This is a discussion on SP101 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Any thoughts on this fine Ruger revolver?? I'm thinking of a 357 DAO version with some custom features: chamfer the charge holes, "break"all the sharp ...

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Thread: SP101

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    Any thoughts on this fine Ruger revolver?? I'm thinking of a 357 DAO version with some custom features: chamfer the charge holes, "break"all the sharp edges, trigger job(maybe a 9lb DA pull)and either a bead blast or if $$ is available a Black T finish. If you got a 101 with some extra "touches" post some pics. THANKS GUYS!!
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    I can't do pictures but I have the 2" DAO SP101. It's a great gun and can handle the 357 loads just fine. I like mine stock except for the front night sight and I polished it a bit. I wish more revolvers had grips as good as Ruger.

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    I think the SP101 is my next buy. I have had my eye on the .357 DAO spurless hammer version in stainless. They are built to last and are very reasonably priced in my opinion.

    I recently bought my girl a S&W 642 Airlight .38 +P only and while it is a nice pistol it seems to me that S&W uses a lot of MIM parts in their pistols. I don't think Ruger uses MIM but I may be wrong.

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    Love all of my Ruger wheel guns.

    The SP101 .357 is one of my favorites. Gave it a F&B, spring kit and a new front sight. Otherwise it is stock, and now pretty much perfect. I'm having some custom grip panels made for it and she will be done.

    Buy it, you won't regret it.

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    Crimson Trace Grips, Hi-Viz front sight, Wolff 12# hammer spring.

    Fantastic handgun!
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    Have you seen Gemini Customs' Web site, Gemini Customs LLC - Custom 1911 Firearms ? Not that you would use them for the service, but the site shows many nice images of Marc Morganti's work on SP101's, S&W Revolvers, and 1911's.


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    +1 for Gemini! I haven't used them but researched them a lot. The site shows the potential of the Ruger.

    You'll love this gun. I have the 3" w/hammer and intend to keep it stock for "rough" use such as woods, deer hunting side arm, etc. I did change the spring which make a HUGE difference.

    Then I'd like to get the 2" bobbed and get Gemini to do it up really nice for carry!

    I believe it's one of the best values out there in a well build and good looking small frame .357. With .38's I smile each time I pull the trigger because the recoil is so minimal and with even stout .357's it's very very manageable.

    I have to think you'll love it, in fact, I've never heard from anyone who bought it and then didn't like it.

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    I also have the 2 1/4" DAO .357. I think its a great little revolver. At the moment mine is stock, but I'm planning on a trigger job and front night sight. Once I make it to the range to qualify it will be a CC and possibly an on-duty BUG for me.

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    Cant go wrong with the sp101, all I did to mine was to change the grips to a hogue model.
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    Had one for years, I love it, but it is heavy. If you don't mind that and spring for a good belt and holster, you'll be fine. I have been spoiled by the light stuff, though. But no denying it's a great gun.
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    excellent revolvers ! I thought they were too heavy for me to ccw,
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    The SP101 was one of the handguns I bought for off-duty carry. I got the 2.25 in barrel .357 Mag version, and I love the gun. I haven't changed anything yet.
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    The wife has the 2" DAO in .357 also. Added the trijicon night sight and hogue mono-grip. Currently saving some coin to add the Crimson Trace grips.

    It is a great carry piece, though as mentioned it is a little heavy.
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    When I bought my 642 I was also drooling over the Ruger sitting next to it. It will be my next purchase for sure. Really well made and really well priced....can't go wrong.
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