SP101 Small grip

SP101 Small grip

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Thread: SP101 Small grip

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    SP101 Small grip

    Im looking for the smallest possible boot grip for a SP101. I pocket carry it and the stock grip, while arguably the best stock grip i have ever felt, dosn't really work for me. It hangs up a little when drawing. Any ideas?
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    I like my Badger Grips on mine. I would post a picture, but I am on my mobile device. If you do a search, there should be some pics on this board.

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    I pocket carry my SP 101 all the time. I loved the Hogue Monogrip, it is not chunky like the stock grip, but rather it is long and slender, and when you reach in to your pocket, you get a good grasp on the grip. With some pants pockets, the grip would even stick out a bit, but with an untucked shirt, you'd never see it. It also helped to draw while seated in the car.

    I recently bought a Crimson Trace Grip, 'cause I wanted a laser sight on the SP. It works good in the pocket, but I must admit, I liked the Hogue better.

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    Well it's nice to finally see someone ask this same question! I too have searched for 2 years to find the smallest boot grip I could find for mine. I've tried Pachmyr grips, hogue, Badger, and Eagle Grips. The hogue's lenght is just that "length" as in long! For IWB they're good grips to tame recoil but the're larger than the stock grips and longer and they didn't fit my smaller hands well.

    The Pachmy Compaq qrips are the best polymer grips I've found to date. they're short but still give me a full three finger grip with my small hands and they're the best out of anything I've tried as far as reducing felt recoil. with .38's you just smile and full power .357's are easy to shoot. Only thing I noticed as they're thicker than stock and I felt that when IWB carrying with a suit. Still they're very concealabel and the material doesn't grap fabric as bad as the hogue's did (and they aren't bad either).

    In rubber/polyer, the Compaq's were the best, smallest boot type grip I could find.

    In Wood, I couldn't find any at all that fit the frame without covering the back strap or front strap. I tried the Badger grips and I believe they are the very best looking of any of the wood grips currently available for the SP101. Hogue makes some nice wood grips but they're pretty big and certainly aren't a boot grip.

    I next tried Eagle grips, their secret service model. These are the thinnest, smallest wood grips I've been able to find for the SP101 and they're still just a tad large for me. I contacted Eagle about custom making a set and all they would consider doing was making their standard secret service grips without the finger grooves for an additional $25. I don't know if that would work as they're still thicker in spots than I like.

    I could NOT use a speed loader effectively with ANY of the grips I've tried.

    I'm planning on trying to "sand" my Eagle grips to make them fit me better and then I'll refinish them.

    At the end of the long journey, and after a considerable bit of $, I returned to the stock OEM grips

    I believe they're the smallest grip that deals quite well with recoil. So, I tried to find some nicer inserts to replace the black plastic ones. Found several sources and bought a pair of walnut. They look just okay

    So I ended up putting back on the original plastic inserts.

    Along the way wrote to half a dozen grip makers to ask them if they could make me a custom set of grips and all of them turned it down.

    I'm actually very surprised that there aren't more grip options for the SP101 considering how popular it has become but then I realized there are great grip options for it if you have medium to large hands. If your hand fits a Badger wood grip then you've got it made and I'm jealous, but if you have smaller hands like I do, then you're out of luck and the stock grips are likely the best we'll do.

    If anyone knows of other small grip options, I sure would love to hear about it. I want to send an SP101 to Gemini Customs to get her prettied up but I'd hate to do that and then just have the stock grips!!

    I'm hoping I can sand down and refinish my Eagle grips but I may just end up ruining them.

    One last complaint and I'll shut up. I simply can not understand how any grip maker can make a grip for a gun knowing that it will prevent us from using a speed loader! It doesn't make any sense at all! With my Eagle grips you can't properly unload the revolver either because the case closest to the frame butt's up against the wood and you have to rotate the cylinder after emptying 3 or 4 rounds and then dump the last one or two. I know I can fix that by thinning out the wood in that area.

    So good luck on your journey and if you find something I haven't considered (anyone), please PM me so I'm sure to see it!

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    GOOD INFO..I love the SP101(don't own one yet)but NEVER liked the "look" of the stock grips although I'm sure they perform very well. Now I can LOOK FORWARD TO OWNING BOTH A PRACTICALLY GRIPPED SP101 BUT A SHARP-LOOKING ONE TOO!!! "...You look marvelous.."
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    Quote Originally Posted by old grunt View Post
    GOOD INFO..I love the SP101(don't own one yet)but NEVER liked the "look" of the stock grips although I'm sure they perform very well. Now I can LOOK FORWARD TO OWNING BOTH A PRACTICALLY GRIPPED SP101 BUT A SHARP-LOOKING ONE TOO!!! "...You look marvelous.."
    I think replacing the panels with some wooden ones improves the look of the stock grips. For me they fit my hand well.
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    If you can find a set of rubber Butler Creek Boot Grips, they're pretty nice. I found them to be shorter and less "sticky" than the rubber Hogues. Also, if I remember correctly, they are a bit slimmer than the stock grips (with panels).

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