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This is a discussion on Extra Compact CCW Weapon within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If your interested in an airweight. I would suggest the 638 Smith and Wesson with the shrouded hammer as a backup carry gun. I use ...

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Thread: Extra Compact CCW Weapon

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    If your interested in an airweight. I would suggest the 638 Smith and Wesson with the shrouded hammer as a backup carry gun. I use this as a backup to my XD9.


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    I carry a JFrame .38 as BUG or primary when in situations like you stated. Great gun, possible the best reputation on the planet for guns of it's type. I went Airweight with enclosed hammer (as to keep out any pocket lint...).

    Affordable, potent, lightweight, small, ultra reliable and years of holsters and research available. I am an auto guy but I love this wheel gun...it does what it was designed to do, plain and simple!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OLYXDGUY View Post
    I presently Carry at Springfield XD 45 Compact as my CCW Weapon. I'm looking for something more compact possibly a pocket weapon or something that I can conceal regardless of what I'm wearing.. I tend to wear business clothes and I swing dance allot.. I would like to limit the amount of time I am unarmed and be able to carry regardless of what I'm wearing and what I'm doing..

    I was thinking about the LCP.. Any Ideas?

    I'm about 5'11 250ish.. Husky Build..


    The XD 45 was one of my two top choices when I finally decided on the M&P 45. They are about the same size, if I recall correctly. I EDC the M&P 45 in a SmartCarry holster. It works well with everything I wear, especially business attire.

    I EDC the LCP as a BUG. I have found it very reliable, very accurate and, for me, kind of fun to shoot. My hand can hurt if I try to shoot it too long at one session.

    The nice thing about the LCP is it fits comfortably in my pants front pocket. I may not arm myself around the house with my M&P, but I'm always armed with the LCP.
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    You cannot go wrong with the LCP. For the size, this little guy shoots great. I could not believe that a gun this size could hold a 4" pattern at 15-yards, but it does. Since I cannot carry my SA 1911 Loaded, M&P 40 or M&P 9C in all situations, this little fills in the gaps.

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    I just picked up a 642 with CT. Held an LCP lastnight for the first time. Cool gun...very small but I still like my 642 better.

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    I'm setting here with a S&W 642 J-frame on my hip right now and forgot I even had it on. I just picked this up a couple weeks ago and coulnd't be more pleased. I await my P239 CCW to replace my current P226.

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    Since it seems we're doing pics , here are my two entries... the Kahr PM9 and the Kel Tec P3AT. Both in Milt Sparks pocket holsters.

    Regards, T Bone.

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    I carry a XD 45c also. I have a Walther PPS on order (should have bought it when i first saw it, now I can't find one) but looked at the Kahr PM 9 too. The Kahr is a really small gun - I liked it but the shop didn't have a rental to try. I thought about the Ruger, but I have 2 XD's a 9mm and the 45, and don't want to add another caliber to the stable (plus 380 ammo is expensive!!).

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    Depends on whether you like revolver or auto. If you lean towards autos, I don't think you could do much better than the Kahr PM-9. Virtually disappears in an IWB holster and pocket carries very easily. It is thinner than the cylinder of any J-frame sized revolver plus gives you 2 more rounds (6+1) with the smallest magazine. On top of that, it's not much larger than the LCP though it is about twice the weight. But, you get a much more powerful cartridge.

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    The PM9 is going to be hard to beat for a high quality auto. I have hundreds of rounds through mine without problems once the first 100 rounds had been fired. An excellent pistol for pocket carry, the PM9 has a very smooth trigger as well.

    I will admit though that I am also lusting after a Walther PPS.

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    NAA Guardian with BB Gold dots, better ballistics than a 38 with Hydrashoks. I have two Guardians and I love them!!

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    pps great for pocket carry,very comfortable to shoot
    m&p9,sp101,glock27,walther pps

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    I also carry the XD .45 compact, and picked up a Ruger LCP last weekend for BU and summer-time "lite carry".

    I took the LCP to the range for the 1st time today and was amazed how well it grouped for such a small gun. It basically has no sights, but quickly found out you don't really need them. I was doing point and shoot double taps and it was easy to keep 'em in the 8 ring at 5-7 yds, (which is as about as far as I would rely on such a small piece in a shoot-out).

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    3" 1911

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    xd sub compact :)
    Springfield Armory TRP OPERATOR .45ACP
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    Sig Sauer ELITE Stainless .45ACP
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