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Taurus 1911

This is a discussion on Taurus 1911 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Has anyone had problems with this particular firearm not feeding hollow point ammo ? The 1st & 2nd round will never go into battery ? ...

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Thread: Taurus 1911

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    Taurus 1911

    Has anyone had problems with this particular firearm not feeding hollow point ammo ? The 1st & 2nd round will never go into battery ? This is my third one and all 3 have had the same problem. FMJ has no problem and I've tried every mag known to the industry so it's not the mag ? I thought the 1st one was just it but the other 2 same thing . Polishing the feed ramp doesn't work either ????? Anyone with any suggestions or the same problem .

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    Sorry, no help. But I was considering the Taurus 1911. I would like to hear if others had the problem. Good luck.
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    What type ammo are you using? Mine chambers Federal HST without a problem. You could also try Federal EFMJ ammo.

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    Mine has has had no problems with anything I've fed it, even SWC.

    I had some problems with my USP not feeding reliably at one point. I put in a new operating spring and have had no problems since. If your PT in newer maybe try a heavier spring. Good Luck

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    The only problem I've had with mine is with 200 lswc reloads that I didn't seat quite enough.

    .....and that would happen with ANY 1911....

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    None here. Not one Hiccup! Call Taurus! Tell em the problem, it has a lifetime warranty. Tell em to make it right. Hope it works out.
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    Nope! My PT1911 happily eats anything I feed it.

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    Not a hiccup here, feeds Win Ranger SXT's just like FMJ's
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    This was one of the pistols on my "get a larger gun" list...
    Im down to 3 or 4 now LOL

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    I've heard of 1911s, mostly the older ones without a polished feed ramp, failing to feed HP ammunition.

    Personally, when I used to carry a 1911, I carried FMJ exclusively. Heck, they start out as large as 9mm when properly expanded. .45 caliber hardball feeds more reliably in 1911s, and it's plenty big enough.

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    YES, Sent mine back to Taurus today for 5 problems. One of them was it won't feed Gold dot hollow points. They seem to dig down instead of going up. I read alot of other forums saying it was a magazine problem and a wilson mag will fix it. But since i was having other issues i just sent it all back.

    I spoke with customer service this morning and they said it will take about 4 weeks.

    What really hurt was the $37.00 to send it fed-ex. Oh well, it is what it is. I like the gun alot. It is fun to shoot, hopefully when it gets back it will be as reliable as some of my other Taurus guns. I'm sure it will be.

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    Exclamation Problematic PT1911

    I’m not only new to this forum but to the whole forum world in general. I have been out of the Marines for about 3 years and I have just bought my first handgun. I did my research and have herd the good and the bad about the Taurus, after inspection I decided to go with it. After I bought it I spent about 4 hours disassembling and reassembling the ol girl. I fell in love with its fit and its action, although the only thing I had to compare it to was the extremely abused M9 Beretta that I was issued in the Corp. Now I have fed about 300 rounds through her and she has had no issues but I was cleaning it after the range and the left side of the "ambi" safety fell out, not pried out but fell. I took it to the place that I purchased it from and they told me that it was common for the "ambi" safeties to perform this way. I had the option to send it back but I decided just to upgrade to single sided safety and see how that works. Does/has any one had an issue like this?

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    I shoot mostely fmj through mine but have shot a couple of "good rounds" trough it just to make sure it would function well. Seemed fine but i only shot
    8. They were .45 acp corbon dxp. Too expensive to shoot alot of when i have a stock pile of fmj. just my .02 worth. Good luck though.

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    None, mine shoots everything I have put in the magazines. The magazines that came with the gun where bad (would not lock the slide after the last round), called Taurus and they sent two new magazine and they run fine. I use the Taurus magazines for practice and carry with Chip McCormick magazines.
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