P239 vs K9

P239 vs K9

This is a discussion on P239 vs K9 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am looking for an EDC and I like metal guns. I am looking for a S&W 3913 today which would scratch the itch for ...

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Thread: P239 vs K9

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    P239 vs K9

    I am looking for an EDC and I like metal guns. I am looking for a S&W 3913 today which would scratch the itch for a while, but assuming I can't find one I would default to either the p239 or the K9.

    Which would you go with and why?

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    I would go with what fits you the best. That sounds like a cop out, but it really is not. I would try renting or borrowing each model and shoot each one at the range before deciding. What would work for me, may not work for you and vice versa. Also consider how you are going to carry it and in what weather climate. BTW, welcome to the forum and good luck in finding your next carry pistol.
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    If it feels good in your hand, I do not think you can go wrong with the Sig. I have five Sigs and have never had the slightest problem with any of them.

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    Easy P239, I like mine a lot.
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    Those are 2 of the 3 of my most recent guns. I just sold the P239 to a family member because I mainly carry the K9. There is no better carry gun than the P239. The Kahr K9 is just a little easier to carry.
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    i have the 239-9mm. it is a dream to shoot. It conceals pretty easy. the bottom line is it is a sig...they are reliable as all get out. Mine has never FTE, FTF, or anything. Accurate, reliable, easy to conceal...
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    +1 on what INSPYRD said, you really can't go wrong if it fits and feels good. Plus the Sigs are just so pretty. IMHO
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    Really like my 239-40 and it conceals well so far (been carrying it about 2 months now). I'm a little concerned about my summer wardrobe (mostly cargo shorts and polos). I'm actually thinking about getting an MK 40 for summer carry. I rented and shot one when I was in the market for an EDC and really liked it.

    Just liked the P239 better ;)

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    I voted K9...very reliable, accurate and slim. The Sig just never fit my hand right. Both good guns.

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    I voted K9, accurate, best grip feel/angle/point, I've ever felt and better than any SIG I've ever held but obviously your hand is different.

    I like that it doesn't have any controls except a slide release, no mag disconnect and ...

    It's thinner and more easily concealed than the SIG in my opinion, yet still has more than adequate capacity unless you're carrying more in a higher risk environment.

    I've never owned/shot a SIG so it's only my biased opinion because I own 2 Kahrs and have shot them extensively.

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    Owned a P239... just too small for my hands, but I'd still take that over most models... it never failed to bang every time... no FTF or FTE ever.
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    A 239 in .40 is great.
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    I own a P239 in 9mm and love it. its laser accurate, heavy yes, but that extra weight allows for faster followup shots and easier use when loaded with +P+ rounds. Its DA/SA, no safety or locks, reliable, good looking, well balanced and has great ergos. what more do you need.

    oh yeah, and its a Sig!
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    239s Rule!!

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    239 cause it comes in .357 SIG!!!!
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