Has anyone ever carried and XD 9 service??

Has anyone ever carried and XD 9 service??

This is a discussion on Has anyone ever carried and XD 9 service?? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm looking to buy a do it all hand gun and I have pretty much narrowed it down to Springfield XD, M&P, or Sig p229. ...

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Thread: Has anyone ever carried and XD 9 service??

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    Has anyone ever carried and XD 9 service??

    I'm looking to buy a do it all hand gun and I have pretty much narrowed it down to Springfield XD, M&P, or Sig p229. I leaning a little more towards the Springfield XD 9.

    I was wondering if anyone has concealed carried a XD 9 4" service model, and how they liked it. Was it too big, hard to conceal, what holster did they use, or whatever... I'm a pretty big guy, 5'11" 230 lb., so I think it would be easier to conceal a gun for me.

    Tell me what you think. I would consider a xd9 sub-compact, but I think I would prefer a service model.

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    I am currently concealing an XDM 9, which is a little larger than the Service, I'm 5'8" and about 220. I can hide it with a good cover garment. I haven't tried just a t-shirt yet because it's too damn cold. I carry mine in a HBE Com III IWB or a UBG OWB Regulator.

    My friend Chooie carried his XD 40 Service (same size as the 9 Service) in a UBG Canute IWB and didn't have any issues.

    For your reading pleasure:





    I don't have any pictures of my HBE IWB yet, but it's nice and so far doing what I expected it to do, conceals my gun and is comfortable to wear.

    Also, where about in IA are you? We'll be moving central IA later next month.

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    I carry an XD45 Service in a Crossbreed Supertuck everyday. 6'3" 170 lbs. I don't have any issues with carrying the full size pistol.


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    I have an XD9 Service that I carry in a comp-tac CTAC holster with no problems and I'm the same size as you.
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    I also carry an XD9 Service in a CTAC. This rig carrys comfortably for me at 4 oclock. I'm 5' 9" tall and weigh 170#.

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    XD 9 Carry

    I carry an XD 9 Service most days in a Sparks Cover 6 at 4:00.

    5"7" 175 lbs.




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    I have owned and carried the XD9 Service. I started out carrying it in the XD Gear holster, but then I tried the Blackhawk Serpa and carried that around for awhile. I ended up selling the XD9 to buy the bigger XD45 Service. I now carry that in a Blackhawk Askins Compact leather holster, and will probably never look back upon kydex again.
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    i also carry the xd9 subcompact.i carry mine in a bushwacker holster i don't even feel it,an i wear it all day.
    springfield XD9

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    i carried the xd9 service at first but with just a t-shirt it printed too much on me. 5'6" and 185lbs. was gonna get the xd9 sub but wanted a CA legal gun and would haveto order it online and wait awhile. i ended up getting a glock 26 locally. much easier for me to conceal.

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    I carry my XD-40 service sometimes. It's the same size as the XD-9 service, and it is very easy to conceal.
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    I used to carry a XD9 service cc until I got my Taurus PT1911. I carried it IWB with a Brigade Leather M-11 holster at 3:30. BTW...I carry the PT1911 in same type of holster
    Heres some pics:

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    I carry an XD9 Service in a Crossbreed Super Tuck. Now...I don't use the tuck feature, but it's definitely possible. As I have handles around the middle, a shorter grip would be better for me, but no issues as long as I can wear a loose golf shirt un-tucked. If I were slimmer, it would work better with a blazer than it does now.

    Oh...and the Glock 21 will fit in the same holster. Yup, I have concealed that hoss more than once...and the CZ75...and a full-size 1911... It's all about how the weapon/holster/belt/clothing works together. Frankly, most days I am stuck with something in a pocket because of how I have to dress for work.

    The point: yup, it can be done without a lot of hassle.

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