I'm on a buying binge!

I'm on a buying binge!

This is a discussion on I'm on a buying binge! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Went and added another one to the stable today. After picking up that Commander, I quickly realized that .45 ACP ammo is not cheap. In ...

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Thread: I'm on a buying binge!

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    I'm on a buying binge!

    Went and added another one to the stable today. After picking up that Commander, I quickly realized that .45 ACP ammo is not cheap. In fact it's freaking expensive. I could easily shoot $100 worth of ammo in one range session and wish for more. So naturally that got me thinking small; .22 caliber small to be exact. I worked it out; I can buy 5,000 rounds of .22 LR for less than $100. Not too likely to burn that up in one range session! I liked the sound of that.

    So I started looking at .22's and .22 conversion kits. I like the Ruger 22/45, except the one my store has on the shelf has a really crappy trigger. REALLY bad, even for a Ruger. Then I went to Gander Mountain to see if they had anything interesting. Turns out they have a bunch of old stock to get rid of. Specifically a Ruger 22/45 Mark II in blue steel with a bull barrel for less than $200. Well that was certainly interesting. Interesting enough that I went back and bought one today. I like it! It put ~180 dirt cheap, trouble free rounds downrange tonight, and it's fairly accurate too, with the right ammo. The sights SUCK, black on black doesn't do it for my eyes. I just got done cleaning it and putting some orange paint on the front sight blade. Now I can shoot those little bullets as many times as it takes to master the basics of shooting, which will hopefully tighten up the groups on that pretty new .45. .22's are cool.

    As an aside, I put a four round group from the Commander into a 3" target at 25 feet off of the bench to see if it's hitting to the sights. I keep shooting to the left with it offhand. The first bullet puched out the bullseye. The second widened the hole a bit, the third went about a half inch high and right, and the fourth went right through the original hole. My accuracy problems with the Colt are officially NOT mechanical. The trigger has smoothed out with use as well, I think my groups will improve even more once I get the short trigger I ordered today. Now if I can just learn to shoot to the pistol's potential I'll give Rob Leatham a run for his money.
    - Kurt
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    You're outta control man.

    Then again so am I...

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    I got one of them 22/45's in the stubby bull barrel. Loud report but very accurate. What ya gonna get next ? a .22 mag revolver ? Thats what I'm thinkin' ! S&W 531PD

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    Sounds good Kurt - there is indeed nothing to beat .22's for sheer grin and economy!! And in all seriousness I do believe that plentiful .22 shooting will always help sharpen general shooting skills, even if we ignore the lack of recoil.

    I have a load of fun with my 22/45 - mostly with pin shooting when I get the chance. Once I got the red dot fitted using SoLow mounts and added the comp (just a smidgeon more weight at muzzle) - it became pretty much the ideal.

    I did also add a Volquartsen extractor - the claw is sharper and better angled and gives reliable extraction - better than the original.

    Talking about sharp - the control buttons are very sharp on their edges - and one day if I do a total strip down, will smooth off just a shade.

    Chris - P95
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    Thumbs up Find The Right Ammo

    One huge advantage of .22 is that you can buy all sorts of various ammo & even the most $$$ is still cheap. Find the ammo that your pistol likes to eat.
    In .22 caliber finding the right brand of ammunition can make a huge difference in accuracy. Much more of a difference than any other handgun caliber...(In My Opinion)
    Making the extra effort to put lots of different ammunition through your rimfire handgun will pay back huge dividends in the "tack driving" department.
    Try shooting some true "match grade" ammo also. You'll be amazed at the results.
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    The trigger on that 22/45 can become VERY good with the addition of a Volquartsen sear.

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    See if you can get a fiber optic front sight for it .. Helped a lot on my Mark II

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    I'll be putting my order in

    Had my wife and I take the NRA basic pistol class. She shot the Ruger 22/45 during most of the range time. She did shoot one of my 9mm and my 40 S&W (to get used to them) and my S&W 642 (38 spl).

    She told me a few things after the class. (1) buy her a gun "just like I shot at class", (2) get three portable handgun safes (one for each floor of the house) so SD guns will be secure and easily accessible, (3) I will never shoot that round gun (the revolver), it hurts my hand too much!!

    I did mention that the 22 is not good for SD. She said she'd do most of her shooting on the range w/ the 22 and a little bit each time w/ the 9mm I have for her use. Actually I asked the instructor if the 22 would be a good SD round and he told my wife and I that the 9mm would be better.

    So, I will be ordering a Ruger 22/45 for her (and me!!) and some small gun safes. And of course, I'll have to get at least 2 guns for each safe!!!

    So, I'm on a buying spree which will include a 22/45.

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    sojourner thats great news always good when you can get the Wife into it

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