looking for new weapon

looking for new weapon

This is a discussion on looking for new weapon within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am looking to buy a new weapon. Living in NY is limiting as to what guns I can actually pick up and feel no ...

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Thread: looking for new weapon

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    looking for new weapon

    I am looking to buy a new weapon. Living in NY is limiting as to what guns I can actually pick up and feel no less try out. And reading the web sites is tough to compare apples to apples. I figured you guys being the experts would be my best choice. Here is what I am looking for.
    1. Concealable – less than 7” long and less than 5” in height, thin is good. Hard to get info on width…….
    2. 10 round capacity of .40 cal
    3. Prefer single and or double action
    4. External safety
    5. Dependable
    6. Less than $600 (negotiable).
    I have looked at the Glocks, 27 is nice, no external safety and the grip is just too deep for my hand. (all the glocks fall into that category for me.)They are so nice, well priced, and have great reviews but the grips are just to darn deep. I am 5’5”, 160 lbs. and have short fingers.
    The XD 40 Sub Compact and the 4” service are nice, do not know how wide they are. Double action only and no external safety other than the grip safety (this is acceptable) and running in first place right now
    I know I will get lots of responses but is there anything that meets all of these criteria?

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    The Glock 27 is a very good pistol. Maybe they'll have the G27 SF out soon.

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    I'd look really hard at the M&Pc if you liked the G27.
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    If #4 is also negotiable I would recommend the Sig P229.
    As far as #6 goes you might be able to find a Certified Pre Owned in that price range.
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    There is an external safety on a Glock... it's called keeping your finger off the trigger until you want to destroy what you are pointing your loaded weapon at... surprisingly revolvers don't have external safeties either and a LOT of people like carrying those... I like both as you can tell by my collection.
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    +1 on the P229. If you are willing to look at it, you may also want to look at the P239, it's shorter in length and height than the 229 and also 1/3" thinner. You would be limited to 7+1 capacity though. --SHOT PLACEMENT--
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    S&W M&P

    I have the same problem but worse. Small hands plus my trigger finger is 1/4" shorter then it used to be with limited movement (rattlesnake). Needless to say I have a hard time finding something that is comfortable. The M&P has different size back straps. Its alot more ergonomic to me then Glocks or XD's

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    An other vote for the S&W M&P40compact. Put one in your hands and I think you'll want to take it for a test drive!
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    Give these a look. Remember the price shown is MSRP, actual price should be under or right about $600.

    CZ 75 Compact .40 SW

    CZ 2075 RAMI

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    There is an external safety available on some of the XD models.

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    Hmmm. A tall order. Have you tried a Browning Hi-power? That would be about the only double-stack that would be appreciably different from the ones already mentioned. If you would be willing to go with a little less magazine capacity you could look at the single-stack guns, such as the Kahr. They have a value line gun for under $600. This may sound off the wall, but I have fairly short fingers and the Glock g30sf fits me better than the g27. Worth a try the next time you are at the gun shop anyway. Personally, and this is a totally different direction, I love the feel of the j-frame Smith and Wesson and Ruger sp101 revolvers, too. Good luck with your search!

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    XD or S&W M&P series may fill the bill. No external safety, but you may want at look at a Kahr. Their single stack guns are thin and very good. A new one will exceed your budget, but a good used should fit your price range.

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    For a little less money you could pick up a taurus. they have ext. safety, 10+1 capacity.
    I've got a PT111 pro 9mm been good so far.

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    Springfield XD Compact .45 = 2 guns in 1

    .45 ACP makes bigger hole than .40
    Very safe with grip and trigger safety
    Cocked and loaded chamber indicators
    Length 7.3" (.3" you won't even notice, mine is very concealable)
    I have short fingers and have no problems with grip
    Height 5" (right on) with compact 10 rd mag, 5.75" with 13 rd mag
    Barrel 4"
    Weight 29oz
    Very dependable with lifetime warranty
    In your price range
    Here are the features on Springfields website
    Springfield Armory

    Very easy to shoot

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    M&P 40c

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