sub compacts in 9mm

sub compacts in 9mm

This is a discussion on sub compacts in 9mm within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm looking for a new sub-compact. And my choices for the price are: Kel-Tec p-11 - Bersa Mini Thunder and the Springfield XD. And that ...

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Thread: sub compacts in 9mm

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    sub compacts in 9mm

    I'm looking for a new sub-compact.
    And my choices for the price are: Kel-Tec p-11 - Bersa Mini Thunder and the Springfield XD.
    And that new Skyy is looking promising.
    Does anybody have abd shoot any of these and how do they compare with regard to accuracy and recoil?
    I'm leaning to the Kel-Tec for the price. How does it compare to the Skyy?
    I'm not a big fan of D.A.O. but, for the price they will do the intended missions.
    This gun is for summer weather carry.
    Any input will be a great help. Thanks for the time.

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    I think reviews of all off these are listed here..

    The xd well it recoils little more than a fullsize as for the rest i dont know havnt shot them ..

    Do A Search for the others the Skyy was just reviewed yesterday

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    Not sure if you'd class the SW99 (or I guess P99) as actal sub compacts but they are pretty tidy size.

    I like my SW99 a lot and would (well, have carried) carry it if not for liking bigger. However, the ergonomics might put some folks off - but they can be learned and adapted too quite easily.

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    Have you thought about the Kahr 9mm's? They are all super thin. They are DAO, but the triggers are very nice and manageable. The polymer 9mm's (PM9, P9 Covert, P9, CW9, and TP9) are nice and light. The PM9 lends itself to pocket carry (which is my preferred mode of carry for my PM9).

    The CW9 is the bargain price Kahr that's a good deal on a great gun.

    Besides the PM9, I own a P9 Covert; both of which are very accurate guns. They are my primary CCW's.

    The all-metal Kahr 9mm's, while not as light as their polymer bretheren, are still outstanding choices in a CCW.
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    Don't forget to add glock to the mix.I think it 's the 26.

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    See this thread started by rachilders: Range report - SKYY CPX-1 - dated a day or so ago.

    Good luck. I just bought two Skyy's - report is on that link.
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    I've got the springfield XD 9mm in 3" subcompact. Very easy to shoot considering the small size. It's a doublestack, so it's a bit thick, but still very consealable.
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    I really like my Kahr PM9, very small package and shoots very well.

    Dont leave it out of the mix!!!!
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    I own both a Bersa Compact 9 & 45 and a new SKYY CPX-1 9mm. I also have a K-T P-38T, but it's in a different class of gun than the bigger pistols. Anyway, I'd recommend the Bersa's or the SKYY for concealed carry, though the jury is still out on SKYY. It's been in business for only 6 months or so while Bersa's been in business for more than 40 years. I've had my Bersa's for several years and think they are one of the most under rated compact autos you will find today. The CPX-1 is new to the market and doesn't have a real track record yet, but the one I have was completely reliable and easy to shoot with the 125 rounds I've shot with it. By comparison, I've put about 1,000 rounds thru my Bersa compact 9 and have never had a single FTF/FTE or any malfunction of any kind with it.

    The Bersa's are SA/DA, while the CPX is DAO. The SKYY has an ambidextrous safety while the Bersa has an ambi safety/decocker. The Bersa's are a good bit heavier and a little larger than the CPX, but have less recoil and feel a little more "sturdy" in the hand than the lighter and smaller CPX.

    Both models have proven to be accurate and reliable, at least the ones I have. The CPX is new so there's little real world info available, but it's almost an exact copy of the K-T P-11, so what applies to one when it comes to ease of carry and concealability should apply to the other.

    The CPX sells for $220-$250 on average, though I've seen them selling for a good bit more. The Bersa's go for about a $100 more usually, though I paid $285 for my two. That was two years ago, however, and they have gone up some in the past 6-12 months and are getting harder to find. Maybe word is finally getting out about how good they really are since Bersa's seem to sell almost as soon as they are put on the shelves.

