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Good small revolver for CC.

This is a discussion on Good small revolver for CC. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm a Ruger SP101 guy- but that being said, any small revolver will do the job. As has been said many times- a 357 revolver ...

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Thread: Good small revolver for CC.

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    Small Revolver

    I'm a Ruger SP101 guy- but that being said, any small revolver will do the job. As has been said many times- a 357 revolver will shoot 38s but not the other way around.
    If you plan to carry 357mags then you might want to consider the Ruger for it's strength. If you are concerned about carry weight, then look at the S&Ws.
    My advice? Look at the cost and how well the gun fits in your hand. Those are usually the things that matter in the end.

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    For pocket I would suggest a 642 or 442 but they shoot .38.
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    Another thought on this. First of all for IWB I don't believe you can do better than a Ruger SP101 for all round value. Put a lighter spring in it (8 bucks off the internet + 5 minutes) and it's got a great trigger.

    But for something a bit more compact that might still be tolerable with .357, try to find a used pre-lock 60-9 S&W. It's all stainless so the weight will help a bit and it's pre-lock so no problems there. You can also get a pre-lock 640 that has no hammer.

    They're hard to come buy and on gunbroker and similar sights they're all going for $500 to $575 for a like NIB model or even a really good one. I've never shot one in .357 and I know it's going to be quite the kick but it might be okay.

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    My preference for a small .357 is a S&W 640. With good rubber grips it is not too punishing to shoot 50 rounds, although I load down slightly from max loads. But it is too heavy for pocket carry.

    For pocket carry my 642 would be my choice for a revolver.

    I also have a M 60 3inch that is fine for IWB. I don't often carry IWB, but the M 60 3 inch with its better sights is clearly superior to the shorter guns when the shooting starts. Not that I have that experience.


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    Get an OLD NO-LOCK Smith (or a new one if you can find it!)or if you want a revolver built like a tank(and can handle the extra weight)get a DAO 357 Ruger SP101!! Good Luck!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcabin View Post
    I'd preferably want something in 357. So I have the versatility of 357 and 38. anyways, what are some good small guns I can toss in my pocket or iwb carry>?
    I carry a Smith & Wesson 442 airlight .38 special. Fits easily in my pocket and will handle the +P ammo for .38. S&W makes several similar guns and Taurus has several snubbies just like them that are excellent as well. The recoil can be a bit uncomfortable if you shoot them for more then 50 rounds but they are good reliable little weapons.
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    Since you specified tossing it into your pocket for carry, the best choice is the S&W hammerless models IMO.

    All steel is more comfortable for practice by far. But it is too heavy for pocket carry IMO.

    That leaves the lightweights. 15oz.ers for .38+p or less and 13.5 or 12oz.ers for .357mag.

    38+p will do the job with well chosen ammo (a must IMO). But I like the little extra penetration that the .357 mag. affords me. I carry a lower power .357 round and I believe that carrying a very hot .357 round is a mistake for these little guns.

    I practice mostly with .38sp. and carry .357 125gr. DPX. I have a reload that replicates recoil and POI pretty well and I run a cylinder through the gun at the end of each practice session. Also I run a very few rounds of the expensive DPX stuff through occasionally just to be sure of POI.

    To my way of thinking anyway, those are your best choices.

    If you hadn't specified "throwing it in your pocket", I'd have recommended a K frame S&W for the much better trigger over the J-frame models.

    My 2 cents worth!

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