G29? Interesting, various DT caliber ballistics in this thread:

G29? Interesting, various DT caliber ballistics in this thread:

This is a discussion on G29? Interesting, various DT caliber ballistics in this thread: within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am considering the Glock 29 a contestant for my next pistol and I looked up and compared the different ammunition offered by DoubleTap, where ...

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Thread: G29? Interesting, various DT caliber ballistics in this thread:

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    G29? Interesting, various DT caliber ballistics in this thread:

    I am considering the Glock 29 a contestant for my next pistol and I looked up and compared the different ammunition offered by DoubleTap, where I now buy my self defense ammunition. I recommend them highly.

    I came across this thread while researching the 10mm and ballistics and thought someone may find it interesting enough to spend a few minutes reading and digesting the information. I cannot confirm the accuracy of the test or the results!

    If you just want to read the actual thread, which is pretty close to an exact copy this post below ( with some additional comments of my own), then skip the link and keep reading.


    Originally posted by Trip_Wire

    Double Tap Ammo [Archive] - Professional Soldiers ®

    Here is the actual post :

    12-01-2005, 15:41

    Note: This data was posted by the owner of Double Tap Ammo. (TW)

    Here are official gelatin results for all of the DoubleTap loads!

    All of these tests were done using 10% ballistic gelatin provided by Vyse gelatin using all FBI protocols and 4 layers of denim and two layers of light cotton T-shirt in front of the gelatin.


    (The BOLD rounds are the ones that I thought stood out in each caliber)

    DoubleTap .40 S&W Penetration / expansion
    135gr. Nosler JHP @ 1375fps - 12.10" / .72"
    155gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1275fps - 13.00" / .76"
    165gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1200fps - 14.0" / .70"
    180gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1100fps - 14.75" / .68"
    200gr XTP @ 1050fps - 17.75" / .59"

    DoubleTap .357 Sig
    125gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1450fps - 14.5" / .66"

    DoubleTap .357 Magnum
    125gr. Gold Dot JHP @ 1600fps - 12.75" / .69"
    158gr. Gold Dot JHP @ 1400fps - 19.0" .56"

    DoubleTap 10mm
    135gr JHP @ 1600fps - 11.0" / .70" frag nasty
    155gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1475fps - 13.5" / .88"
    165gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1400fps - 14.25" / 1.02"
    165gr Golden Saber JHP @ 1425fps - 14.75" / .82"
    180gr Golden Saber JHP @ 1330fps - 16.0" / .85"
    180gr XTP @ 1350fps – 17.25” / .77”
    180gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1300fps - 15.25" / .96"
    200gr XTP @ 1250fps - 19.5" / .72"
    230gr Equalizer @ 1040fps - 11.0" and 17.0" / .62" and .40"

    DoubleTap .45ACP

    185gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1225fps - 12.75" / .82"
    200gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1125fps - 14.25" / .88"
    230gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1010fps - 15.25" / .95"

    DoubleTap 9X25
    115gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1800fps - 10.0" / .64" frag nasty
    125gr Gold DOt JHP @ 1725fps - 15.0" / .74"
    147gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1550fps - 17.5" / .68"

    Once again, I cannot verify the accuracy of these results, this thread was something that I stumbled across while doing a few hours of research into the best self defense rounds for my .40,.45, and .357 SIG caliber pistols.


    I believe the best rounds from the above results based on the sheer impact power and the potential tissue damage to be these two :

    1. 10mm 165gr Speer Gold Dot JHP :

    @ 1400fps/ 718ft/lbs - Glock 20 (4.6" barrel length)

    2. 45ACP 230gr Speer Gold Dot JHP :

    @ 1010fps/ 521 ft./lbs. - (shot using a 5" 1911)


    I just wanted it hear a few opinions from the GT community. Maybe from someone who has shot or owned a Glock 29?

    Which of the DoubleTap ammo from the results above do you think would give someone who was at least a decent pistol shot, the best chance of surviving a scenario where they would need to use the caliber to stop a deadly threat (while taking into account that the victim with the firearm was far enough away and quick enough to draw his pistol and fire towards his attacker in time).


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    I have a Glock 29, and love the gun. Still waiting (90 days now), for my Florida CCW license and then I will use the Glock for my primary carry weapon. Until then, it just stays loaded for home defense. Regarding bullets, I either load with 165g Golden Saber rounds, or 155g Barnes XPB rounds - both from Double Tap.

    Take a look at the 10mm talk lounge at AR15Armory for additional information on the 10mm: 10mm Talk Forums - AR15 Armory.com

    Also, I'd recommend getting the Pearce grip extension for the Glock 29 magazine.
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    Glock's are the one of the best semi-auto platforms for the 10mm round....the G29 has the added benefit of being concealable.

    DT and owner Mike McNett can be thanked for resurrecting the round; back when they came on the scene, very few were interested in the round since the few that existed were watered down 10mm "lites" completely supplanted by the advent of the smaller .40 S&W round. DT made into the full-power wonder it was meant to be.
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