Looking to purchase my first gun!

Looking to purchase my first gun!

This is a discussion on Looking to purchase my first gun! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey guys, I haven't introduced myself yet, so I mine as well kill a few birds with one stone and do so here. I'm Michael ...

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Thread: Looking to purchase my first gun!

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    Looking to purchase my first gun!

    Hey guys, I haven't introduced myself yet, so I mine as well kill a few birds with one stone and do so here. I'm Michael from California and I'm an experienced knife fighter. I dual wield a Spyderco Endura on my strong side and a Byrd Cara Cara on my weak side, both with the wave modification. They are always with me. Any questions about knife fighting and I'd be honored to help. There is a lot of misinformation out there about the proper grip, stance, etc.

    As far as guns go, I'm a complete beginner. When I was 18 years old, I took a handgun safety course or some such at a local gun store/range and fired a .357 magnum and some sort of Glock I believe, but that and internet research/watching videos is about as far as my experience and knowledge goes.

    What I'm looking for is a pistol that can achieve three things:

    1) self-defense/home-defense

    2) entertainment/practice (range use)

    3) easy to carry/conceal (if I move or something)

    4) simplicity (love things that work just as good as something with a bunch of parts or better but have few parts themselves)

    Unfortunately, I live in California so the third one doesn't really apply to me at this time. If I could CCW, I would honestly be the happiest guy on this planet. I have my knives though, and I know I could kill a threat with ease within a pretty large radius, but there's a time and place for all things and each has it's advantages and drawbacks in a given situation and I want to be as prepared as possible for anything.

    After a bunch of online reading and research I've personally narrowed my choice down to a Glock 26. It's plenty powerful, it will last forever, it's easy to conceal/carry, and it just seems like a great gun. I can't attest with 100% certainty to these claims as I've never experienced the real thing, but when I go around to the physical gun stores, I want to have a solid idea of what I want beforehand.

    Are there any known issues or concerns with this gun that you guys know of? Any limitations, drawbacks, or even amazing things that I should know about?

    Lastly, are there any similar alternatives to this gun that are cheaper and are up to the quality of a Glock? One thing I never would think of doing is skimping on safety, but I'm just curious if there's something that might be just as good and perhaps maybe even appeal to me more. Not that there is anything that doesn't appeal to me about a Glock though.

    Thank you guys in advance for the thoughtful responses I'm sure I'll receive. I'm really looking forward to my stay here.

    This is random, but there's nothing more I love than being a protector. A protector of myself, my family, innocent people, and freedom. I will do everything in my power to prevent evil, even at the cost of my own life. You better believe that even if someone innocent I don't know other than the human race we share is being threatened, I will destroy the enemy first and deal with whatever later.

    Take care everyone and God bless!


    I called two local gun stores. One said it was $520 for the Glock 26 and the other store said $560. Is that about right or can it be had cheaper new?

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    First off Welcome!

    Glocks are great weapons and most either love them or hate them.
    The grip angle is the main problem for me with Glocks, but may be perfect for you.
    I would also look at the XD line, they offer everything the Glock offers plus a extra layer of safety.
    The true test would be to shoot a few different models but location may limit the number of ranges with guns to rent.
    You need to hold a few different models, Some will point easy and feel good, and some won't.
    It's hard to go wrong with a Glock or XD.... Good luck

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    if you don't want to skimp on quality, then in my opinion, you should look at both Sig Sauer and H+K. both more than you say you want to spend but, great quality and great reliability. IMHO
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    I hated Glocks for years an just recently bought one. I never liked the safety factor of them, but I owned revolvers as well. Same difference.
    I saw the G36 one day and picked it up and love it. The 26 wouldn't be much different, still a subcompact, just double stack 9mm. I never thought that I would support Glock, but I did have them grow on me.

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    Glocks are pretty reliable and have a great reputation. Having said that, I love my Springfield Armory XD. They have a 1911 grip angle that make point shooting a little more natural and a grip safety as well. It's a polymer frame pistol also. You can find them for around the same price and maybe a little cheaper if you look for it goo.

    I wouldn't have a problem buying a GLOCK, but I'd rather buy an XD.
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    Glocks are great guns, if you get one you wont regret it. I shoot my Springfield Armory XDm in .40 caliber better than I shoot my Glock 22 (also .40 cal.) I like the grip angle and the easy grip backstrap change out to fit the gun to your hand better. I have put 2,000 or so rounds through it and maybe double that with the Glock and the malfunction rate is about the same.... almost ZERO. Great guns either way.
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    I alternately carry Taurus' PT1911 and PT4/7 Pro DS (in .40 S&W).
    Both are great weapons that eat everything I feed them and are relatively easy on your wallet. The 1911 isn't at all hard to conceal, and the 24/7 Pro even easier.

