Good small revolver for CC.

Good small revolver for CC.

This is a discussion on Good small revolver for CC. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'd preferably want something in 357. So I have the versatility of 357 and 38. anyways, what are some good small guns I can toss ...

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Thread: Good small revolver for CC.

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    Good small revolver for CC.

    I'd preferably want something in 357. So I have the versatility of 357 and 38. anyways, what are some good small guns I can toss in my pocket or iwb carry>?

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    Ruger SP101 is hard to beat for pocket carry.
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    S&W J frames,

    Taurus 605,651

    Ruger SP101


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    I like Smith & Wesson revolvers best but, if you're bound to have .357 Magnum chambering, your best bet is the Ruger SP 101 in my view. It has well designed factory grips and tames full house .357 Magnum pretty well. I can't really tell the difference in shooting it and a Smith & Wesson Model 19 2 1/2-inch revolver. In my opinion "less is more" is taken to excess with the various J-Frame .357 Magnum Smith & Wesson revolvers.

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    S&W 2" police special 38 revolver.

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    This has been hashed out to death. I am sure you are unaware of the search feature but please try it out, you will find it VERY usefull for questions like this.


    The answers you will get will go something like this...

    Ruger here, Taurus there but the general consensous is Smith and Wesson JFame in .38 special. I say this as a generalazation in my opinion.

    The .357 is to violent a round for a pocket gun (unless your pockets are huge). Many say that they will carry in .357 but practice with .38 specails. I would say the opposite- Carry with 38's and shoot the 357's just because it is fun in a little wheel gun! The .38 special will get on target MUCH faster and your chance of being able to pull off a second shot INCREASES DRASTICALLY! This is not just my opinion but the consensus of the VAST majority of authorities on the subject. Add the fact that the .357 is a faster round that will generally cause more collateral damage...stick with the .38 Special in a good +P defense round.

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    I have a Taurus model 85 UL. .38 special and I think it is much more controllable than .357. I really like mine. Just my opinion.

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    Another vote for the SP101, my EDC. A little heavy but it soaks up the recoil and is built like a tank. I carry .38spl +p 135 gr Golddots, designed for max performance from a short barrel.
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    take a look at the s&w j-frames models. they have many different models now. they should have one that you like.
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    REALLY lightweight..Smith 340, 360.....little bit of weight and still small, Smith 649 or 640.
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    Ruger SP101 +1
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    I am currently looking for a nice used 649, it is a 357 but the hammer is bobbed almost flush. This way you still have S/A ability and the accuracy that comes along with it. I also prefer the extra weight of the 357 all SS gun. The air weights recoil can be brutal!!

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    .38 airweight in pocket, .357 steel on belt

    After trial and error with various snubby revolvers, my personal preference is an airweight .38 for pocket carry, and a steel .357 for belt carry.

    An airweight .38 like the S&W 642 weighs 15 ounces empty and is light enough not to pull down your pocket excessively. But shooting .357s in a gun that light is just impractical.

    For belt carry you can easily handle the weight of a steel gun, and it makes shooting .357s much more practical and pleasant. As for IWB vs. OWB, I find the barrel on a snubby so short that a proper belt holster puts the gun very high without the barrel going much below the belt. This negates most of the advantage of IWB carry, so I just carry the steel snubby outside the waistband. I prefer a S&W K frame with 2.5 inch barrel, like the model 66.

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    I have an SP101 in 2.25" barrel. I love it but for me it's hard to CC. I agree with some of the others. Look at the S&W .38's. I'm considering an Airweight myself.

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    gotta disagree with many on the forum - .357 is not bad as far as recoil goes if you have decent grips. I fire M&P 340CT from Smith and Wesson, the padding on the back of the grips makes a huge difference. full house .357? no problem!
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