Shot my Glock 30 for the first time today...

Shot my Glock 30 for the first time today...

This is a discussion on Shot my Glock 30 for the first time today... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Wow. I don't have a lot of experience shooting various semi-automatic pistols, so my comparison is limited. However, my primary EDC was the Taurus PT ...

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Thread: Shot my Glock 30 for the first time today...

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    Shot my Glock 30 for the first time today...

    Wow. I don't have a lot of experience shooting various semi-automatic pistols, so my comparison is limited. However, my primary EDC was the Taurus PT 111 Mil. Pro 9mm. I have put about 1000 rounds through it without any problems. The trigger pull difference between these two are NIGHT AND DAY. WOW!! I shot 2-3" groups at 25 yards with the Glock 30. With my Taurus, my groups at 25 yards were about 5-7" At 7 yards with the Glock 30, my groups were touching each other and double punched a number of shots.

    So, my review is that the Glock 30 is a GREAT pistol. I was initially concerned about the recoil from a compact .45, especially since it was my first time shooting a .45, but it was hardly noticeable! I shot 60 rounds of Remington 230gr FMJ, and 20 Hornady 230gr +P JHP without a hiccup.

    In the end I am very impressed!
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    I preferred the trigger on the G30 way more than the PT111, I did not care for the long pull without the tension unlike the Glock. I also had a lot tighter groups with the G30. The recoil on the G30 is way less noticeable than my 1911's. But all in all both good pistols

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    Congat's great choice, I have had my g30 for about ten years; it is a great little shooter. But, if you like the 30 you might really appreciate the 27, I have both but EDC is the 27
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    Congrats, you made a great choice with the G-30! My G-30 is my nightstand gun, equipped with night sights and Crimson Trace. I carry it only occasionally. My daily carry guns most days will either be the G-36 or G-27, because I prefer their slimness and compactness.

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    My G30 is also my nightstand gun. It's a little too wide for me as an EDC.

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    Do you reset your trigger or let it go forward all the way; resetting becomes instinctive after a few 100 shots practice; it speeds up the follow-up shots and make the trigger feel even better.

    Now if you want the best, take some "Simichrome", a dremel with a felt buffer and polish, mirror like, the trigger parts that interact.
    Actually there is a web-site that explains it.
    You are not changing parts the trigger stays about the same weight but the smoothness is unbelievable.
    Not really detectable, can look like wear ...

    Now you got to get a T-shirt "Glock Perfection"
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    I have recently got a G36 in .45 acp, love it ! Grip frame is a bit thinner than my other Glocks, as it is a single stack. Recoil was very managable. It will be my new EDC.

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    The G30 is my main carry gun. I like it a lot!!!!
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    welcome to the family
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    Welcome to the dark side!
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    Just another "me too". I have around 5,000 rounds through my G30 without a single malfunction, and it's more accurate than I am. It's my main carry gun, and conceals surprisingly well for a thick pistol.
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    Glad you like it. Glocks are a great defensive arm!
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