Had a failure to chamber today at the range...

Had a failure to chamber today at the range...

This is a discussion on Had a failure to chamber today at the range... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Fellow DCers, Today I went to the range with my G30SF and fired 150 rounds of various ammo. With a magazine of Blazer Brass I ...

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Thread: Had a failure to chamber today at the range...

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    Had a failure to chamber today at the range...

    Fellow DCers,

    Today I went to the range with my G30SF and fired 150 rounds of various ammo. With a magazine of Blazer Brass I had one round that made the slide stop just before chambering the next round. I racked the slide and it chambered just fine.

    I have 19 lb. springs on my gun so I suspect it was just a weak load that failed to get the slide back enough for it to have the necessary force to chamber the next round. Since the 19# spring is a bit heavier, it will offer more resistance to the round's recoil.

    Have any of you had one of these?

    This is the only issue I have had with my gun in about 1,250 rounds so I am not sweating it too much. I also took the Pearce extensions off all my mags because I don't trust them...
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    Some years back, I got a great deal on some lead-free Blazer and bought a case of the stuff. I had the same problem frequently with an older G19 and a 228 with that ammo. Everything else worked 100. If it happens again, try switching ammo.

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    Target ammo is generally loaded lighter than SD ammo that is why there are different weights of recoil springs and a 19# spring is fairly heavy so I think you answered your own problem
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    Factory rated recoil springs for the G30 are rated at 17lbs, so if you have a 19#, you're already two over. While I am a big fan of full length steel guide rods with captive or non-captive springs in my Glocks, I've always remained with the stock rating on the recoil springs whether flat or round. I guess I just depend too much on the engineers knowing what they are doing since they make the big bucks. Other possibilities for jams and miss-feeds at the range other than the ocassional sub-standard cartridge can include shooter fatigue. Glock may claim to be perfection, but I don't know of anything that's infallible when the human factor is thrown in or other than factory parts are installed. I'm just sayin'.

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    1 feed problem in 1250 rounds? So whats the problem? Autos are going to have a problem every now and then, hence the training to deal with problems. I hope you took the chance to practice getting your weapon back in service instead of freaking out over one misfeed.

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    Probably wouldn't hurt to polish the feed ramp as well.

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