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Best 1911-45 cal. for Home Defense?

This is a discussion on Best 1911-45 cal. for Home Defense? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you like the 1911's IMHO there are none better for the price than Springfield loaded models. With the money left over you can take ...

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Thread: Best 1911-45 cal. for Home Defense?

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    If you like the 1911's IMHO there are none better for the price than Springfield loaded models. With the money left over you can take some classes and learn how to be comfortable with your pistol.

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    +1 Springfield Operator series or possibly a used TRP

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    +1 on what scout06 posted. A lot of wisdom there and only on his third post!

    If one has any type of warning whatsoever, a shotty should be the first choice for home defense.

    However, nothing wrong with having a .45 ACP within night stand reach. I have one...but it surely is not a 1911.
    It all comes down to going down the dark holes after monsters. That’s what it’s all about; when everyone else is huddled around the campfire, somebody has to go out and fight.

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    And nothing wrong with a 1911 on the night stand either (I have one there).

    Your budget leaves you a TON of options! Some good suggestions have already been made. I'll try to add to the list.

    One thing not mentioned, is your budget puts you VERY CLOSE to the used market for semi customs, which are generally about the finest performing 1911's you can buy. If you could save/add an additional $300, and shop well you could end up with a very nice used Wilson Combat, Ed Brown or other.

    But that is not within your original post. You're just a HAIR under the price of a TRP from Springfield, a great choice. Actually, checking Gun Broker, there are a few right at $1300, but you'll have to add shipping and a transfer fee if not local, or sales tax if local.

    The Loaded pistols from Springfield are a decent choice. I have two, the full size has been a very good gun. These also come with night sights (as do all I mention above).

    I have a Kimber Desert Warrior with a mounted light for my home defense pistol. But JD is correct, they've somewhat fallen from favor with the Forum crowds, due to reported quality issues. Mine has been very good though. Well within your budget, even with a light if you shop well. I like the Warrior series because it does not use a firing pin block safety, like the series 80 Colts (or similar system). It's firing parts are essentially the Series 70 design.

    One I've not seen mentioned is the Dan Wesson 1911's. These seem to be pleasing their owners (those I've read about) and can be had in your price range.

    And yes, as always, it is hard to argue against Colt. You pay a bit more for the name, but your budget will cover that. And they do still make a good pistol (of course used is an option there too, even a very nice series 70, a classic model, can be had well under your budget.

    If it were me, and I were getting only one, I'd go for the semi custom. But is exceeds your stated budget and would require you to up it. But I carry a Wilson Combat on most days. Just handling them, the difference in value over the standard middle 1911's is quite obvious. YMMV.
    Regards, T Bone.

    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety". Benjamin Franklin

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    I just purchased a Kimber CDP II Pro. I also use a M&P 45 full size. These are for carry and the M&P is in the nightstand with a X300 Surefire and Crimson Trace grip.

    For home defense, I have the M&P always ready and a Stag AR 15 plus an 870 12 gauge..

    As for the rounds going through walls, etc.... In all the police involved shootings in New York City in one given year with there 70% to 85% MISS rate, only five innocent people were hit and all survived. And I'm sure a lot of these were outdoors, etc. This is froma recent blog post on Front Site I believe, or in the most recent "The Complete Book of Handguns" by Massad Ayoob.

    If I lived in some cheap apartment, I would reconsider, but making it through my walls then into a neighbors house is not the most likely thing. It surely will not make me choose a different caliber or ammo than want I have confidence in. And for me, that confidence is in the M&P 45 or the 1911, especially Kimber CDP or Wilson Combat. In those, I use 230 grain Gold Dot mostly, but have a few magazines still full of Hydra-shok that needs rotated out.

    I'm going to give that HST stuff a try, but won't consider carrying it until a few hundred go though all my 45s flawlessly. So far, the 230 grain Gold Dot has been my most accurate and reliable.

    Keep in mind, all of this is just in my opinion. God forbid I am ever in a lethal force situation, I would hope that the bit of training I do have would kick in and I would hopefully be aware of my surrounds and not fire my AR blind in my backyard in all directions. Chances are, if it's in HOME defense, it'll be a handgun (45) indoors.

    I would go for a Springfield, Para or Kimber 1911 in that price range if it was my choice. I lean towards Kimber and Wilson Combat personally.

    Good Luck!


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    I have a MetroArms American Classic II 45ACP in my nightstand. It is the best $442 1911 IMHO. Not trying to say it's the best 1911 period. That would be silly, but just saying it's a lot of gun for the money. Shot 100 flawless rounds first time out.

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    If you have a budget of $1300 you can get into the semi-custom or guns with semi-custom features. I own or have owned 1911 platform guns by Springfield Armory, Kimber, Colt, and RIA. The best 1911 I have owned is the Dan Wesson Pointman 7. It has semi-custom features and is extremely well made and accurate. You should do some research on them since your budget will cover their price.

    When I leave the home port:
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    You don't need to know
    Springfield MC Operator

    Colt Rail Gun

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    Best Choices for Self Defense Ammunition

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    There are zombie threads, and there are zombie threads. This is one of the latter.

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