What causes a FTE?

What causes a FTE?

This is a discussion on What causes a FTE? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been getting FTE on my PF9. The spent casing just stays in the barrel. Is this user error or mechanical? It happens 7-10 ...

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Thread: What causes a FTE?

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    What causes a FTE?

    I have been getting FTE on my PF9. The spent casing just stays in the barrel. Is this user error or mechanical? It happens 7-10 times per box of 100. I've got approx 700-800 rounds through it. This has started happening in the past 2 - 300 rounds or so. The ammo = WWB, Hydrashock, and HST.

    Just need to know what you guys think before it goes back to Cocoa, FL.
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    Try replacing the extractor spring. Also check the extractor hook for wear or chipping, but I doubt that would be the case with only 7-800 rounds through it. Even more unlikely, but check your chamber for pitting. The brass can swell into the pits and cause it to get stuck.

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    Check your chamber, too. Could be a really dirty chamber or perhaps a burr in it.
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    On a Ruger P94, my problem was the extractor had a very sharp edge and was getting caught on the brass. A file, very gently applied, was the solution.
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    call KT and ask for a new extractor, spring and buttonhead screw. You will most likely see it in the mail within 3-4 days-no charge.

    Also, as has been suggested, be sure you have thoroughly cleaned the chamber, and do not lube the chamber (I have actually seen people doing that).

    My guess is the button head screw may be loose, causing the extractor spring to relax a bit.

    Get the new parts...it's an easy to do procedure.


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    Mine had a failure to eject on either the 5th or 6th round through it. Next couple hundred, no problems. I need to fire it some more.

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    How much experience do you have with handguns? Does it happen with other people shooting it?

    Put simply, a FTE is caused by the brass not exiting the chamber before the slide recloses. This could be caused by a number of things.

    1. Limp wristing. If your firearm is coming up as the brass is being ejected you have a possibility of catching it in the chamber.
    2. Extractor problems as mentioned above. If your extractor is holding the casing in, it cannot eject. If you placed a round in the chamber and forced it past the extractor it could bend it. If the extractor is loose, it could not function as designed.
    3. If your chamber was very dirty, it's possible for that to have interfered in the extractors function.
    4. If you are using reloaded ammo, and the charge is not sufficient to fully cycle the firearm, it can result in FTE's.

    If you have done a complete cleaning of your firearm and you do not believe any of the above to be the cause except 1, 3, or 4, you should send it in. If you have limited experience, I would not recommend modifying or adjusting the extractor.

    Best of luck.
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    Send it back, I would not have gone as long as you dealing with it. When it comes back, it will work fine.

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    Do the malfunctions occur throughout or mostly at the end of your range session? If the latter, maybe run a bore snake through around midpoint...although given it only recently started, it seems unlikely fouling is responsible. Maybe, as MS suggested you've got a screw loose (so to speak). And I wonder what version your PF-9 is. They've changed some of the internals on them since beginning production, which are summarized over on the Kel Tek forum.

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