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Sig P250

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Thread: Sig P250

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    Sig P250

    I just picked up a p250 9mm after the holidays, and took it out for the first time and am pretty impressed. Its the first sig in my collection and also my new carry gun. Its performance was excellent, it was smooth, accurate, and recoil is minimal. I have heard mixed reviews about this gun and now after shooting it i dont know how it could get a bad review. I will be posting a full range report tomarrow for those intrested. I would like to have your oppinion on this model.

    sig p250 9mm
    cz 75 p-06 40sw

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    I have not shot one but I have held one. I liked the way it felt in my hand.

    I will be interested in your range report. Any chance we can get a few pictures thrown in there as well?
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    I haven't shot one, but I dry fired one for a while at a buddy's gun shop. Felt great in my hand; the trigger pull was super smooth. I seriously detested the looooong trigger reset. In fairness, that might not be as much of a distraction on the square range or during training; but in a gun shop, it was.

    I second a range report request.
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    I shot one a few weeks ago.

    First of all, let me say that I absolutley detest double action only guns that only became popular when people that had been 'dumbed down" in public schools started getting old enough to shoot.

    Now that I've got that out of the way...

    I like Sigs, enough so that I have a half dozen of them. I was somewhat dissapointed when I found out that the 250 was DAO.

    So, I shot one, and was suprised that the DAO trigger wasnt the hinderance that it could have been. It was smooth, and easy enough that it didnt move the whole gun off target. For rapid fire, it shot quick enough, and it was suprisingly accurate.

    It did feel good in the hand. If Sig came out with a 250 in a single/double action configuration like most of their guns were, I would own one, right now.
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    You have a P-06 , so I don't know why you would be messing with a SIG.

    All joking aside..
    I've handled the 250 Compact. Didn't like the long rest of the trigger, but the
    gun pointed well and was very smooth. Much better than the clunky P226

    The forthcoming Sub-Compact(s) should turn some heads when they finally
    get on the shelves.
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    here are some pics

    here are some pics
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sig P250-007.jpg  

    Sig P250-009.jpg  

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    I gave the 250 a less than favorable review simply because it doesnt live up to the benchmark the Sig P series has set. That doesnt mean I dont like the 250, I do, but it has a little ways to go yet before I'm ready to fully endorse it.
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    I'll go a little farther and compare it to the Sig Pro series.
    I'll stick to the P series Sig's.
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    Well my female cousin bought one in 9mm for her first gun and while it is accurate and fed everything we put through it. I made the mistake of shooting it whilst shooting my p228 at the range also. Trust me it just doesnt stack up. And the tirgger is llllllooooooonnnnggggg. Just dont care for it.
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    My only gripe is that the magazines are very expensive ($30 to $60 or more plus shipping).

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    I thought it was bulky for a CCW gun
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    pics? :)

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