Looking at a Derringer or a NAA

Looking at a Derringer or a NAA

This is a discussion on Looking at a Derringer or a NAA within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am thing about getting a Derringer or a NAA mini Revolver.i would like some views on both and pictures if anybody has them....

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Thread: Looking at a Derringer or a NAA

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    Looking at a Derringer or a NAA

    I am thing about getting a Derringer or a NAA mini Revolver.i would like some views on both and pictures if anybody has them.
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    did you do a search? someone should have wrote something about these guns before.
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    I like the NAA revo I own . It is about as small of pistol you can actually use , IMO. Plus the 5 shots as opposed to 2 gives it an advantage. Recoil from the .22 cal. is less than I expected, not bad at all.
    I would suggest the .22 mag for a bit more power .
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    If you are wanting one as like a last ditch weapon, go with the NAA. I've got a Cobra .38 derringer, and it really isn't all that much smaller than my S&W 638, and it only holds 2 rounds.
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    I don't care for either for self-defense. Single action derringers and mini revolvers are extremely slow to bring to action and follow up shots are just as slow.....often requiring two hands to recock the weapon. Of course with a derringer you're also limited to 2 shots and with the NAA you're limited by caliber. I actually have a .38 spl derringer sitting in the safe (gift from a friend) and wouldn't think of carrying it for self defense.

    There are plenty of good semi auto mouse guns out there that are just as easily carried and are much more effective for self defense.

    Having said that, a little NAA .22 in a tackle box for plinking or snakes would be a lot of fun.
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    To me, the single action derringers require two hands to use. One is needed to cock the hammer, heavy hammer spring. So in a SHTF situation, you may not be able to use it. I found a double action derringer in 9mm, same caliber as my main carry, and it is easier to use but limited to 2 shots. and it is heavier than the NAA revolver.

    I also have an NAA in 22mag. Much lighter and eaiser to use and carry, but not a great caliber. Both would be nice to have though if I didnt have anything else.

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    I have the NAA 22 in Long rifle, and with practice you can fire it with one hand. I use to carry that in my pocket all the time, as a backup to the pistol on my hip, or when I was headed out on a date, and did not want the young lady to know I was armed.

    The way I see it is, that pistol was great back in the 80’s when they came out.

    Back then only 24% of crimes committed involved BG with a pistol. Today over 78% of the crimes in Florida involve a BG with a gun. And the problem is, BG’s no longer just carry a 25 or 32 anymore, instead BG’s are carrying 9 mm and 40 calibers. And if you’re going to shot them you have to be able to deliver multi rounds on target fast, so they don’t have the chance to shoot you.

    So for me today, I carry nothing smaller than a 380, and the little NAA is locked in the safe.

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    I've got the M1 from American Derringer. It's in .45 Long Colt/.410 Shotshell. It is a two shot beast. Had it for about 25 years, rarely fired. The hammer spring is VERY stiff, it's fairly heavy and not that small. As much as I like the larger caliber, I think I am better served carrying a KelTec P3AT and spare mag.

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    I have an American Derringer M-1 also except mine's in 357 mag.

    I bought mine because of CAS. The American Derringers are very well made guns (nothing like the Davis or Cobra Derringers) but as a carry gun they are completely impractical. They're expensive to begin with, only two shots, extremely slow to reload and unwieldy to shoot. I clipped some coils from the mainspring of mine and got it to where it has a decent trigger pull (around 12 lbs.) and can be easily cocked and though I've fired mine several times with 38 special ammo, I've never been brave enough to try it with a full house 357. Recoil from the 38 is bad enough. Amazingly, they even offer one of these things in 45/70. I don't own one of the little NAAs but have fired my shooting buddy's a couple of times. Unless you're looking for a watch pocket gun, I think you'd be better served with a P3AT or LCP.

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    I have the NAA minirevolver in 22 mag with the 1 5/8" barrel. While I would carry something in 380ACP or larger if I had a choice, sometimes due to clothing the NAA is all I can pack. It's also a decent back up gun.
    -ultra small and light
    -made extremely well
    -accurate enough at the distances it is intended for (contact to 5 yards)

    -single action, probably hard to cock in a stressful situation
    -minimal caliber (but the 22 mag is a definite step up from 22 LR and has a better fight stopping record than the 25 and 32 ACP)

    While not a good self defense gun on its own, it is 100% better than nothing (I've yet to see a person who critizes anything less than 45ACP as "weak calibers" volunteer to take even a 22 LR to the chest, belly, or face).

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    +1 for VaShooter. I've got the same .22mag and as said a great carry when you can't carry. Not my first choice, but better then nothing.
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    I've had the NAA Mini .22LR for the past 11 years. I've worn it around my neck, have carried it with the holster grip, and now carry it in a pocket holster as a bug to my bug. It's a last ditch defensive weapon or maybe a snake killer. It's kind of a fun and cheap gun to shoot. In retrospect, I should have opted for the extra .22 mag. conversion cylinder. Hindsite is allways 20/20

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    I have a Bond Arms Texas Defender on the way in 45LC/410. They are probably the best of the larger caliber darringers. I will carry it. Cool little hand cannons and you can switch the barrels/calibers to anything under the sun. They also offer many neat holsters and grips to choose from. Watch the videos on their website.

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    I have a Davis .32 Auto Derringer. It must have a 15 pound trigger. It also shoots about 2 feet high at 10 yards.

    With the advent of the Kel Tec P32 and P3AT I see no use for such guns.


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    I've got a Cobra .38 derringer, and it to shoots about 2 feet high at 7-10 yards.

    Going to try a 9 mm barrel on it and see if it will shoot closer to point of aim. Would make a usable back up if the point of aim was on target.

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