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I Need Practice Ammo!

This is a discussion on I Need Practice Ammo! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Pikachu711 Before I use reloaded ammo I would check the owners manual for my firearm. Some firearm manufacturers will void the warranty ...

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Thread: I Need Practice Ammo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachu711 View Post
    Before I use reloaded ammo I would check the owners manual for my firearm. Some firearm manufacturers will void the warranty on a firearm if reloads are used. My Glock owners manual mentions that the warranty is void if I use reloads. I will stick with factory produced all that same. I could use reloads but why risk my guns warranty down the road. Just a thought, IMHO!
    As far as I know, any manufacturer will void your warranty if using reloads and the ammo creates the problem. I've never heard of one voiding the warranty when the gun just broke and ammunition wasn't a contributing part of the problem.

    Reloading is determined by how much you shoot. I've been reloading for 30+ years and have never had one of my reloads damage a gun. In that time, I've saved enough money by reloading to buy probably 20 new guns. I can load 40 S&W with jacketed hollow points for right at $7.50/50 compared to $18.00/50 for the least expensive HP stuff ATG offers. That's a savings of $10.50/50 or $210.00/1000. If I shoot 1000 rounds per month, I could buy a new gun every 3 months from the savings. Sounds like a fair trade for losing the warranty to me. Understand though, I'm talking about using my own reloads, not buying reloads from a commercial reloader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmdrdredd View Post
    Locally I get Sellier & Bellot 115gr FMJ 9mm for $10/box

    Clean, brass case, and accurate.

    range ammo shouldn't be very expensive for something quality

    S&B is the practice brand for me! Centerfire Systems ALWAYS has plenty of it, usually on sale!
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    9mm Ammo

    Quote Originally Posted by johnsonabq View Post
    Hmmmm... I guess I'll be camping out at Wally World for the next shipment.
    Hi Jeff,
    That's what I would do if you want to stock up on spare ammo. Here in Vegas we have 3-4 Wally Worlds that are open 24/7. I go to these stores late night and buy when most of the population is sleeping. It does affect the speed the 9mm disappears.

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