Bersa .380 Problems

Bersa .380 Problems

This is a discussion on Bersa .380 Problems within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So my father has a Bersa .380. Good little gun, I love the way it feels but it is very unreliable. I've seen it not ...

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Thread: Bersa .380 Problems

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    Bersa .380 Problems

    So my father has a Bersa .380. Good little gun, I love the way it feels but it is very unreliable. I've seen it not eject, not feed a new round, and everything in between. I know for a fact that it needs a very thorough cleaning, what cleaning solution and lube would you recommend? Also, if problems still persist after cleaning, does anyone know a good gunsmith in washington? I'd really like to make this into a reliable carry gun if possible. Thanks for your help guys.

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    I would clean it good, and see what the results are. Typically the Bersa Thunders have proven to be reliable and eat about anything that are fed into them. Mine does.

    I use outers nitro solvent, and a no scent lube on my guns mostly.

    If after you clean it well it still has trouble I would contact one of the people on the Bersa website, there are none in Washington, and see what they recommend. Is it under warranty?
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    I have never had a problem with either of my Bersas that wasn't caused by limp-wristing. I would give it a good cleaning, be very conscious of how you hold the gun when firing, and if afterwards it still has a problem, I would contact Bersa. Bersas are known to be pretty reliable little guns, but, even the best make a lemon sometimes.
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    Strip it down and give it a good cleaning with Breakfree CLP or whatever cleaner floats your boat and try it again. Make sure you're not limp wristing it. Bersa's have a lifetime warranty. Check the :: Bersa Talk :: - Forums website, good bunch of guys over there and they can help you troubleshoot. There is also a gunsmith that cruises the site, his shop is a official repair center for Bersa.
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    Your Dad's gun could possibly fall under their lifetime warrenty and be repaired for free
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    I just shot 500+ of the cheapest rounds I could find through my Bersa 380 and did not have a single FTF or FTE. However the cravat of this is that Bersa's are known for being VERY over oiled from the factory. When new these guns have so much protect ant on them that a thorough cleaning is a must before and rounds can be fired. I suspect that a good cleaning should fix all of your problems.

    1. Empty the gun, and check to be sure it’s empty.
    2. Turn safety off, and pull hammer back.
    3. Grip the gun with the strong hand and with the index finger extended push the break down lever forward and hold pressure.
    4. Grip the slide and pull back to lock and then up. This will release the slide for field stripping.
    5. Clean the weapon.
    6. Reassemble and check workability.

    One more bit of advice make SURE you have an OEM Bersa mag. the promag and other knock offs of Bersa mags have tendency to not load as they should. The Bersa mag should have made in Argentina and have witness holes. The knock offs won't. Good luck
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    No problems with either of my 2 Bersas. None.
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    You stated it needed cleaned badly,if it's dirty enough to cause the slide to stick or slow down it will definitely cause the problems you describe
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    no problems with mine
    first clean it ,when you take it apart ,
    check the recoil spring, the spring may be on backward
    it may look the same size on both ends but its not.
    put it on the barrel and and check it for play
    take it back off and check the other end the
    same way
    one in will be tighter, that the one that goes on the barrel
    first. this can cause it to jam because it slows down the slide
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    I've had numerous FTFs with mine and a spring broke during pre-qualification for my shooting test in LFI-1 last summer. I couldn't trust it so I replaced it with an M&P9c.

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    A couple of things

    Like ASSA9 said above, make sure the recoil spring is not tight on the end of the barrel. Next thing is to make sure the slide is lubricated and not tight anywhere. But the most likely source of your problem is the magazine spring, esp if you tend get a FTF on the last round in the mag. You can buy new springs from the importer for about 3 bucks. And many of these pistols are ammo picky, so you may want to try a different ammo. Do not use steel case ammo. If you need to have a gunsmith look at it, send it to Royce at Colorado Gun Works - check Bersa Talk for shipping instructions.

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    Mine is 100%. It doesn't see a lot of range time but every time I break it out it is a good runner.

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    My dad's is a sweet shooting little gun, but hasn't yet passed my standards for a reliable handgun. Numerous malfunctions of different types (ejecting, extracting, feeding), and it hasn't seen a thousand rounds yet. It's a dirty gun (expect to wash your hands thoroughly after shooting it), but I doubt it's the dirtiness that's causing the malfunctions. If it continues, it'll have to go back to Bersa to be looked at.

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