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Talk me into buying a Glock.

This is a discussion on Talk me into buying a Glock. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If I were to buy a Glock (and I wouldn't, they don't feel right in my hand whatsoever), I would definitely get a replacement barrel ...

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Thread: Talk me into buying a Glock.

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    If I were to buy a Glock (and I wouldn't, they don't feel right in my hand whatsoever), I would definitely get a replacement barrel for it right away. Reading about unsupported chambers and the infamous kB! has steered me far away from them forever.

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    I don't like them, they don't fit me, and they're plastic.

    Having said that, they're great guns and you absolutely won't go wrong with a Glock!
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    I had always thought I wouldn't like glocks - always thought they would be "funky" to shoot, etc. I had an opportunity to shoot about a 150 rounds through a G30 and G36. I might just be a Glock fan now - great guns overall, accurate, relatively nice trigger, seemed to be very reliable. The G36 was nice and thin and actually wasn't too bad in the hand. Both guns were a little small on the grip frame, but not anything that I couldn't be happy with.

    I am thinking about getting a G36 and having it 360 stippled - it is hard to get away from the 1911 concept though.
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    You can either talk yourself into it by shooting one or by shooting one you will talk yourself out of it........
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    I have a first generation G 23 that I have had since the early 90's. It has never failed to function fire or eject. A few years ago I traded some chewing tobacco for a 357 Sig barrel for it and my god is it a fablous round. It is sweet to be able to have two calibers that work on one platform.

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    Get it! I have a model 23 with Tru-Glo TFO(tritium fiber optic) sights and Crimson Trace Laser Grips. When I got it in 2001 it just had the factory night sights (I wouldn't consider a SD gun without some type of night sights). In the past 2 years I have swithed sights and put on the CT grips. Those two changes made a great gun even better! It is my carry gun for 90% of my situations. I think mine is the ultimate SD weapon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by coffeecup View Post
    Not even going to try.
    +1 Sorry I feel the same way. Not a glock fan at all.
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    Had a 23 for a very long time. Get a 19. 9mm gives up almost nothing with good ammo these days. The 19 is a much better shooter. The 23 gives a lot of muzzle flip And the 19 is cheaper to shoot and holds 2 more rounds. I have been a Glock owner since 1992 and this is MHO. Also if you clean and lube in the proper places it will go bang every single time!
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    I own a G32, G33 and a G21. They are exceptionally accurate out of the box. Very easy to maintain and clean. They are "dry" guns, meaning you use very little lubrication. The tenifer finish is almost impervious to wear and damage. They are ugly, but I wouldn't trade mine for anything else. I find the subcompact and compact guns to be very easy to conceal...usually just under a T shirt. With a tuckable IWB holster, I can easily conceal the 32 or 33 under a golf shirt and not print at all. The 21 takes a bit more work, but it's mostly for the house.
    You'll rock, with a 357 Glock

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    Quote Originally Posted by XD 45 View Post
    I am comparing this weapon to my XD and so I need overall thoughts of the weapon and also for CC and for ease of carry and concealablity and any other things people want to throw in.
    I like Glocks, and they are sometimes easier to CC. However if you not a collector, and you are fine withyour XD, and you looking at a Glock that is about the same size as your XD, and your Goal if to buy a firearm to provide a little more functionality to the arsonal, maybe another firearm of the same size does not fit the bill.

    If you are just looking to try something new, and already have several carry options to fit different needs, forget this post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XD 45 View Post
    I am comparing this weapon to my XD and so I need overall thoughts of the weapon and also for CC and for ease of carry and concealablity and any other things people want to throw in.
    Well, I started off with an XD45 Bi-Tone 4" Service (actually the first handgun I ever owned), and it didn't agree with me very well. The reliability and corrosion issues aside, it was large, chunky, top-heavy (probably exacerbated by the stainless slide), and had a pretty high bore axis. IMHO, the loaded chamber and striker indicators, as well as the grip safety, were useless. I also understand that the parts availability isn't great for them, and they need to be returned to Springfield for service. The XD may be an excellent weapon in the eyes of some, but I'm not one of them

    I originally purchased my first Glock, a G17, as more of a 2nd/range gun. In my opinion, it's everything my XD wasn't- lightweight, accurate (probably at least partially due to the lower bore axis and lighter slide), soft shooting, highly corrosion resistant, compact (especially for a high capacity, service sized auto), and very easy to work on myself. The availibility of aftermarket and OEM replacement parts is extremely good, and it seems that everybody makes a holster to fit a Glock pistol.

    Being partial to the .45 acp chambering, I quickly sold the XD, and replaced it with a used G21....which ended up being just as fine and reliable a weapon as my G17 is. Both pistols have given me thousands of rounds of failure-free service, and I can shoot one ragged hole in a target with both of them at a defensive distance very easily.

    I have spent some time shooting my friends G23, and I found it to be very flippy and tough to handle, even compared to my G21. Sight reacquisition is slow, compared to my G17, and it seems like I'm always having to readjust my grip due to the beating I take from that little monster. I imagine I could get comfortable with it after awhile, but my initial impression was that it was pretty harsh.

    To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the .40 chambering; for CCW purposes, the 9mm will more than do the job, and is a lot cheaper and easier to shoot than the other defensive calibers. It's just my opinion, but if I someday decided that I was professional enough to carry the Glock fo'ty, I would look at a G22; I think the longer barrel and grip would make it a bit easier to handle.

    As far as ease of concealability goes, I do well with my G17; concealing a G23 or G19 should be even easier. Due to the slim profile and light weight, you'll forget it's there after awhile.

    Also, in response to another poster regarding Tru-Glo sights: my XD came with these, and they flew apart after a few months (the fiber-optic tubes came out of them). They were a year old, and only carried a 90 day warranty. Never again.
    G17, G26

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    Thumbs down

    Add me to the list that believes there are many, many better alternatives than a Glock (e.g. a Sig, a S&W, etc). I have had two Glock 23s with the second coming after the first did a "ka-boom" with factory ammo. Glock didn't admit to a problem, but I got a replacement nonetheless. Besides all that they are just downright ugly!!

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    The only word you should need to be talked into buying a Glock is one word: "Glock"!!!
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    I graduated from my antiglockification course with all "A's". Had a moment of weakness and got a G27, which I hated because of the muzzle flip and very short handle. Swore off Glocks until reading some of the instructor's comments on here (thank you, Brownie) regarding the reliability and ease of use of the 17 and 19. I broke down again and got a G19, and you couldn't buy the thing from me! It's 100% reliable, runs dirty, runs clean, runs wet, runs dry... you get the picture. I carry a 1911 daily, and love the 4 1911's that I own, but the Glock is going nowhere. I do carry the 19 sometimes, though it's very slightly harder to conceal on my frame than the thinner 1911 4" size. I'd shoot a friend's if I were you, and see what you think. If I knew I'd be going out into the bush without cleaning gear for a while and needed a SD firearm that would be 100%, my 1911's would be at home and the Glock would be on my right hip.

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