in person?
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    There seems to have been some problems with them ..

    I know the Gunshops here barely sell them and say when they do people hae nothing but problems with them... So i have steered clear of them

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    I rented one in Seattle when I was there. So keep in mind how rental guns are maintained. They are cleaned when they get so dirty that they fail to function properly. At least this is how it seemed at this place.

    Here is my experience with this gun.

    Accuracy was exactly what I would expect from a Sig, top notch.

    Fit and finish were very good and the gun was very tight. (maybe too tight)

    Ergonomics were excellent for me. Everything was exactly where it should be for my hands. It pointed perfectly for me.

    The gun had 22 Failures to Feed in 100 rounds. Some just required help to get the cartridge into battery but the majority required ejecting the mag, locking back the slide and unwedging the cartridge from the top of the chamber and feed ramp area.

    Now a caveat. Because it was a rental I had to buy the range ammo for it. I'm not sure what was up with the ammo. Some of the Failures to Feed resulted in seriously burred edges on the cartridge case. Two cartridges had to be tossed because the bullet was pushed well into the case. In my opinion the very soft brass used for the ammo combined with a very dirty gun combined to give me so much trouble.

    I would like to run this gun again with good ammo sometime. When it would string together 3-5 shots it was my perfect 1911. Even with all the clearing drills I had to do it didn't upset my shooting with it.

    To prove it wasn't my shooting style or lack of shooting style I had my brother shoot it. He had the same ratio of 20% Fail to Feeds.

    I am hoping to rent this gun when I'm in Virginia as I really did like it aside from the FtFs.

    I hope to see more feedback on this gun.


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    Sig Gsr

    The SIG GSR Granite Series Rail
    They had some initial problems that are probably "fixed" by now. Mostly feed and extraction related.
    Due to those early problems the pistol has a bit of a "Sales Pox" attached to it now & it's just not selling like a SIG pistola SHOULD be selling. That is sort of a shame.
    The slide & frame are "hand lapped" together & so the Slide to Frame fit is tight. Reportedly, they do need a healthy "Shoot/Break in period.
    Accuracy is very good.
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    GSRs just don't sell. They LOOK pretty, and they are pretty strong, but they don't sell. People look at em while in the store, and pass em by, and look toward the Kimber, SA line..
    We've had two ANIB GSRs in the case, and they don't even get a glance, even when I tell the Customer that we have a "couple of used ones"
    Heavy frame on the gun. I also noticed, while touring the Plant at Sig, they were havning some problems with the NC Machines/ and or the tooling while manufacturing the guns..
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    Question Sig

    SIG is also supposed to make 1911 frames for other Gun makers.
    Any idea who they make frames FOR? Just curious.
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    The gunshop I use has a new one in the display case. It looks sweet but the combination of reported reliability problems and the price premium (over SA, Colt, etc.) makes me more than a little leary of it. It's a shame too because, c'mon a 1911 from Sig? It should be dead nuts accurate and unquestionably reliable. Maybe once they prove the bugs are worked out it'll see more sales - I hope so.

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    I bought a GSR when they first came out. There was much hoopla about the SIG expertise being applied to a 1911. These early GSR's were made of Caspian parts but were assembled by a subcontractor and there were many, many problems. My GSR had the hammer installed crooked, the sight fell off right out of the box, and there was weeping and moaning among those early buyers because there were a lot of problems with that gun. So much so that a big time SIG representative answered direct questions on the SIG forum.

    Much to SIG's credit they stood behind the gun and, in my case, made it right. Eventually, the GSR turned into a fine, fine shooter although I sold it in disappointment.

    I have not bought a "new" GSR but the word is that SIG still uses the quality Caspian parts but has taken production assembly directly under its control and things are much, much better now. I have no direct experience now but my prevous experience with the GSR and other SIG's I have owned has led me to the conclusion that SIG will stand behind its products four square.
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