New addition to my Glock famliy

New addition to my Glock famliy

This is a discussion on New addition to my Glock famliy within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I brought home a model 19 today! It was welcomed into the family by the Glocks listed below in my signature. I can't believe that ...

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Thread: New addition to my Glock famliy

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    New addition to my Glock famliy

    I brought home a model 19 today! It was welcomed into the family by the Glocks listed below in my signature. I can't believe that I have waited this long to get THE model of Glock pistol that all of you state is the ultimate Glock. I guess it was because I already had 3 other pistols in 9mm. I will be shooting it this weekend along with my 23 & 27. I found it at Whittaker's Guns here in Kentucky. It was a standard site model for $485.00. It was the last one in stock. They had been closed for 2 weeks because of the ice storm that came through here. I had them install some Meprolights and CT laser grips on it. I traded my Walther P22 in to offset most of the cost of the laser grips and Meprolights. I am looking forward to Saturday to test it out!

    I know you all will want some photos, but I will have to wait until my daughter can help me out with that. I am not up to speed on downloading photos!
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    Congrats, I've been a glock hater for some time now. I had a 26 and a 22 and didn't like the feel of either... with that said I shot a 19 the other day and (I hate to say it) I liked it.
    I may be in the market for a 19 real soon as a bug out bag gun.
    I'll keep carrying my HK & Kimber.
    Nice little collection you have going..

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    The 19 is my favorite of all the Glocks. Just the right size and 9mm makes it affordable to shoot a lot.

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    Very useful gun...

    I was shooting my G19 two days ago at the range, and it is a great gun - maybe the best of the Glocks.
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    I have a dilemma...i want a g27 for a smaller CCW, but I want a G22 for the HD gun with Surefire x200, but I want a g17 for a BOB gun, but I want a g19 because I want one. UGH. HAHA
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    I've been tempted to buy a G19 several times but never did. Like some have already said, it has a lot of good qualities: it's small enough to conceal but big enough to shoot well, and the cheaper 9mm ammo makes it a winner in my book. I may just have to take another look at the gun show tomorrow.

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    Congratulations you will love it. I really like shooting mine.

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    Congratulations.... it just surprises me that it took you so long to get one of the most popular Glocks on the market... it was my second Glock... just after my 23c.... have fun!!!
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