    If you want to find out more, read what the people who own them have to say. Try the Skyy forum or Bersa Talk forum. If there's anything happening with them, good or bad, it WILL be discussed. I don't have a P-11 or an XD, but there are forums for them as well. The main KT forum, KTOG, is almost rabid when it comes to supporting K-T's, so you may want to take any negative comments they make about the new CPX with a grain of salt. BTW, the owner/designer of the SKYY CPX-1 did NOT work for K-T and used their design plans as some folks there have mentioned, though I will concede they do look a LOT alike. Then again, a 1911 looks like a 1911 whether it's made by Colt, Kimber or Springer. Form often follows function and what works, works.
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    I'm looking for something similar, a small, fairly high capacity 9mm pistol.

    I have a KT P-11, it's been a good gun, but it's showing a good deal of wear at this point. I think I shoot it more than the design really allows for. Aluminum frame rails are very worn, the under-side of the slide where the hammer rides developed some burrs, which I had to sand down, and the finish is wearing off from wear. I haven't been mistreating it, but I have put several thousand rounds downrange with it.

    Wanted another 9mm (cheap ammo), without gaining much in size, and without loosing much in capacity. I've found that weight isn't as important, don't want a brick, but I can stand to carry a few more ounces. I looked at all the pistols mentioned here, and settled on a CZ Rami. 10+1 capacity, slightly larger than the P11, much more solid construction. Now, if I can just get that money tree to grow a few more leaves...
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    Thanks everyone. p95carry srfl and rachilers. All the guns you mentioned are excelent guns and I have considered them all. But ive narrowed my choices due to the budget. The skyy isnt off the list yet but it is still to new in my book. The kahrs are great guns to but I feel if im going to pay that im going to get a cz rami. Holds more rounds and I already have a PCR which is a great gun. A buddy is coming over this weekend and is going to let me shoot his new xd so ill see what that is like. Thanks for all the input the more I look around it seems the compatition will be between the bersa and the xd for the cost Im sure I can swing those prices in my area fall between $300 and $400 Thanks again Sixgun

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    The 2 handguns I can give input on are teh XD and the Kahr MK9 (twin brother of the PM9). I routinely carry the XD9 Service model which is slightly bigger than the sub-com XD. I'm 6'0" ~ 175lbs and conceal this weapon easily. The XD is a great gun. It feels good, it shoots good, and it's extremely reliable. I have yet to have a failure of any kind with my XD after almost 900 rounds of various ammo. I carry the Speer Gold-Dot in both mags in the 124 +p variety. The XD just begs for more when I bring it to the range. I personally do not think you cuold go wrong with the XD in the sub-com model. I intend to pick up one myself either this year or next depending on funds.

    The Kahr MK9 is also a great carry piece in a 9mm pocket-size auto. My wife wanted a carry piece and we agreed that she could pick out anything she wanted as long as she would be comfortable carrying it. Not 5 seconds after the Kahr MK9 hit her hand did she make up her mind! The Kahr is small for a 9mm. Easily fitting in the palm of my hand. It's a 6+1 single stack and weighs a shade over 23ozs when fully loaded. The PM9 is the polymer version of the same gun and sheds about 8ozs off that. It's DAO with a very nice trigger pull. Better I feel than my XD, but not by much. It's very accurate for a gun it's size (easily within 3 inches at 10 yards for the one we bought) and the recoil is extremely managable. The Kahr MK9-PM9 would certainly be a great carry piece for someone looking for a tiny piece in a larger caliber (as opposed to something in the .32 - .380).
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    cmidkiff: If you like the P-11, you've got to love the Skyy CPX-1. Tight fit and smooth trigger out of the box. Stainless steel frame rails and slide and it's easy to take down.

    photo added by QKS

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    I can give input on the G27 and the Kahr MK9, now I know the G27 isn't a 9mm but it’s the same size as the G26 which is a 9mm. I like this gun very much and carry it all the time. I feel the recoils easily handled, and the gun is accurate. Now for the MK9. I love this gun. Its nice a small easy for concealment. Very easy to handle and again accurate. I just recently bought this and have only put 100 rounds through it the other day. So far so good, I had one hang up thats all. As soon as I put at least another 100 through it and can deem it reliable, Im going to carry this!

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