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    I have a CZ P-01 that's really nice--and there are several other CZs I would like to have. I also have a S&W M&P 9mm that gets lots of use. Quite a few people I know use SA XDs for IDPA--and of course Glock has tons of adherents. I think my next purchase, tho, will be a Walther...specifically, a P99QA .40sw 12+1 and 23.1oz (empty). All of those are in your price ballpark...and there are others still. This, for example is worth browsing: Sig Sauer E2022 SIGPRO 9MM 15RD Night Sights for Sale at Buds Gun Shop $449.00

    In any event, have fun window shopping...stay safe.

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    Welcome aboard!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Choosing a hndgun is so much just preference and it is hard to say what is right for you. I think it is a good idea to try out as many models and makes as you can from friends. You can get impressions from others but that alone may not translate to good shooting experiences for you. All my friends love Glocks but I find them bulky and uncomfortable to shoot. I have a S&W 9mm M&P which feels much better and is a good reliable weapon for home defense but is not as easy to conceal.

    Revolvers are as reliable as you can get but with maybe only five or six shots some feel that is not enough to carry without having to carry a speed loader. For concealment it is hard to beat my S&W 442 .38 special snubby, but it is only five shots and it is not the most confortable gun to shoot more then 50 rounds at the range because of the recoil. My Bersa 380 conceals well, has 7 rounds, is accurate and is a pleasure to shoot.

    I think for all around power, concealment, accuracy, and quality it is hard to beat the Springfield XD40 subcompact that I bought just recently. These are just a couple of my favorites but by no means are these necessarily the best for you. There are lots of good choices out there.
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    Based on what you list as home defense (HD) and ease of carry...etc. I would go with the Glock 19. Not really that much bigger or less concealable, also 9mm, and has the option to mount a light for HD, plus it would be a little easier to shoot with the longer sight radius. Not sure about mag limits in CA but if no limit then you can also have 15 rounds plus one instead of the 10+1 of the 26. Glocks are not like small foreign cars...they may not always be the flashiest or the sexiest, but they will be around and running strong for much longer with less maintenance. JMHO
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    I would recommend that you find a range that has loaner guns that you could check out. You have already received good advice on various guns beyond the Glock. See if you can shoot a Glock and maybe a Springfield Armory XD or some of the other guns recommended here. I recommend the XD because, functionally, it is very similar to the Glock with the addition of the grip safety. After all, you did mention that your concerns were simplicity as well as safety.

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    I guess I'll be the one to mention it. In your post you said "cheaper than a glock" Glocks are great, I'll be the first to mention it. As far as cheaper you should look into the Smith and Wesson Sigma line of pistols. They are cheaper and share ALOT with the Glock. So much so they had to pay for the copyrights or be sued by Glock. The grip feels so much better than a Glock (this is personal preference) to me and as far as I've seen and tested the same reliability as a Glock. The only downside to it is the trigger pull. Try one out for yourself at a range where you can rent one and it could save you a couple hundred bucks compared to the Glock.
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    There are a lot of great choices, and obviously, opinions out there. For some (like me) the Glock doesn't fit my hand well. Without going into detail, here are some things to consider in buying your first gun:

    -- a full-size (e.g., 4" barrel) gun is easier to learn on than a compact or subcompact (like the G26)
    -- 9mm is a good first choices for managable recoil and low-cost (relatively) of shooting; you will need practice to become proficient...the more the better
    -- avoid .380 and below; limited stopping power, harder to control (because of the smaller pacjkage), limited capacity (for home defense)
    -- don't worry about concealed carry at first; even large pistols (like the 1911) can be comfortably concealed with the right holster. In the future, once you know what you need, you can always relegate the full-sized weapon to your nightstand
    -- consider a DA only gun -- less controls, easier to learn on, nothing to think about in a crisis
    -- there are those that will suggest a revolver for a first gun; I can't argue with that, but for me, I wanted a higher capacity pistol

    With these ideas in mind, here are some lines to look at (all semi-auto....my preference):
    -- S&W M&P (avoid the Sigma for quality issues)
    -- Sig (all nice guns)
    -- Glock (Model 19 is a good suggestion)
    -- Springfield XD (I prefer it over the Glock)
    -- H&K (pricier)
    -- Kahr P9 (can also be used for concealed carry later)
    -- Ruger (a couple nice 9mm's that may be a little cheaper than the others)
    -- CZ (my first was a CZ-75 model that I still have 25 years later; very ergonomic)

    As suggested, see if you can try out at a range before you buy, either going shooting with a buddy or renting at the range.

    Good luck in your choice!

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