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Thread: Considering a 1911

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    Considering a 1911

    I'm thinking about getting a 1911 and am leaning toward the Kimber Ultra Carry II. Since my primary carry will be an M&P I probably will not get night sights or CT grips.
    I know somebody that has one and plan on trying it out before I make a decision, but he swears by it. He says it shoots better than a 3" barrel should.
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    I have an SA Micro Fully Loaded in .45 and just got a Colt Defender in .45. The Micro is scary accurate and has not missed a lick. My eye dr. said that he didn't think a 3" was very accurate but I showed him a picture of the target and he had to agree. I have not been to the range with the Defender yet but have read and heard that they are some straight shooting guns.

    I fondled a Kimber Ultra in .45 but did not like the way the butt of the grip dug into the palm of my hand.

    Be sure to give us a range report when you have time.
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    Kimber's are top notch, IMO. I'd recommend any model Kimber, but I would get the night sights for it. I have a SA Micro also, and it is a great gun to, either one would be a good addition, but I think your already on the right track with the Kimber, buy one and enjoy.
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    I have a stainless Ultra Carry II and love it. Great SA trigger, very accurate, totally reliable, and can't beat it for concealed carry. It has become my EDC.
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    Personally will never again own a 1911 with a barrel less than the standard 5". I carried a Springfield Armory 4" Champion for about a year when it started acting up (FTF, FTE). Always keep my carry gun clean so started troubleshooting on my own. Changed out mags and recoil spring and used ball ammo for maximum reliability. No joy. Sent it back to SA and they put in a full length guide rod system and new recoil spring (pain in the a-- to tear down ond reassemble). After 5 trips back got rid of it and went to a Browning HP and my 1990 SA standard and haven't looked back. If you check out all the high dollar custom guns how many do you see with chopped barrels?
    Not many. I am not a GS but talked to Mr. Wolff from Wolff springs himself and he said the velocities of the short barreled 1911's slides are sped up dramatically with the shorter barrels so the pistol has to be tuned to a higher level than the full length versions. I can still pack the 5" BHP and 1911 just as easily with my HBE holsters as I could the 4" Champion and have a more accurate weapon that wrings out all the velocity of the .45 making full use of all the powder packed in that case. JMO
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    If you aren't going to carry it, why not get one that is even more reliable, accurate, and fun to shoot like one of their 4" Pros? Kimber's Pros are the equivalent of a Commander (4-1/4"). If you decide to carry it someday, it is still quite concealable.

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    I have the Kimber Custom Carry in 4" and it is very accurate I do not think I would like the 3"
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    I wouldn't carry a 1911 smaller than a 5" (and wouldn't carry that unless it was built by someone that knows what they're doing).

    And as ccwguy said, if you're not going to carry it, why bother with a little one?
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    I shot my friends 3" Ultra CDP. Very nice gun and shoots well even in the hands of a hack like me.

    I'm really looking between the Pro CDP and the Tactical Pro. Both are 4" barrells and full length grips.
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    I'm in love with 4" or 4 1/4" depending on brand. I don't want no stinkin' 3"! It's all in what YOU like!

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    Hello I just purchased a kimber ultra carry II with crimson trace.
    Well I shot it yesterday for the first time, and I love it!

    I did some research before the purchase and I read and heard all good things about KIMBER, they are pricey, mine was out the door @$1200.00

    I ordered a OWB Holster from Tim @ TT Gunleather I have held a CCW for over 15 years, and I wanted a 45 for some time now...

    Now I posted the other night about the slide locking back a few times while I was shooting it for the first time, at an outdoor range and temp was about 70 degrees.

    But the fellows on this board replied back to me that I was not holding the pistol firm enought so that resulted in "limp wrist" and I will agree with them because my hand were sweating and I had to wipe thm a few time with a towel I guess the down side to shooting outside in Florida.

    But overall the gun was very sweet, accurate and everything I had expected it to be also the kimbers are very tight.

    There is a Break-in period of about 500 to 1000 round for the gun to perform even better.

    I am very happy with my Ultra, you will too!
    If you have any other ?'s please feel free to e-mail me, Try to find the Guns & Ammo buyers guide there is a spread about the Kimber Ultra carry on the cover...COOL

    Here is a link to a tread that I did last week,


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