Lady here looking for concealed weapon suggestions!!!

Lady here looking for concealed weapon suggestions!!!

This is a discussion on Lady here looking for concealed weapon suggestions!!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I took my CCW class on Saturday and am wondering what everyone thinks is the best conceal carry weapon for the ladies?? I am about ...

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Thread: Lady here looking for concealed weapon suggestions!!!

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    Lady here looking for concealed weapon suggestions!!!

    I took my CCW class on Saturday and am wondering what everyone thinks is the best conceal carry weapon for the ladies?? I am about 5 feet 6 inches and about 140 lbs..I want to get a gun with a large handle, but I know they are much harder to conceal. Im leaning towards a 9mm, but just need some feedback..also, what is the best way for ladies to carry? Thanks so much!

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    Couple sites for you. They are for women. Hope this helps(my wife like these sites)

    Cornered Cat - Which Gun for Me? - Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing (CHL) for Women
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    ladies gun

    You might consider a Ruger SR9. It's a full size 9mm and of course has a full size grip. The nice thing about the SR9 is it's thinner than almost anything else. The thinness should make it a little easier to conceal without giving up the full size grip. The recoil is also supposed to be mild for a 9mm. Another gun to look at would be one of the 9mm Kahrs. They are smaller than most guns but only one of their many models is a full size gun with a gull size grip.

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    Me, I would look at a Kahr PM or P9. My GF's daughter has practiced at the range with it and found it to be manageable.

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    First off welcome to the forum.

    My suggestion would be hit the ranges and shoot as many different guns as you can. See what feels right to you. What fits someone else your size might not have the feel you are looking for or need.

    That being said my wife loves her CZ75 Compact 9mm. She shoots my CZ75 P-01 equally as well. Give them both a look when your checking out the different models.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garrity View Post
    what is the best way for ladies to carry?
    Welcome to the forum! Nice avatar, looks like it might be from SOHO.

    Best thing to do regarding what to carry and how to carry it is to try different things. You can get a lot of advice, but the best thing is to try shooting different pistols to see what feels good; hopefully your range will have rentals or you have friends whose pistols you can shoot. I can't give advice on how to carry; I do know it's tougher for women to find good on-body concealment methods due to the form-fitting clothes that are currently stylish.

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    Best thing to do is go and handle as many guns as you can BEFORE you buy one. Glock 19, Ruger SR 9, Kahr K9, Smith & Wesson MP series, Springfield XD, Taurus Millenium and others, all make models you may wish to consider. Only way to know what suits you is to handle them.
    As for carry method, that depends on lifestyle, style of dress, where you go and what you do. Purses, pocket, inside the waist band(IWB), outside the waist band (OWB ) Limatunes might be able to give you some pointers from a ladies' point of view. She has a website you can browse. Good luck in your search. My wife prefers a S&W J frame revolver in her purse and a Keltec in her pocket.

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    A hard wide open question so I'll approach it from the fact that I'm 5'7" and 160 so I'm on the small side for a guy with small hands so I need something compact. The grip is the hardest part to conceal. Then there's the reach to the trigger. Short fingers means short reach which means the difference between

    "double stack" and "single stack". this means the bullets are staggerd in the double stack magazine so you get more rounds but then the gun is wider or thicker in the grip which makes the reach to the trigger long. In a single stack the bullets sit in a vertical stack making the gun thinner which makes it easier to reach the trigger and makes it easier to conceal.

    Now, without knowing your hand size but going from a smaller frame, I'd recommend some of the following:

    -Springfield EMP 9mm, thin compact, low recoil, good for lot's of practice and an ideal concealed carry weapon but $1,200
    -Kahr P9; thin, single stack, nice for CCW because there's no controls other than a slide release. Even in a 9mm this gun can be a bit snappy (P9 is the highend and the CW9 is the economy version)
    -Kahr makes a PM9 that is a smaller grip which can be a bit short for comfortable range shooting but is GREAT for concealed carry. The Mk9 is all stainless and heavy but the weight makes the recoil seem a LOT less.

