XD Owners-9mm or .40?

XD Owners-9mm or .40?

This is a discussion on XD Owners-9mm or .40? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am considering getting an XD semi-compact( 3" barrel) and wonder what you would suggest in terms of 9mm or .40 cal. I know the ...

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Thread: XD Owners-9mm or .40?

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    XD Owners-9mm or .40?

    I am considering getting an XD semi-compact( 3" barrel) and wonder what you would suggest in terms of 9mm or .40 cal.

    I know the .40 ammo is a bit more expensive, but I am asking more about shooting. Recoil comparison and getting back on target.

    I would use the gun for carry.

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    I have the XD SC40. Nice pistol, and it shoots fine, though I am thinking about getting a Sig 239 instead. There's nothing wrong with the SA at all, just a question of personal preference.

    The XD Subcompact conceals fine, and is roughly the same dimensions as many of the other 40's. The short grip, much like the Glock 27, isn't a problem to shoot unless you are doing hundreds of rounds at the range.
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    I only have the XDM-9, and have limited experience with a XD Service in .40, but from what I've seen, I'd have to say 9mm.

    While a lot of people like the .40, I just can't stand the increased muzzle flip and I think the 9mm will be easier to control and be a softer shooter.

    In most cases, regardless of make and model, I find 9mm guns to come back on target more quickly then .40 caliber guns.


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    I have a XD40SC and XD40 Service and love them both. I can get used to the increased muzzle flip in return for a larger caliber.
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    I own an XD-9 (4") and XD-45 Compact (4" with shortened grip). I have shot the subcompact in 9mm and a standard XD-40 (5"). I do not like the .40 at all. I found the snappy recoil to be difficult--not to handle, but to have controlled, speedy follow-up shots.

    If your heart is set on the subcompact, my recommendation would be the 9mm. A .40 in subcompact would be awfully snappy, I would think. Alternatively, consider the .45 compact. I love this gun. I conceals well and gives you the firepower of a .45 with 11 rounds in a compact version (13 rounds in the back-up magazine).

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    9mm out of a 3" barrel is not my first choice.

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    +1 on the XD45 Compact


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    If your grip is solid the .40 recovers just as quickly as a 9mm.

    I shoot 9mm in IDPA and .40 in USPSA--I used to use poodle shooter loads, but have been shooting full SAAMI spec loads in each for 2 years. I have quite a bit of experience with both calibers from the same model of gun. Trust me, the best split times run .15 to .18 with hits at 10 yards, they are indistinguishable.

    The grip is the standard competition grip (see Matt Burkett, Brian Enos, et al). It will feel odd at first, but once you have it mastered muzzle flip will be a distant memory instead of a primary concern.

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    I have shot both (I carry XD .40c) and IMAO in a real-life situation the difference will be unnoticeable. They will both come back on target in similar times; training is the key. Whichever one you get train with it regularly and smartly to regain your sight picture and trigger position.

    I carry .40 because of the extra stopping power (and carry Magsafe Defender rounds for extra punch on BG and safety to bystanders). I personally think the extra stopping power is worth it.

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    stick with the 9mm. i have a sa xd9sc and works fine for me. great weapon. great cc. I use Hormady 124gr JHP ammo

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    I'll agree. I own both 9mm and 45acp, both in Kimber 1911 guns. I find myself shooting the 9mm more. In my Kimber 1911, the recoil is little to nothing and I can stay on target very easy, and it holds more rounds. It also doesn't hurt that 9mm is much cheaper than .45acp. I still carry my .45acp mainly, but do regularly switch it out with the 9mm. I have confidence that both will do the job if asked to.

    As far as the 9mm, round ... it's got plenty of power. My Federal HST 124 grain +P rounds give 396 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle. Compare that to the 408 ft/lbs that the .40 Cal Federal HST 180grain gives, or the 404 ft/lbs of energy that the Federal HST .45 acp 230 grain rounds give.

    Know this, modern self defense rounds are MORE than capable of doing the job. Find the gun/caliber that YOU shoot best.
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    My Dodge is not blue anymore, however I have the XD40 Service. I love it, I am in the Army and not a big fan of the 9mm. If you have the right ammo it will do the job, but I went with the .40. Thats just me. My Dodge is Deep Molten Red and it has a HEMI!

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    I have the .40 sub compact, and it is snappy, but a very sweet gun. If you don't have a problem with recoil, you will love this weapon. 9 + 1 in .40 with a weapon of that size is pretty impressive.
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    I may be wrong, but the XD .40 and the XD 9 are built on the same platform. I have the XD .40 and have a conversion barrel to put 9mm through it. To be honest the .40 is a heavier recoil, but the 9 is a snappier recoil (does that make sense?)

    I find that both are equally easy to recover and pretty equal. In my honest opinion it comes down to what is your preference a bigger hole with a slower bullet and less capacity, or smaller hole with faster bullet and more capacity.
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    I have a 9mm Service. I like the 9mm for the increased capacity and even more for the cheaper price. Much cheaper for practice, then I load up with 124 gr +p gold dots in DoubleTap factory loadings. Plenty of medicine for thugs.

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