Kahr P9 vs K9

Kahr P9 vs K9

This is a discussion on Kahr P9 vs K9 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I know that the P9 is polymer and the K9 is stainless, but besides these two differences what else is different between them? Im looking ...

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Thread: Kahr P9 vs K9

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    Kahr P9 vs K9

    I know that the P9 is polymer and the K9 is stainless, but besides these two differences what else is different between them? Im looking at a thin gun and only found Kahr. If you have other options let me know. Thanks

    Also I know this is a different size in gun, but if yall could pick between Ruger LCP or one of the two above which would you pick? My tax return check will be coming in about a month or so, and I will purchase one of these guns.
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    The Kahr uppers are all virtually the same and these are mated to either a plastic or steel frame. Both have good reputations but the steel Kahrs do enjoy a higher reliability that the lighter poly guns. Weight is really the main difference. If weight is not a consideration then some people may prefer the look of one over the other. The mechanisms are about the same.

    The only other slim pistols of similar ilk that come to mind are the all steel HK P7 or the poly Walther PPS, both in 9mm.

    IMHO, I'd rather have a Kahr than a LCP.
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    The K9 is a little heavier...the Kahr's as whole have very smooth triggers.
    The P9 feels more natural in my hand than any other handgun I have EVER handled. Just MHO.
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    For carry, I'd prefer the P9 due to less weight.
    For a "thin" 45, check out the Glock 36.
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    I believe the Kahr weapons are one of the best CCW pieces out there. the K9 is heavy but that helps with the recoil and you'll be able to shoot it all day long at the range and for practice. Especially in a 9mm.

    The P9 (the one I have) is an outstanding weapon with one of the BEST DAO triggers I've every touched. I live how narrow it is. the plastic checkering can bit the hand a bit and you don't have any grip options with the polymer frame other than to be an "A" grip on it. that's a soft wrap around material that does give it a GREAT feel and it's cheap.

    With the P9, I do get a bit of muzzle flip due to the light weight. I also have a MK9 which is just like the K9 except with a shorter grip and shorter barrel. I can shoot it better (despite the shorter grip) because of the extra weight.

    Still if you're only going to have one Kahr for a dedicated CCW gun, I believe I'd go with the P9 over all of them. It's got 8 rounds, it's light, with the full grip and practice you'll get good at followup shots. I think it's one of the most accurate guns I have.

    As far as reliability, any auto can have teething problems out of the box. Search the internet and you'll find someone who had problems with a new "fill in the blank with ANY mfg" and had to send it back to the factory. I even had a brand new Ruger SP101 Ruger that had timing issues and had to be returned to the factory.

    the LCP doesn't compare at all. One is an IWB 9mm, the other is a pocket .380. 2 totally different animals. The LCP is a very good gun for when you can't really wear any kind of cover garment to cover an IWB carry. Then you can slip the .380 in the pocket. Many use an S&W J frame .38 for pocket carry but it's bulky with the cylinder. On the other hand, the LCP is very flat and conceals better in a pocket (with an appropriate pocket holster of course).

    Congrats on your upcomiing purchase! You'll enjoy it!

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    Another +1 for Kahr. I carry my CW9 every day I'm not at work. The CW9 is essentially a P9 with a few cost-saving features to bring the price under $400. I love that gun so much it has relegated my Kimber to the nightstand.
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    First, I would choose a 9 over a .380 any day of the week, but that's only if you're going to carry it. I see you live in "The Republic" where heat may be a factor. I strongly suggest handling the LCP (or any gun) before buying it. I have small hands and find the grip small.

    If the K/P 9's are still in the hunt, I'd check out an Officer's ACP or a Defender. I don't think there's that much difference in size between the K/P 9 and the OACP and I'd rather have 6+1 of .45 than 7+1 of 9mm. The Defender/OACP will run you about the same as a Kahr, which is about twice as much as the LCP.

    If you're absolutely set on one of the 3 you mentioned, I'd pick the K9 because of 1) the bigger caliber 2) steel Kahrs having a better rep than poly ones (as ripley mentioned and 3) I like 9 over .380. If you don't think you'd carry a 9 all the time, then go with the .380.

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