    Concealed carry is all about trade offs and balancing your needs.

    You'll need to get your hands on as many different guns as you can to see what feels right but remember what feels good in the hand can be difficult to conceal on the waist! Thin guns with short grips and short barrels conceal better for smaller people like me!

    Longer barrels help with aiming but can poke us in the side when carrying.

    And don't forget a 5 Shot j frame revolver. They are very compact and a .38 is a good round. A J frame 642 is a classic. It's trigger is the same every time. If you get this, the trigger is hard to pull and it can be greatly improved by a gunsmith doing a trigger job. this can be $70 to $130 depending on who and where. BUT IT IS WORTH IT and makes it a lot easier to shoot it well. Some say a snubby isn't for beginners but I think it can be fine if you have some training in the fundamentals and practice.

    And there are a lot more options... congratulations on your start!

    Be safe!!!

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    I know you weren't thinking about it but, I always recommend new shooters starting off with a snubby revolver. They are absolutely idiot proof ( I carry one ) and they never ever break or jam. They have no external safety to master and they come in very effective defense calibers. They are small, easy to conceal, lightweight and best of all they cost about 200 bucks less than a decent auto. Look into them before you buy anything else.
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    +1 for the Kahr PM9

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    I've always been told that women should avoid carrying in their purse, too many things can happen. Do a little research and you'll find something right for your needs. As far as guns go, I would take everyone else's advice and handle as many as possible.
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    My wife is about your size and she is going to get her CC permit, finally!! She loves shooting my Beretta 92F and my S&W 686 ( 357 revolver) but these are quite large for a girl her size to conceal. I have a Sig P232 that fits her hand perfectly, she will be shooting it later this week, she also likes my snubnose 38 special revolver, it is a S&W model 60. Many may recommend a snubnose for a good ladies gun for many reasons, but I would stay away from the air weights, their recoil due to less weight can be harsh for a new shooter. The model 60 is all SS which helps tame the recoil. Many will say a 380 acp is to small for a serious SD round, but they are just repeating gun forum hype. Modern ammo has come along way in tthe past 10 years. There is a company called Buffalo Bore that makes a 380 round that has better ballistics than a 38 special Hydrashok round. The P232 isn't a real popular gun, but very high quality and I feel it is a perfect ladies gun!! If you can find one hold one and see how it fits your hand. The Kahr PM9 is also a good choice and Taurus is coming out with a slim 9mm in March. The best advice has already been mentioned, hold and fire as many guns as possible, you will know the right one for you when you hold it, trust me!!

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    The world is your oyster :)
    You can carry whatever kind of gun you want, I started carrying a j-frame, and recently bought myself a kahr k40, which I love but have only carried a little bit.

    People can give you all sorts of advice on guns and holsters but the only way to find out is to try them, what works for me (I am female and very similar in size to you) may not work for you. This is do to many things personal preference, body shape... and a million other little things.
    Ask questions and keep looking eventually you will find what works for you!
    Good luck on your adventure!

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    Hello Garrity, glad to have you on our side. My wife has shot everything from my miltary FN FAL to a Walther PPK that she loved. I just bought her one of the new .327 Federal Mag revolvers in a Ruger SP101. It has six round capacity, is very concealable, and has ballistics very similar to .357 mag with much less recoil and can also shoot lesser rounds for practice. She loves it. May I suggest you go to a gun shop and explain your dilema and ask them to let you handle several guns. It won't cost you anything that way and you will get an idea of what feels right for you

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    Welcome to DC.

    No one can pick a carry gun for you with much hope of success. Same for a holster, belt, etc. I'd suggest finding a range that rents and trying out everything that interests you. You'll settle on a few you like and you can go from there. And +1 to the Cornered Cat. Great place.

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