Ruger LCP or Bersa Thunder .380

Ruger LCP or Bersa Thunder .380

This is a discussion on Ruger LCP or Bersa Thunder .380 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife is new to shooting but I'm impressed at how well she's done so far with just basic instruction. We're going to get her ...

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Thread: Ruger LCP or Bersa Thunder .380

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    Ruger LCP or Bersa Thunder .380

    My wife is new to shooting but I'm impressed at how well she's done so far with just basic instruction. We're going to get her permit later this month because I'm going to ship off for six months. The gun she did well with was the Bersa but I've heard some bad stories about it. As far as I can tell, the only other .380 out there about the same size is the LCP. She hasn't tested that one though. Any advice or recommendations?
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    I would take a look at the Sig P232 or the Walther PPK. Both are compact and come in .380. My wife has the P232 and loves it.

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    A 232 with Hogue grips is very very comfy

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    You may have trouble locating a Ruger LCP due to the extreme popularity of this pistol. The Keltec P3AT is a very similar pistol, but it too is in high demand. The Sig P232 costs more, but is more readily available and it is easier to shoot for the beginning neophyte that is new to firearms.
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    There are a number of .380 options out there, but for a new-ish shooter I wouldn't recommend an LCP or Kel-tec P3AT sized .380. They are tiny which is nice for carry, but not for shooting. They both won't be any fun for your wife. There have been many good things written about the Bersa and they are fairly inexpensive. You can also find Russian Makarov's in .380 if you really want to stick with that caliber. It's a very solid compact gun, though some will give you grief for not getting it in 9x18.
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    i had a bersa and had no complaints about it. they are neat little pistols but for a wife if shes like mine and doesn't shoot often they have a lot of controls to learn and manipulate.they are how ever dead on shooters

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    +1 for the Bersa. I've had no problems with mine. The walther ppk and the sig 232 though, are closer in size to the bersa than the LCP. I'd at least take a look at all if I were in your shoes.
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    The LCP and the P3AT are not about the same size as the Bersa Thunder. The first two you can easily slip into your pocket, the Bersa is not so easy to conceal that way.

    I have a Bersa, and like it, carry it sometimes when I need something small.

    I have shot the Keltec, and many others will probably tell you also, that it or the LCP isn't a gun your going to want to spend a day at the range with shooting 200 rds through. Nothing wrong with them for a pocket pistol but they are designed for just that. Really small, very concealable.

    With the Bersa you can shoot till you run out of ammo without a problem.
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    I'm packing a Bersa .380CC right now and love it.
    Its not as small as a Kel Tec or Ruger but I like it.
    And besides, the longer barrel helps keep the energy
    numbers up on a caliber that is marginal to start with.
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    I've had 2 Bersa's and never had a problem with either one, and would not worry about trusting my life to one. That being said, this is my next small pistol purchase. It's hard to beat a CZ.

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    .380 for a new shooter...not good!

    .380 caliber handguns are not really good for new shooters. That
    small caliber is best in the hands of experts.

    This is due to both the recoil, which will be greater than expected,
    and the necessity of putting the shot in exactly the correct place on
    the target.

    A new shooter should find a larger gun in 9mm, one that fits his or
    her hand, and shoot it until he/she is quite familiar with guns in
    general before he/she graduates to the smaller weapons such as
    a .380 which requires a great deal of skill to use proficiently.

    In other words, start with a larger weapon which fits your hands
    before you attempt to carry a smaller caliber one.

    Good luck and welcome to the world of self defence!
    Be Safe!

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    I really haven't heard anything bad about Bersa's except for mags being hard to find
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    My ex-wife recently got into shooting (she's now my shooting buddy - go figure) and the first firearm she learned to shoot well was the Bersa Thunder .380. She now handles both my 9mm Glocks with no problem and is super accurate with them. She ended up buying a S&W 442 of her own and is happy and accurate with it as well. (she scored a "no-lock" version - lucky girl)

    However, she has put less than 2 mags thru my LCP - last time I handed it to her at the range, she fired two shots, cleared it and handed it back to me. When I asked her why she doesn't like to shoot it, her response was, "It's just too violent; it hurts my hand and is not fun to shoot".

    Every person is different though - one guy I let shoot my LCP at the range one day said it kicked like a .44. I can't say I agree with his statement though, as I have no problem with the LCP recoil. But it's not an easy gun to shoot well - makes my PM9 feel like full-sized range gun by comparison.
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    I carry a Bersa380 on a regular basis and shoot it frequently and love it. I would take the Bersa over the Ruger LPC anytime. If you are looking for another 380 there are a couple of other options. Kahr just came out with a small 380 which is reviewed in Gunblast. Another is the new Wather PK380 which will be out soon I believe. There is also the CZ which someone else here recommended.
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    The Bersa would be easier for her to shoot. They are great guns for the money.

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