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Good small revolver for CC.

This is a discussion on Good small revolver for CC. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I pocket carry a Taurus .357 snubby It works great, and is HALF the price (yet the same size) of the S&W .357 I paid ...

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Thread: Good small revolver for CC.

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    I pocket carry a Taurus .357 snubby

    It works great, and is HALF the price (yet the same size) of the S&W .357

    I paid $315-ish for it and I love it!

    Good small revolver for CC.-my_bug_1.jpg
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    Before you listen to the SP101 crowd, put one in your pocket first. They are awesome guns but are too heavy for pocket carry when compared to S&W airweights and some Tauruses. I tried one ( a buddy was going to sell me one at a great price) but it was a huge distraction due only to its weight.

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    The only 357 snub I would carry is the SP101. The 357 Magnum round in an Airweight Smith J Frame is a handful. When I owned the SP101 (sold it to a friend) I found myself shooting .38s most of the time at the range, and even carried .38 +P hollow points. Now I have the Smith & Wesson 642, and it's by far the easiest and best carrying pocket gun in my experience.

    The SP101 can handle a steady diet of full power 357 Magnum rounds, but it's definitely not a gun I would shoot often at the range using 357s, my hands were numb after about 20 rounds, I can't imagine trying to shoot a lightweight 357.
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    I think the S&W 340MP is the best of the current J frames available.
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    Do not "toss" a gun into your pocket. It's a recipe for disaster.
    Use a high-quality pocket holster. Put nothing else in that pocket but the pistol. Carry your reloads, keys, Obama change, and whatever else in some other pocket.
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    toss gun in pocket bad. better than no gun. anything else in pocket with gun, better not to have gun.

    Carrying a snub nose; so easy a caveman can do it.
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    If you are sticking to currently manufactured guns:
    S&W 642 for pocket carry.
    S&W 640 or Ruger SP101 (w/.38 +Ps) for IWB
    S&W 686 or Ruger GP100 in .357 Mag for OWB or OC belt carry .

    If you are buying used guns there are dozens of models from S&W, Colt and Ruger for the IWB and OWB carry. 642 is still best for pocket carry though. I myself EDC with the 642 or a 640 but I have a buddy looking for a K-Frame in 3" or 2 1/2" for me this weekend at the gun show. With cold weather I could EDC the K-Frame and carry +Ps (I use standard pressure .38 in the 642.)
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    For .357, the Ruger SP101, but it has some heft to it and I find it a bit heavy for pocket carry. I prefer my S&W 642 in .38 for pocket carry. I find 357 mag loads are quite a handful in a small revolver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M1911A1 View Post
    Do not "toss" a gun into your pocket. It's a recipe for disaster.
    Use a high-quality pocket holster. Put nothing else in that pocket but the pistol. Carry your reloads, keys, Obama change, and whatever else in some other pocket.
    Obama change, now that is funny.

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    Another vote for the 642 here. Great snubby
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    Taurus 605B - .357 (5 -shot) ... easy for pocket carry.

    Taurus 617 B2 - .357 (7-shot) ... better as IWB, but grip rides low to waist line and easily concealed...a little heavy for my pocket.

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    Woohoo Revolvers!! Sorry, I just think they are WAY underrated and don't get enough "street cred".

    I can shoot .38s out of my 340 all day (I have the larger rubber Crimson Trace grips). I can shoot 5- 10 .357s out of it in one session, but any more causes discomfort that sticks around for a while. I like the Scandium model because it doesn't move at all in its Fobus ankle holster. Depending on how you are going to carry, and how often, the extra $ for the Scandium models might not be worth it.
    Taurus makes some fine products as well.
    I have never shot a Ruger.
    I would love to Duracoat a Charter Arms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwhite75 View Post
    REALLY lightweight..Smith 340, 360.....little bit of weight and still small, Smith 649 or 640.
    I had a 649 for a while but it got heavy after about 12 hours in my pocket.
    I now carry a 340sc daily, it is not the gun you want to shoot 100 rounds at the range from, but it is easy to shot 20 for practice. The thing only weighs 12oz empty so you can carry it all day with no worries. I cannot say enough about it.

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    I love my S&W 360. It's with me most of the time!
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    Yet another vote for the SP101
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