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This is a discussion on gun for wife/lefty within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When considering an auto for a women couple of things are to be considered; Can she rack the slide? Is the grip size and trigger ...

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Thread: gun for wife/lefty

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    When considering an auto for a women couple of things are to be considered;

    Can she rack the slide?

    Is the grip size and trigger reach fit her hand size.

    Can she handle the recoil?

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    I also would like to check out the lefty Charter Arms. But they either aren't bought by most shops or they sell real fast. I suppose I'll have to bite the bullet and order one online and pray it's what I hope it will be!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    The S&W MP line is ambidextrous,the mag release can be switched to either side IIRC


    I have an M&P9c.
    I am left handed but tried it(the mag release) switched to accommodate me, but switched it back, cause i like/am used to/prefer operating it with my middle finger of my left hand.
    I'm a weirdo I guess.
    The M&P line is very good.
    I know around eight people who have one, in some variant, and we all love them.
    My nephews GF was getting into shooting, and thought she was headed for /would like a revolver best, and she shot and liked an M&P9c the best and bought one.
    Good luck.
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    I recommend the HK P2000 9mm---ambi-everything---reasonably thin and light---DA/SA or LEM trigger---13 rds---you might find you like it as well!

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    As a lefty I am quite handy with most guns that are configured for right handed shooters. Sig comes to mind. HKs are nice, particularly if the decoct is setup for a lefty. But I honestly would recommend a Glock 19. I prefer third gen but I can adjust my grip and use my middle finger to quickly release the magazine. A woman with smaller hands might have a problem doing this. So a 4th Gen Glock 19 might be a better fit for her.

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    I'm a lefty and a woman. My G30SF is a subcompact, fits me like a glove and for a .45 ACP, has very manageable recoil. It also has no external safeties to worry about. My mag release is on the left. I hit the mag release with my right thumb, reload with my left hand and rack the slide with my right hand. It sounds a little awkward, but it's really easy and has become second nature!!!! If she's going to CC, I'd choose one of the subcompact models as they are more easily concealed. There is also the G36, .45., which is a subcompact that is also slimmer, but only holds 6 rounds. My SF model is the same as the regular G30 and uses the same mags (10 rounds), it just has a smaller backstrap. You should consider the Gen 4 models, G19 and G26, which are compact and subcompact 9mm, respectively. They have a reversible mag release and adjustable backstrap. However, my G30SF mag has an extra segment at the bottom for pinkie placement. For some reason, the other subcompacts don't have this. So, the G19 might be the better choice. But don't ignore the G30SF just because it's a .45. After only a little practice, I was able to handle the recoil and within a few months I was becoming pretty good. Now, I'm damn good...not trying to brag...well, maybe a little!
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    lefty shopping list

    Since I am right-handed and my wife is left-handed, I've been doing extensive research on this subject. If you are shopping for a lefty, here's a suggested shopping list. Hope it helps.

    For revolvers, the Charter Southpaw is the only one I know. For autos....

    Fully ambidextrous (ambi mag release, ambi slide release, ambi safety (if equipped)):
    • H&K P2000
      H&K P30 and HK45, with or without safety
      Walther PPQ
      Walther PK380
      FN Herstal FNP/FNX/FNS
      STI GP-5 and -6 (if you can find one)
      Taurus 24/7
      Zastava EZ (sold by EAA)

    Lefty friendly (reversible mag release, ambi slide release, ambi safety (if equipped)):
    • S&W M&P, with or without safety (but not the Shield)
      Sig P250
      Bersa Thunder 9/40 (but not the older .380)
      Bersa BP9

    Somewhat lefty-friendly (reversible or ambi mag release, ambi safety (if equipped), but slide release is only on the left side. "Slingshotting" the slide is a workaround):
    • Springfield XD (including XDm and XDs variants)
      Walther PPS
      Walther P99
      Ruger SRx
      Ruger LC9? (not sure if mag release reversible)
      Kimber Solo
      Beretta Px4
      Beretta 92/M9 and 90Two
      Baby Desert Eagle
      Taurus TCP

    Unfriendly to lefties:
    • AFAIK, 1911s cannot reverse the mag release
      most Sigs have a left-side decocker
      H&K USP (safety and slide release left side only, but IIRC it can be modified to ambidextrous)
      Taurus PT1xx and PT2011 series (safety on left side only)
      Steyr M-A1/S-A1 (mag release not reversible)
      S&W M&P Shield (safety on left side only)
      S&W Bodyguard (safety on left side only)
      Kahr (mag release not reversible)
      Ruger LCP
      All CZs (except the 85) and clones (Armalite, EAA/Tanfoglio, etc)
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    Being left-handed I would add this....Lefties adapt!

