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Looking to purchase my first gun!

This is a discussion on Looking to purchase my first gun! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Welcome! I can't advocate enough the importance of trying to rent the gun(s) in which your interested at the range. Go to a couple different ...

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Thread: Looking to purchase my first gun!

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    I can't advocate enough the importance of trying to rent the gun(s) in which your interested at the range. Go to a couple different ranges if you're able if the first doesn't have what you're looking for. Grip angles, trigger pulls, recoil, vary so much - it's better to drop $100 (or less!) renting and running ammo through than buying a weapon you end up not liking. For example, I recently went to the range with a new Bersa thunder + and rented a sig 232. Both .380, both look about the same (like a walther ppk), etc, both DA/SA. Seemingly the same gun, quality and maker notwithstanding. While I shot both well, the sig cut the heck out of the web of my hand. No such issue on the bersa. I would have been pi$$ed if I had dropped all that money on the sig then never wanted to use it because it drew blood every shot!
    Use the suggestions here, do your research, set your budget, THEN GO RENT!!
    For my suggestions, I like the XD and the sig 239.
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    Well seeing as how you will not be able to carry it in california it really breaks down to home defense..in which case a shot gun rules.
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    My advice is handle as many different guns as you can to find which ones feel the best in your hand.

    Try to shoot the ones that feel good, and research their reliability.
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    Re: Looking to purchase my first gun!

    My $0.02 for a first gun:

    Skip the center-fire handguns--most handguns make horrible first guns! Simple proof--go to the local gun store and look at the cost of a box of 9mm/40cal/45cal. Unless you are lighting your cigars with $100 bills, there is no way to afford enough ammunition to become a competent, responsible shooter, starting with firearms using those types of ammunition.

    What to do? First, if you're looking for home defence, buy a pump-action shotgun like a Mossberg 500, and load it with 00 or 1 buckshot. You can buy practice birdshot for pretty cheap to get used to the recoil. Second, buy a .22LR handgun like the Ruger MkII or MkIII--they even make models with 1911 style grips.

    It's true that .22LR is not going to help you in a fire-fight--but it will help you become a competent handgun shooter, without breaking the bank. Yesterday, I purchased 300 rounds of 'cheap' range-grade 45 cal at the local Walmart for $90.00. That same amount of money could have bought about 4,125 rounds of .22LR. It really helps to learn the basics before buying one of the big boys.

    After you've put a couple thousand rounds through the .22LR handgun (and trust me, those will be fun--nothing like plinking with a .22), then go rent a bunch of handguns and find the one that fits you best, now that you've developed your shooting style.

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    Welcome. The Glock 26 is a good choice. I have a Glock 19. It's a little bigger and carrys 15 rounds. With the 9MM you won't go broke at the range.

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    +1 on the .22

    GREAT learning and training pistols, especially if you canfind one with the same disign and functions as the larger caliber gun you will use. (same buttons/levers in the same places) This will get you used to the gun and its functions wothout breaking the bank. It will also help with learning to shoot a pistol without being afraid of recoil.

    +1 on renting guns, you can hold 30 guns in your hands to pick what fits and feels best, but if you don't shoot it before you buy it, you may find you don't like it after it's too late.

    Have fun with all the shopping, there are lots of great guns to shoot.
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    Welcome from Middle Tennessee!
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    knifeone, welcome from North Carolina.
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