Ruger SR9 Range Report and Opinions

Ruger SR9 Range Report and Opinions

This is a discussion on Ruger SR9 Range Report and Opinions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ruger SR9 Range Report and Opinions I recently purchased a Ruger SR9, this particular pistol was the standard bi-tone model, with a serial number of ...

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Thread: Ruger SR9 Range Report and Opinions

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    Ruger SR9 Range Report and Opinions

    Ruger SR9 Range Report and Opinions

    I recently purchased a Ruger SR9, this particular pistol was the standard bi-tone model, with a serial number of 330-23XXX. This means that it was manufactured prior to the firing group upgrade but it was retrofitted at the factory.
    I was unimpressed with this pistol when it was launched and equally unimpressed looking at in several different dealers display cases. I was also very leery of the model due the need for a massive recall, the reports of barrel peening, and magazine release problems. I had dry fired a few prior to the recall (with magazine in place) and thought the trigger was quite horrible. I however felt that the slimness and overall feel of the pistol was excellent.

    I recently saw another one in a dealers case with the upgraded Glck-like trigger and thought I would dry fire is and see if they managed to improve the trigger. I can safely say it was a remarkable improvement. I am not a fan of stock Glock triggers because I feel the point that the sear is tripped at is rather mushy and vague. While this SR9, although it had a slightly gritty pre-travel the release, although stiff was very affirmative. Long story shot it went home with me...the price was a bargain.
    Upon initially taking the pistol apart to clean the thick oil the factory had put on as a preservative I was alarmed to find a slight peen on the front of the barrel hood where it locks up in the slide. However after comparing it to some “real” cases of barrel peening I soon realized it was noting to worry about and my friends Walther P99 actually has worse wear. I cleaned and re-lubed the pistol and promptly removed the magazine “disconnect” (it disconnects NOTHING) and proceeded to work the slide and dry fire it many, many times. This markedly improved the smoothness of the operation and the trigger.

    I just today returned from the range after a 250 test run. My ammo was 115 gr. Blazer Brass. Not one malfunction. The sights we spot on, I hate...HATE 3 dot sights but these were great. I repeatedly tore one ragged hole in the target inside of 10 yards during slow fire. The trigger was excellent for double taps and rapid fire thanks to the very positive reset, I could ride it very easily. Ergonomics were fantastic, I like the arched backstrap, fills my hand just right, but still lets me shoot with my first knuckle on the trigger (I am a revolver guy so this is my preferred trigger technique, and this is the first semi auto that has allowed me to do this with ease). The very low bore axis contributed to fast follow up shots. Controls were a non-issue for me, they felt natural but I would want to really run the gun through a defensive course to get a real familiarity with them.
    When I took the pistol apart to clean the wear on the barrel hood had smoothed out and appeared to be normal. Clean was a snap, I have always appreciated stainless steel handguns and that was another point that drew me to this gun.

    Overall for a firearm that I took a gamble on I feel it really paid off. I of course plan on running at least another 250 to 500 rounds of FMJ and at least 200 rounds of my JHP’s through it before I even consider carrying it but I feel confident that this will be uneventful.

    I hope this information is useful please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Good review.

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    Ruger SR9 Range Report and Opinions

    Good review thanks for writing it. I have an all black "post recall" SR9 and am very happy with it. I have had no problems at all and like it more every time I shoot it. It fits my hand really well and is easy to carry for a full size auto.

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    Thanks for the review!

    I still have yet to fire my Ruger SR9 at the range.
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    Good review. Sounds like another solid gun Ruger has built (now the issues were fixed). Enjoy your new gun.
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    Nice review. I have heard a lot of good things about the SR9 and to be honest, I'd really like to have one.

    I just got an XD .40 and the one thing that I am just a bit leery of is the higher bore axis than the Glock 23 that I currently carry. The SR9 has a very low bore axis and I thought that would be good for quick shots.

    Thanks again!
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    Where are the pics?
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