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Thread: New XD 40

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow662 View Post
    Ok good. I seen something while searching the internet about how hard it was and found a product that replaces the button with a longer one so that its not recessed but I don't think I'm willing to loose lifetime warranty for it.
    Just slightly rotate the gun slightly in your hand during a mag change (either using you strong or weak hand it take a little practice) this will make access to the magazine release easier. If that does not work for you the XD has an ambi mag release. Have you tried using your trigger finger to push in the mag release button that is on your strong side?

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    my mag release on my xd was so tight that i sent it back to springfield and they said that it was within the specs whatever that ment ,they told me to only load 9 rounds instead of 10 in the mag so i did & sure enough the mags slide right out with only the 9 rounds loaded in them, to me this is un excepetable 10 round mags should be able to get used with 10 rds & not 9

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    starts off pretty tight - put about 40 or 50 mag change drills through it - mine loosened up a bit, feels real good now.
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    You made a great choice. My XD45 has been my primary carry gun for over a year, and I love it. It's my favorite gun, and I'm looking forward to getting a new XDm9 in the very near future. I'm sure that you'll be pleased.

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    The XD has a better feeling trigger than the M&P.

    The M&P feels cheap IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1boredguy View Post
    The XD has a better feeling trigger than the M&P.

    The M&P feels cheap IMO.
    I do agree with the trigger thought but definitely not about the m&p feeling cheap. I think its a very well made handgun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boricua View Post
    Both the M&P and XD are great guns. If the XD feels good in your hands and you are comfortable shooting it, then you should not regret choosing it.

    Congratulations and be safe!
    Couldn't have said it better myself!
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    Wonderful choice, if it shoots like my XD-9
    you will have a winner.
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    If your XD-40 is a good as my XD-9 or XD-45 compact, you will love it!
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