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True Ambidextrous Sub-Compacts

This is a discussion on True Ambidextrous Sub-Compacts within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As a lefty I have no trouble with my PM9. You might find it the same for you. The mag release is easier with the ...

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Thread: True Ambidextrous Sub-Compacts

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    As a lefty I have no trouble with my PM9. You might find it the same for you. The mag release is easier with the left index finger than it is with the right thumb for me. And the slide stop I generally operate with my off/support) hand. Of course you probably won't be doing that on the motorcycle. I HOPE you won't be needing to try a tactical reload while on the bike either!
    Regards, T Bone.

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    except for the slide release a Walther PPS has everything you want it is less than an inch wide

    also the Walther P99 compact may work as it is the same only it accept double stacks and is 1.3 inches wide

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    I stumbled across this dialogue while looking for an answer similar to that of MrFurious, and wanted to thank you for your input. I've had a CWP for some time now, but haven't been carrying. After the Colorado movie theater event and a record number of shooting events here in Seattle, I think it's time to start getting in the practice. I'm a lefty, on the small side, and none of my collection are good carry guns; which is what led me here. (Seecamp .32, too small-caliber/Walther PPK/S, perfect size for me to carry but too right-handed and too small-caliber/Colt Detective Special, nice gun but a bit bulky for me.)

    The Rohrbaugh R9s Stealth looks perfect for me.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Quote Originally Posted by ripley16 View Post
    MrFurious, I gave you three suggestions that are all ambidexterous 9mm Two are a bit bigger and one fit your requirements to the T. Don't say impossible. It's just expensive.

    HK P7
    Walther PPS

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    I've been a Lefty shooter for about 45 out of my 60 years on the planet , never needed ambi controls.

    ( was combat infantry , and have hunted most of my life - like to just go shoot too - currently own 20 handguns.)

    If 9-10 shots don't cover it you better have a 12 gauge for backup
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    what do you consider truly ambi? do you need lefty slide release? most people don't use the slide lock/release to let the slide ride home. that means all you need is lefty mag release, and safety is the said pistol has it...

    that being said, there is USP which some have ambi safeties and ambi slide release. M&P is true (everything is on both sides)

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    I carry a Walther PK380. I know you wanted a 9mm, but the .380 is basically the same bullet, just a shorter casing. I also favor the Ruger SR9c. While it is not considered ambidextrous, I can still operate all the bells and whistles left-handed. I have very small hands as I'm a 5'2" woman, so if you have larger hands, these guns should give you no problems at all!

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    The Kimber Solo is a very small single-stack 9mm with an ambi mag release and ambi safety. I know there are plenty of negative reports, but mine has been flawless and conceals well. I am also a lefty.
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    Walther magazine release on trigger guard:

    True Ambidextrous Sub-Compacts-walther-mag-release.jpg

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    HK P2000SK. Add good holster, flat mag floorplate and HK45c mag release.

    Not single stack, but is very concealable.


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    I'm starting to sound like a broken record, BUT...

    This photo shows the side of interest to you. This is a Bersa Thunder 9 UC Pro. The magazine release is reversible. It is a 100% truly ambidextrous handgun. On top of that, it is infallibly accurate and reliable. Check them out, and check out Bersachat to see just how many of us love our Bersas.
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    I always check to see if I can activate the slide release using the index finger on my left hand. Several that I own have the release in just the right spot to allow me to do it.

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    Bersa BP9CC. No ambi slide release; not an issue if you train slingshot.

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    Being a lefty myself I took these same issues into consideration when I was looking for a sub-subcompact 9mm, I ended up buying the Beretta Nano. No slide release at all which doesn't bother me a bit, reversible mag release. I have a M&P9 FS so I really wanted to like the M&P Shield but it just wasn't designed to be as ambi-friendly, check out the Nano and see how you like it.

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