Kahr PM vs. P

Kahr PM vs. P

This is a discussion on Kahr PM vs. P within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'd love to just go to a range and rent both guns, but due to my location and I'm at least a couple of hours ...

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Thread: Kahr PM vs. P

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    Kahr PM vs. P

    I'd love to just go to a range and rent both guns, but due to my location and I'm at least a couple of hours away from one. Maybe when I go visit the in-laws.......

    Anyway, I've been researching CCW's, and the Kahr's keep moving back up to the top of my list. My question is this, just how much of a difference is there in concealability between the Kahr P series, versus the Kahr PM series? (Or the M series versus the MK series for that matter) Anybody have experience with both weapons?
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    Yeah, I have had both.

    The P is easier to carry, IWB in particular. Its longer slide makes it balance better in a IWB setup. No doubt, the PM is a little easier to conceal, but not all that much.
    I think a bigger factor to consider is how you plan on carrying the gun and your normal style of dress.
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    I used to have the Kahr P9 and found it to be concealable just about anywhere except for a tight jeans pocket. The PM version in a quality pocket holster would be just what the doctor ordered for that situation. In fact that is going to be my next purchase.
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    The PM40 carries good in a pocket holster, doesn't print too bad, but I now carry it in the center (dashboard) compartment of my Ford Taurus.

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    I have shot both and carry the P9. It's just a little more comfortable at the range and it is just slightly larger. Both get a thumbs up though.

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    PM9, and P9 are the same width. Here are some comparison pics of my PM9 and CW40 next to each other. The second one is a PM9, CW40, and PM45.

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    It DEPENDS!!! On your size and what kind of cover garment we're talking about. The smaller you are the more that inch of grip length begins to matter. And how wide you are from front to back also matters.

    If you're big enough in height/width, then the extra grip of the P9 vs a PM9 is no problem because you're wide enough that the grip is pretty flat against your side. BUT, if you're thinner like me (5'7", 159lbs) then the end of the grip can poke into your cover or out toward the back when you bent the least forward, and print.

    I have a P9 and an MK9. There is a DAY and NIGHT difference in how concealable they are. the MK9 disappears and I can rotate at the waist or lean forward and it is simply gone. With the P9, if I rotate or lean forward, the very end of the grip can sort of "poke" out and will print in with a T-Shirt or the thin fabric of many suits.

    Having said that, a kahr P9 is still one of the easiest guns to conceal. As for shootability, there can be quite the difference between the two because of a full 3 finger grip versus a 2 finger grip with the pinkie wraped up around the base of the grip. Of course, the size of your hand makes a difference here as well.

    The polymers, i.e., P9 versus PM9 can be a bit snappy even with 9mm and have a bit more muzzle flip. In .40 they can really be snappy with a lot of muzzle flip and I can't imagine shooting the PM45 but I do like the way .45 recoil feels versus .40 recoil so it's probably not as bad as we'd think. For the record I haven't shot a PM45.

    The metal versions are the K9 versus the MK9. Here I believe there's less difference in shootability between the two becuase the MK9 still retains sufficient weight to dampen felt recoil. I can shoot my MK9 all day long and not get tired of it but the K9 will still be even more shootable.

    The metal versions are great guns but do feel heavy by the end of the day compared to the P9.

    There's also a CW9 which is an economy version of the P9. A good weapon by all accounts but I still like the P9 better.

    So there are a few things to think about. If you really really want that gun to disappear on you and you're sensitive about printing, then I'd lean towards a PM9 or MK9. If you get the PM9 you have the bonus of it being a pocket gun although I think it's a bit large for that. Again, if you're a really big guy with big pockets it'll work for you. For me, there's no way I can comfortably carry and draw a PM9 from my pocket so since I'm going to carry IWB I opted for the extra weight of the MK9 to make it more enjoyable to shoot so I could practice alot with it.

    If you can afford it, it would be great to have both a K9 and an MK9 or a P9 and a PM9, or even better, a K9, P9, MK9 and a PM9!!

    But for now I"m just a P9 and MK9 guy

    Hope this helps a bit...

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    I've got a PM9, my "party gun", and a K9, for routine carry. I like and carry both, the PM9 works best in an IWB like Galco's "USA" or "UDC" models, while I carry the K9 around in a Galco OWB with a thumb-snap strap. If I were going to have only one, though, I'd get the MK9 Elite 2003 with nightsights. Best value on the market, I'd say. Good, durable, easily concealed, adequate capacity, useful in low-light. And it's a beautiful chunk of metal.
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    I have very little trouble carrying my PM40. It's been my EDC for the past 18 mo. I use a Mitch Rosen Clipper, or a Smart Carry. The recoil can be a problem in the 40, and takes some time and practice. Stick with the 9mm if your new to shooting.

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    +1 on what Gideon said. I've got a CW9 (same as P9 except pinned front sight and barrel has regular rifling), a PM9 and a PM45. I use the PM9 for pocket carry most of the time (although sometimes IWB when I'm really concerned about concealment). I actually carry the PM45 as my primary most of the time now (IWB) as it's almost the same size as my CW9. I'm about 5'10" and 160 and don't have much problem with any of them printing too much when worn IWB; although I do have to be careful about bending over too far forward. The PM45 doesn't seem bad to me at all as far as recoil...it's easier for me to shoot than my PM9 due to the slightly longer grip that I can get all 3 fingers on. Hope this wasn't too confusing and helped some.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danimal View Post
    PM9, and P9 are the same width. Here are some comparison pics of my PM9 and CW40 next to each other. The second one is a PM9, CW40, and PM45.
    I just ordered a PM45. What other Kahr pistols might I look under to find a holster? I don't see PM45 listed on the sites I normally look.

    I want something like the Galco Waistband, with IWB and a thumb break.

    Otherwise, just recommend a decent IWB that does not cost $80...
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    I don't have a PM9, but I do have a P9 Covert. It has the same length of barrel as the P9, but the grip is shorter. I like it because it is easy to carry concealed, you hae the muzzle velocity of the longer barrel, and with the extended mag, it's like a regular P(I'm not sure if they are still making them though. Might be able to find one used. I've carried this gun for years on a daily basis and it's been a great gun!

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    I've got the pm9, and it sits in the back pocket of my jeans when I carry it. If I'm going to carry up on the belt iwb or owb, a bigger gun is the order of the day.

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