    I own and carry 1911s, the only thing I have had to do to them is add a ambi thumb safety. The mag release on all my semi autos gets operated with my trigger finger, even with semi's that I have with ambi releases.

    The Sigs that I own that have decocker levers, I operate with trigger finger.

    The only semi-autos that I would shy away from, are the ones that have a thumb safety that is only for right handers, if you can't add a leftie one or move it to the leftie side, I'd move on to something else.

    The most difficult to deal with are double-action revolvers like S&Ws. Those I shoot right-handed so I can reload faster. (Plus you get the added benefit of training with your weak hand....You DO train with your weak hand right?...If you don't, you should!) The southpaw ones out now might be great....but after shooting right-handed ones for many decades, I'd probably have trouble transitioning to them....

    As a side note to this thread......SA revolvers, like the Colt Peacemaker, are actually left-handed. When a leftie has to reload one, you don't change hands to eject or load new rounds & you don't have to reach over the top like a rightie would. I also find pump & semi auto shotgun reloading easier & FASTER with a right handed shotgun. I have even seen where righties are buying left-handed shotguns for the same reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    Lefty here, as well.

    Here is a thought ...

    On semi-autos, so long as the magazine release is of reasonable size and positioning, I can far more easily manipulate it with my lefty middle finger than I can my lefty thumb. Take any 1911 style gun you can think of. The large, round mag release button is perfectly positioned, I think, for a fast mag change using the finger, not the thumb. Particularly if the fingers aren't long and have a rough time getting around the circumference of the grip, the finger method can beat the thumb method for both speed and strength.

    Plus, 99.9% of all semi-autos are going to have the mag release button "over there," so it's a matter of familiarity, as well.

    Something to consider, though YMMV.
    Another lefty here......and just to add further comment. I love da/sa Sig pistols which have the decocker on the left side. I have no problem at all manipulating the mag release, or the decocking hammer all with my left hand. Middle finger for the mag release and my index finger for the decocking lever. I have medium hands a would not be able to reach the mag release on the right side of the pistol if I tried. My fingers are too short for that.

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    Nice list EeyoreCC.

    Add the HK P2000SK to the full ambi list. Smaller than the P2000 by a bit it makes an excellent carry firearm.

    Note you can replace the "finger rest" baseplates with flat baseplates for lower profile carry and replace the mag release with the larger HK 45c release for easier operation. Also it accepts the full size P30 mags.


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    I'm a lefty and find the Springfield XD/XDm series very acceptable. Get used to sling shotting the slide and you're all good. I think that method is better anyone, but that's personal opinion. I've also carried my wife's HK45C with safety on the 'wrong' side. No problem. I decock and carry in DA mode and leave the safety off. You can get a left handed safety for the HK if you want to. The only concern I have about manual safety's is that the user MUST practice frequently the draw and safety flick until it is burned into muscle memory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bzdog View Post
    Nice list EeyoreCC.

    Add the HK P2000SK to the full ambi list. Smaller than the P2000 by a bit it makes an excellent carry firearm.

    I didn't differentiate between members of the same family, such as P2000/P200SK, M&P/M&Pc, or the 3 different sizes of XDs--it seemed obvious that all members of the same family would have the same control configuration, so I only pointed out where that was not true (M&P Shield, for example).

    I never meant to imply lefties couldn't or didn't adapt. I just wanted to provide a resource for people who would like to find options where they didn't have to.

    Also, I recently became aware that the CZ P-07 should qualify in my "somewhat lefty friendly" category. It appears to have a reversible mag release and an ambi safety lever.
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    Looking at all the opinions from all the lefties here suggests that the only answer is to go to your LGS on a slow day and have her handle all of the top candidates. Many of the lefty posters above disagree on the same gun: E.g., I have an HK USP and have no problem with the left side slide release because it is large and long and therefore easy to work with my trigger finger. I have not shot a Glock since Gen 2 but found the slide release to small and short to work in the same way (I think htey sell extended releases for the Glock). My M&P like the USP is also easy to manipulate the slide release and mag release with my trigger finger. The Kahr slide release is tougher to manipulate with the trigger finger and unfortunately must be run that way because every time I try to slingshot it it jams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canrunin View Post
    thanks for the help. I think we are going to go with the charter arms southpaw.she shoots left handed and to watch her reload is something awful. she knows how,its just the right handed gun an her thinking backwards to get it opened and unloaded then loaded its not pretty.we sat down and came up with it would be easier if she did it with a left handed gun. so maybe a semi in the future,but a left handed revolver for now. thanks
    Remember - this is NOT about YOU.

    Most lefties simply swap the revolver over to the other hand to reload.

    Most DA/SA autos ARE 99% AMBI.
    I have been shooting left hand for over 30 yrs.
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