Glock and Walther PPSs are no good for CC, heres why

Glock and Walther PPSs are no good for CC, heres why

This is a discussion on Glock and Walther PPSs are no good for CC, heres why within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just dont like striker-fire guns for DC. the glock is the shovel of auto pistols and the PPS is a great ultra concealable gun, ...

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Thread: Glock and Walther PPSs are no good for CC, heres why

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    Glock and Walther PPSs are no good for CC, heres why

    I just dont like striker-fire guns for DC. the glock is the shovel of auto pistols and the PPS is a great ultra concealable gun, but as wonderfully great they may seem for DC, that striker-fire system makes them a no go imo. fact is, if you are unlucky enought to have to use your CC gun to defend yourself, then you may just be unlucky enough to have a dud chambered and ready to fail you.

    now if you have a DA/SA or DA only gun, you can simply pull the trigger again and 99.999% of the time that will make the dud fire and boom your back in action.

    sure you can say, well, all Id have to do is pull the slide back and load another round. great! but what if your off hand is unavailable? what if all you have is 1/2 second to react? you can pull that trigger 3 or 4 times in a second easy, can you pull the trigger, action the slide(assuming your off hand is available) and pull the trigger again in 1/2 second?

    just my $0.02

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    Well, good point. However, it isn't stopping me from carrying my GLOCK in condition one, with a couple of mags, at the ready - maybe a back-up as well.
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    They are no good because you don't like striker fired guns? Please give us a particular make and model of firearm and ammo that can be 100% reliable 100% of the time.

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    Guns and cartridges are man-made products, it's possible they could fail. Human's are fallible and subject to failure also. By all means carry whatever you're confident in........that's what I do.
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    Seriously... A dud? When was the last time you encountered a dud in a box of good self defense ammo? I've NEVER had one, in hundreds of thousands of (mostly military issue) ammo. I'm willing to take the "trade-off" in having one of the most reliable handguns ever made vs. getting the one in a million chance of a "dud." And then, assuming you get that one-in-a-million dud, what do you think are the chances of that second strike setting it off? This is about as low as low-probability goes... But, if it helps you sleep better at night, whatever. Meanwhile, most of the folks who use guns for a living will stick with their Glocks, XDs, M&Ps, etc.
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    I think you just wrote this so you would get some fan mail... The GLOCKERS in the group have been pretty good to you... however we can be a evil bunch.

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    I've never had a dud in a handgun.
    I've had some cheap 22 ammo fail in a rifle a couple of times but you kind of get what you pay for..................

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    My Glock 19, Glock 26, and XD45 ACP all have yet to fail me. I can't say the same for my Ruger SR9 because I haven't shot it yet.
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    Proper training to clear a misfire is a better way of dealing with this , rather than writing off striker fired pistols. Duds IMO are less common than feed issues with any semi. Knowing how to fight through any jam /issue will help you more than anything else. But since you say I cannot/ should not carry my striker fired pistol , what do you suggest?
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    No problem with my GLOCK to date!
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    WOW...some people just like attention.
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    You know what they say about opinions....

    If you don't like striker fired handguns don't carry one, but your opinion that they're no good for concealed carry/self defense doesn't stand up to the facts and the proven history of the operating system.

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    All of those LEOs who have been carrying Glocks and have used them for years to successfully defend themselves and civilians is not proof enough that they are reliable? I don't agree with that statement.
    God bless our troops!

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