Need help picking one.

Need help picking one.

This is a discussion on Need help picking one. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I know you all probably get tired of the "which one" threads. But, I need help here. I know it comes down to more of ...

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Thread: Need help picking one.

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    Need help picking one.

    I know you all probably get tired of the "which one" threads. But, I need help here. I know it comes down to more of a personal choice and comfort. Well, here's what I've found comfortable so far and my concerns...

    I REALLY like the Sig 229 and the 239. I just like the way they feel and fire. A friend has the 229 and I rented a 239 a few times.

    Between the two, which one? For the time, it'll serve for CC as well as home defense.

    Also, is there anything else that's very close to these two? DANG they're expensive. I know your safety shouldn't have a dollar value, but, I was out of work for 4 months.. It'll be some time before I can afford THAT! I'd hate to have that moment present itself and NOT have the protection because I was "saving" up for it... If there's something else on the market with comparible size, reliabilty, feel, but less $$$, that'd sure make thing go faster for me.

    Thanks in advance for the advice. There's just so many models out there, I've kind of gotten myself confused and overwhelmed here...


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    I carried a Sig P229 for over two years-loved it-love sig-yes price is up there but so is quality-and like you said-no price on safety. The 229 with a light rail would be a good choice-tac lights are low in price and are very practical leaving both hands on the weapon and still able to operate the light with a finger. If price doesn't suit you right now take a look at a Glock-again good quality, accuracy and very dependable for a lower price than the sig. Never shot a 239 so I can't comment on that except for "shooter prefernce". My home defense gun is a SA XD40 with a m3 tac light on the rail. I got a good deal on the gun and really like it. No malfunctions of any kind and good accuracy.

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    P239 for carry

    I own both of the guns you mentioned, and the P239 is easier to conceal than the P229, if that is your major application. The weight difference is about 4.5 ounces (32 vs. 27.5), and there is a noticeable width difference.

    The P229 is an excellent shooter and has higher capacity, but the P239 is built for concealed carry.

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    I chose the 239 as my EDC as I wanted a Sig and it was the smallest pistol they make above 380. I couldn't be happier with my choice. Outstanding accuracy, absolutely reliable and legitimate CC size (though larger than other choices). Of your two choices, I'd pick the 239 if CC was my primary function. While my 239 is never far away in my house, my dedicated HD handgun is now my 16+1 XD-M in 40 S&W but it's larger than I'd want to carry as a CC handgun.

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    Since you ask if there was anything close to a Sig without the Sig price. Have you looked at the CZ P-01 or CZ75 Compact? Both are 15+1, P-01 is a decocker, Compact has a manual safety, are accurate and reliable and run in the $500. price range.
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    Another way to go is get a Sig P6/225 pistol which is a single stack about the size of the 229 but with a thinner grip like the 239. The best thing it is $300 to 350. I have one and works well.

    If the main purpose is carry then 239, if the main purpose is HD then the 229 and for both I would go with the P6.

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    Just had a look on Gunbroker, spotted both 229 and 239 used (like new according to ads) for under $600.That takes a big chunk off the top. You can buy on Gunbroker and have a local FFL do the transfer for a minimal fee usually (mine charges me $15, some go $25). There's also no sales tax (but shipping charges are usually around $20-$30).

    If this doesn't work, as stated above, start looking at Glocks. Great reliability, some of the best handguns in the world. Again, used is an option to reduce costs.

    Whatever you do, make sure to leave money for ammo (I don't mean A box of ammo, I mean enough for training). When I was a new shooter, I trained from 50 to 100 rds. / week for some time. Many consider that light. Many here still do that (I don't shoot as often as I'd like these days, fortunately after a couple of decades of shooting, much if the muscle memory is ingrained-still, I do need to get out more often!).
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    The SIG is a little sleeker but the Glock is more rugged and a good all around carry/HD gun. Look at a Glock 19. I have a feeling you'll like it.
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    Sig 239
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwhite75 View Post
    The SIG is a little sleeker but the Glock is more rugged and a good all around carry/HD gun. Look at a Glock 19. I have a feeling you'll like it.
    Very true. The good thing about a Glock is that it's reliable, lightweight (compared to a sig for example), and inexpensive by comparison. That leaves you money for a holster, ammo, night sights, laser if you really want it. Things like that.

    I do love Sigs, but my one gripe about them is the finish. The standard finish is not very durable. I don't know the treatment but it shows wear very quickly.
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    Thank you all for the advice.

    I definitely am trying to keep some room in the budget for practice and ammo. Good point. It's not like they just give that stuff away either..

    I really liked a Glock I rented once. I'm sorry, don't remember the model. 9mm is all I remember. Even an abused rental one sure impressed. Smooth, easy to work, and you can't beat the weight!!

    I haven't ruled one out. The only complaint I had about the Glock was it was just very bulky. I'm a big man with a conciderable middle age spread. So, any kind of "hip" carry is limited as I tend to print badly with some of the models I've "tried". My buddies 229 in his IWB leather seemed to work well for me at about 2:30. Printing was minimal under a basic T-shirt. That's why I'm looking at the smaller, even more concealable 239. I haven't looked at a 225. I'm hitting a store beginning of next week to shop. I'll see if they have one I can handle.

    Even though I don't want to wait too long, I want to make sure I've done my homework and picked the right one for me, especially, since this will be my only one for the moment.

    I owned a 92FS for many years, so, I'm very comfortable with a service size. But, for CC, that would just be too big anyway.

    So, I'm torn between the easy CC of a compact, and the secure feel and comfort I get from a service sized. That's why I liked the 239 and 229 I've tried. They're more compact, but, seem to have that "service" feel to me.

    Thanks again.

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