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Form Factor

This is a discussion on Form Factor within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Tangle's post in the Epidemic thread got me to thinking again... and I began to realize how important physical form factor is in a firearm. ...

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Thread: Form Factor

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    Form Factor

    Tangle's post in the Epidemic thread got me to thinking again... and I began to realize how important physical form factor is in a firearm.

    By form factor I mean the literal size and shape of the thing. I'm so picky about form factor for a carry gun. For instance I love my 686. Best shootin' gun there ever was. But I don't carry it. Form factor is all wrong.

    Yet the GP100 is nearly perfect.

    Can't stand the Glock, but the XD is okay.

    Isn't it funny how a little thing like a rounded edge or a half inch of grip or barrel or a couple of degrees of grip angle impacts our choices?

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    Mine is a de-horned 1911, no gun of caliber (that I'm aware of) is as trim and, it just fits me like no other. Also a big fan of de-horned S&W, J frames (the original size).
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    yep, All my carry guns I try to get the 1911 angle to the grip. Glocks just feel wrong to me and tend to point up with a natural point of aim. Nothing wrong with em, they are great pistols, just not for me.

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    ''Form factor'' is, along with manual of arms - a major factor for me too.

    One reason I am so ''in love'' with my 226, or even now the 228 as well - it feels 100% to hold and shoot.

    I know some folks like slimmer grips, single stackers, but for me the ''fat'' grip gives me a great deal of control, compared with some other platforms.

    I am fairly content with SP and was not unhappy carrying it - even the ol' P95 with its chunky grip too - was a welcome carry piece. Now, I am not averse to 1911's - but do not carry one mainly for this reason - it feels good - but not ''as good'' - for me.

    We all need to find that ''magic feel'' from our chosen platform - which is why new folks should where possible try out different examples before laying out the bucks.
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    Agreed Euc. I absolutely LOVE the feel of the Sig 229 in my mitts - but the manual of arms is backward for me. Also, the Colt 1911 fits me perfectly but the SA feels just a touch less natural. The only reason I can think of is Colt uses a long trigger where SA uses the older, short trigger configuration. Pretty easy fix and I can shoot either pretty well in stock configuration but, given the choice, I prefer long trigger.

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    Form factor... That's why I'm shooting 9MM now. The P01 has the best form factor. The only reason I'm shooting it and not a .45, is because it doesn't come in .45.

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    If the gun dose not fit well you will not shoot it, and most likely not use it. They make one heck of a good paper weight, if you don't use them. ;-)

    I like to hold on to larger things. Two way hand held radios, and handguns. That is probably why I like Glocks. All though I am a little more accurate with 1911s, and wheel guns.

    If you don't protect your self, who will?

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    I can pick up anythign and soot it and most dont bother me .. except controls on the sig thats deal breaker for me.

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