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Thread: Suggestions for all around handgun

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    Suggestions for all around handgun

    I am sorry if a similar discussion has been posted before. I am new to I am in the market for my first handgun. I would like a good all around 9mm gun that would be good on the range, keep in my home for defense, and have the possibility to carry. I would not be carrying everyday, but I would like the ability to when I want to. My budget is a max of $600.

    I have looked at a couple of different guns. I have looked at a Ruger 95, Glock 19, and Springfield XD. I kind of narrowed it down to the XD, it fit the best in my hand and I read a lot of good things about it. However, then I also read a lot of good things about 1911, and maybe the 1911's would be easier to carry b/c they are thinner. I don't know Please leave any suggestions between the two or if you have any other suggestions of your own.
    Thank You

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    First off, welcome to the forum! Get acquainted with the Search function; you'll find loads of information.

    Of the ones mentioned, I would go with the Glock 19. You may want to also consider the M&P series from Smith & Wesson.

    Is the $600 max budget for just the gun, or total package (extra mags, holster, etc.)?

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    Glock 19.
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    $600 for gun and mags

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    With what you have listed, I'd go with either the Glock 19 or the XD Service in 9mm.

    1911s are great, but they are not very forgiving on the pocket book by the cost of the gun, mags, and ammunition.

    I can conceal a Springfield XDM just as easy as my 1911s so it shouldn't be an issue for you to conceal a G19 or XD.

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    Glock 19....Much more parts and accessories readily available. The Glock parts are available readily in any number of formats and for purchase by a regular consumer. You will find a greater list of holster options and all kinds of things. Not so for the other guns mentioned. Also something to think about. Plus maintenance is a breeze..the whole gun is les than than 50 parts for the entire gun armorer stripped, down to every nut bolt screw and spriong.
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    Check out the S&W M&P line. Many PDs and SOs are going to them.
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    "All around handgun" That's the definition of the G19! But I do figure something else might work better for you...that's always possible. Seem as though you may be unsure as to what caliber as well. If you like to shoot/practice, and don't reload, the 45ACP will be more expensive to feed than any 9mm. For your posted total package price range, the Ruger, Glock, and XD are pretty much it unless you go for a basic 1911 or RIA, or possibly Taurus.

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    A nice deal on a CZ 75 Compact, a good holster and a bunch of ammo. The Glock 19 and possibly even a G26 are great choices also. A Sig is probably out of your range but Id consider it (228?).

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    I would also say check out the M&P line as well. Glock is a fine gun but the M&P just fits so many of us like a glove (it being so mechanically similar to a Glock isn't bad either).

    Use the search feature...this topic has been beaten to death.

    Recap on how to purchase a gun in my opinion-
    1- Go quality or save until you can afford it. By no means does that mean that quality is always a price thing
    2- Look at the manufacturer and their reputation (I choose S&W due to their unbeatable track record...made in the USA baby!)
    3- This is the fun part- Go and handle the ones that interest you, shoot them if at all possible. This will tell you volumes. Can you reach all the features (mag release, slide release...)
    4- Price and looks are last on my list. You certainly have to afford it and you must like how it looks (just the way it is for 99% of us).
    5- You will notice that I did not mention caliber...this is where so many have personal opinions and fears. I would go and shoot a 9mm and a .45. If you can handle the .45 then stick with that. If you are going to spend a substantial ammount of time shooting it and cost is a factor...go with the 9mm or get a 22LR for target shooting and a 45 for PD.
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    G19 or Sig p229

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    First of all welcome to the forum.

    If I could only have one pistol, I would chose a Glock 19. I like the 9mm, and the G19 size is a good cross between concealability and yet large enough to have good control for shooting.

    Glock’s are very easy guns to learn to shoot, and getting use to the holster being the safety is easy.

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    Don't let anyone talk you out of the XD. It's the most bang for the buck and both of mine have been the most reliable pistols I have.
    They are the only pistols that have still not FTF'ed even once in the several years I've had them.

    I disagree a bit about being able to concealed carry an XD as easy as a 1911, though.
    Sure, my XD9SC with short mag is "little", but my stainless Commander is noteably thinner than even the little XD9SC, and the Commander will sit flatter against my hip than the XD, hence not as big of a "hump".
    On the other hand, I have long ago gotten over the paranoia about people discovering that I'm carrying, and even a hump on your hip is generally overlooked by people around you. Almost everyone would think it's a cell phone or eyeglass case on your belt.

    So either would carry well, and if you have to choose, I'd go with the XD9SC because it makes a fun plinker with it's high-cap mag, and using the short mag converts it to a reasonable carry piece (although not exactly a "deep cover" type of pistol... for that, I carry a Rohrbaugh R9s Stealth).

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    Since this will be a do-it-all gun, I would recommend spending an extra $50-$100 to get an HK P2000 or a Sig P229.

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    Glock 19
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