Starting not to trust my gun

Starting not to trust my gun

This is a discussion on Starting not to trust my gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I went shooting today with the wife ! She shot great great groups. We are waiting on her CCW this month. OK OK OK ...

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Thread: Starting not to trust my gun

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    Starting not to trust my gun

    So I went shooting today with the wife ! She shot great great groups. We are waiting on her CCW this month. OK OK OK now back on the gun. In July I went to a advanced CCW class and shot about 300+ rounds with my Kimber Ultra Carry II and it locked up pretty bad on me. We had to soak it in gun oil and beat it to get the slide unlocked. Wasn't my highlight of the class lol. So I went to the range today and it jammed up on me pretty bad today. It was only 3 to 5 times but it was very frustrating to know that I was carrying that gun nonstop for the last couple months.

    With out buying a whole new gun because I LOVE that gun what can I do to give me more confidence with it?

    Should I send it to Kimber or change the barrel??????? I just don't know can you guys help me out.
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    How many rounds did you put through it before you began to carry it? I've got a similar pistol, the Ultra Raptor, and it took 600 rds and a new slide stop before the bugs were out of it. Sounds like your problem is a lot more serious. If it were me, I would send it to Kimber or other gunsmith.

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    Shorty 1911s can make a fuss.. And I can understand not trusting it.

    If I were you I would send it to a nationally reputable smithy (that is, not a local bubba) and have him look at things. Maybe have him add some frills while it's there..

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    I wouldn't have banged the gun up. Should have left it as it was and sent it back to kimber like that.

    I feel you on the class though. During my class my PPK/s' ejector decided to bend and stop the slide from going into battery.
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    The good news is you don't have to buy a whole new gun, you could trade it in as fast as you can drive to a shop, and only pay for part of a new gun. Sorry to say so, but if I have to beat my gun it's gone. I have had one that had a FTfeed, but it seems that it was more of an issue of running the gun to dry.

    While I am not a Glock fan, and don't own one, they are about as ugly as a rock, but they are also as reliable as a rock, so I might think about a trade for one of those.

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    send it back to Kimber immediately; it sounds like an improperly fitted barrel.
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    Maybe I'm missing something here (?) but could you give a specific description of the malfunction? Really hard to speculate what exactly is wrong only from the slide "locked up".
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    what type of ammo? could the round have expanded in the chamber?? making it hard to get the slide back.
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    I would give it back to Kimber, get your money and say "good riddance". Once you lose confidence, it will never come back. Use your money to buy something that works every time--e.g. a SIG or a Glock. Also tell every gun person you know about your experience so others don't have to learn the hard way.

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    Another account to why I'm afraid to carry my Procarry and end up sticking with the Sig. Thousands of rounds through the 229 without a single mal.

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    Ahh, yes, the "to-die-for" Kimbers. When you get a thousand plus rounds through her, send her back to Kimber two or three times for a new slide or two, plus polish the ramp, change the mags, mag springs, and use A+ ammo, you got yerself a winner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aznav View Post
    Ahh, yes, the "to-die-for" Kimbers. When you get a thousand plus rounds through her, send her back to Kimber two or three times for a new slide or two, plus polish the ramp, change the mags, mag springs, and use A+ ammo, you got yerself a winner.
    Or just buy an XD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keboostman View Post
    Use your money to buy something that works every time--e.g. a SIG or a Glock.
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    I carry a kimber Ultra CDPII that i bought around 6 months ago and have put around 1500 rounds through it, cleaning it every 150-200 as the manual state and the slide is still tight and it has never hung up on me a single time..... great guns
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    I'm a no BS guy and as I stated in a previous thread would never own a Kimber, especially a chopped (Less than 5" barrel) version. Here is a responce I wrote on another 1911 thread concerning compact 1911's and Kimbers. I know there are good ones out there but the 5 I have seen after being "broken in" with my own eyes malfunction would never pay the money for one. Sell it and buy a full size SA 1911. I did the same with a Champion that lost my trust.
    You can go whichever route you choose but if you buy a standard SA 1911 and put about 200.00 into it you have IMO one of the best 1911's out there. Add a couple of hundred for night sights. Here is a pic of my old war horse that is ane fantastic 1911 that I trust 100%. The old SA's were built better than the new one's. Stay away from the models stamped "Brazil" and you will be a happy 1911 owner.

    Personally will never again own a 1911 with a barrel less than the standard 5". I carried a Springfield Armory 4" Champion for about a year when it started acting up (FTF, FTE). Always keep my carry gun clean so started troubleshooting on my own. Changed out mags and recoil spring and used ball ammo for maximum reliability. No joy. Sent it back to SA and they put in a full length guide rod system and new recoil spring (pain in the a-- to tear down ond reassemble). After 5 trips back got rid of it and went to a Browning HP and my 1990 SA standard and haven't looked back. If you check out all the high dollar custom guns how many do you see with chopped barrels?
    Not many. I am not a GS but talked to Mr. Wolff from Wolff springs himself and he said the velocities of the short barreled 1911's slides are sped up dramatically with the shorter barrels so the pistol has to be tuned to a higher level than the full length versions. I can still pack the 5" BHP and 1911 just as easily with my HBE holsters as I could the 4" Champion and have a more accurate weapon that wrings out all the velocity of the .45 making full use of all the powder packed in that case. JMO

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