Well this is just perfect!

Well this is just perfect!

This is a discussion on Well this is just perfect! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This must be my lucky year for guns because I just won money from playing at a local bingo hall. I know there are better ...

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Thread: Well this is just perfect!

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    Well this is just perfect!

    This must be my lucky year for guns because I just won money from playing at a local bingo hall. I know there are better things I could use the money for, but what better way than to spend it on another pistola!

    I brought home a brand new Ruger SR9 with the blackened stainless slide. I can't believe this gun holds 18 rounds and is much thinner than the Glock 17. This gun was on my list after fondling one at Sportsmans Warehouse (that was before the recall). I am glad I waited for the post recall models to be released. The reversible back strap is nice as I turned it over to the flat side and fits my hands very well. The trigger is going to take some getting used to, but I am sure it will smooth out as I put rounds down the pipe. I think I'm going to really like this 9mm.

    I haven't come across many holsters for the SR9, are there any leather holster makers that make SR9 holsters?

    Picture quality isn't that great I know.
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    Way to go

    Not to mention that the purchase will help stimulate US manufacturing.
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    Congrats on your new SR9. It's a great concealed carry gun. I got a Don Hume IWB holster for mine and the quality can't be beat for the price. Go to Gun Holsters and Shooting Accessories at Discounted Prices and those folks will take good care of you. Don Hume also makes a single mag holder for SR9 mags. Just interact with the Gunners Alley folks and they can aquire them for you.
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    That's just not right... I mean, I live in a gambling state and I NEVER win!

    Hey, congratulations! I think I like your financial logic.
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    Congrats on that new Ruger. Try this site. Shop located in St. Cloud, Fl and they have an awsome selection of leather holsters for Rugers SR9 at a great price: www.theholsterstore.com

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    Congrats - I love my SR9. You're right, the trigger does smooth out considerably with use. I recommend High Noon Holsters, but there are several great holster manufacturers.

    High Noon Holsters

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    great gun

    well "great" I'm sure there are many others out there I personally have yet to fondle but for the price point its an all American gun and it has yet to malfunction on me except one failure to fire with surplus ammo and 700 plus down range that day. light strike on primer, hit as deep as all others but did go bang on second try.

    As for leather Just last night I noticed Side guard holsters a sponsor for this site makes some nice looking decent priced models for the sr9

    If you remove the magazine interlock safety the trigger pull cleans up and doesn't feel as gritty in the mid take up.

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    Congrats!! Enjoy your new toy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SubNine View Post
    I haven't come across many holsters for the SR9, are there any leather holster makers that make SR9 holsters? ..
    My fav, D.M. Bullard, makes several models for the SR9, including the Dual Carry (see avatar)...

    - OS

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    Very nice!

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    Congrats on the new pisotla!
    Now, could you have used that $$$ for something better?...nope!

    Stay armed...we have a winner here...stay safe!
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    I have the two-tone SR-9 and it's a pleasure to shoot.

    When I was at a gun show recently, SR-9's were selling like hotcakes.

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